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Thursday, 02/02/2012, 04:10 am

A Shot At Redemption For Brandon Vera | Rematch With Silva Booked For UFC on FX In May

That’s right, Brandon “The Truth” Vera has been granted his wish and is not set to welcome back Thiago Silva to the UFC following the completion of his year-long suspension.

The fight was confirmed by UFC officials late last night for the UFC’s return to FX on May 15.

The two light-heavyweight fighters have a history more interesting than most rivalries in the sport today.

“Their last fight ended up a no contest and both guys are out to prove that they are the better man,” said UFC president Dana White.

The two last fought back at UFC 125 in January of last year. In the bout Silva was relentless with takedowns and displayed brutal ground and pound that disfigured Vera and got him ejected from the UFC.

However in the post-fight aftermath the Nevada State Athletic Commission found that Silva had tampered with his urine sample meant for drug screening and as a result he was suspended for a year and his victory turned into a no-contest.

More than a year removed from this controversial incident Silva is ready to return to the cage and who better to welcome him back than Brandon Vera.

Vera was brought back to the UFC after the loss got overturned into a no-contest. He has since gone on to earn a victory in his comeback bout against Elliot Marshall at UFC 137.

Silva hasn’t seen action since his last fight with Vera.

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13 Responses to “A Shot At Redemption For Brandon Vera | Rematch With Silva Booked For UFC on FX In May”

  1. Makes no difference.Vera is going to get taken down and pounded on.Since moving down from heavyweight Vera has been shit.Even though i feel he got swcrewed against Jardine and Couture.Brandon has never lived up to the hype that sometimes surrounds him.Vera willl be going to strikeforce after he gets tko’d again

    • jacob lee says:

      Well Idk Cuz Brandon vera is a well rounded guy and has coompeted in like grapplers quest and in abudahbi. He grappled Jeff monson and did very well. And if he can hold his own against randy couture he will be fine against a clean thiago silva

  2. andy says:

    Yeah steroids or not, I don’t think the beating Thiago is gonna put on him is gonna change much. I like Vera but the guy needs to realize his place and that’s not fighting guys like Thiago Silva.

  3. Gould says:

    I honestly think Vera is in more trouble this time, a year off would be awesome for the back injury that silva blamed for his steroid use to begin with(not that i support his excuse) but i think Silva will whoop him even worse this time

  4. JB Spencer says:

    Thats a stupid fight for vera, especially with his ufc carrer on the line, juice or no juice i think tiago is just beter and very underated. Dont get me wrong, i like brandon n id like to see him beat thiago but it would make much more sense for him to try and get a few more wins under his belt befor a fight like that.

    Hell, he should be thanking silva for tampering with that urine test, cause i think hed a lost that fight either way and silva single handedly gave vera his ufc job back by doing that.

  5. andy says:

    @ JB Kinda like the good Thiago giveth and the good Thiago he taketh away? Lol.

  6. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Brandon, Brandon, Brandon… When will you learn? Start packing your bags, bruh. Silva is gonna send you packing… again

  7. Xaninho says:

    Brandon Vera just isn’t that great. He’s been overrated for quite a while now.

    Some say he has worldclass stand-up skills, which he really hasn’t. If you walk into a decent muay thai gym here in Holland you will find dozens of fighters with better stand-up skills than Vera.

    • Ethan says:

      While I know Holland has a lot to offer in the stand up game, Brandon Vera hitting pads or sparring really does have great form, power, and speed.. Brandon Vera, after his first loss, just seems afraid to pull the trigger… He looks uncomfortable even…

      Back to Holland, i’d like to see some competitors from Holland get in on the Ultimate Fighter..

  8. Luke'sFather says:

    First sentence is confusing “Vera has been granted his wish and is not set to welcome back Thiago Silva.” – Anyways, I know what you mean, but yeah Vera is probly gonna get smashed again. Be careful what you wish for bro.

  9. mo says:

    Vera’s my boy but he looked horrible against Eliot Marshall. No way he’s going to be able to get past Thiago Silva.

  10. cody says:

    this is awesome we get to see the dude get his ass beat twice

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