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Thursday, 07/05/2012, 08:18 pm

A Possible Remedy to the Issue of Point Fighting | MMA NEWS

Gray Maynard did not receive what he was expecting in his main event bout with Clay Guida, and unfortunately, neither did the fans.

With seven Fight of the Night Awards and three Fight of the Year Awards combined between them, a clash between ‘The Bully’ and ‘The Carpenter’ promised to be an electrifying matchup. Additionally, the bout carried heavy implications for the next lightweight contender with both men entering the bout with a loss to a former champion. With both men on the precipice of obtaining a title shot, fireworks were to be expected, however, that was not the case.

What transpired was something that could be categorized as less than eventful. The majority of the fight featured an uncharacteristic Glay Guida unwilling to engage as he seemed content to throw single shots and dart in and out of combat. While Guida landed a few significant strikes, the story of the bout was reflected in a frustrated Maynard aggressively trying to pursue Guida in order to instigate action. Guida, however, would not comply as he stored aside his usual frenetic, high paced, aggressive style for a less risky single shot game plan, drawing parallels with Carlos Condit’s performance against Nick Diaz.

Guida’s employment of this new game plan would have its consequences as two out of three judges scored the fight against him and for Gray Maynard, naming him the victor with a split decision.

Despite walking away with a victory, Maynard could still be seen visibly dissatisfied following the bout.

In his post fight interview, he vocalized his displeasure stating, “I thought Guida was coming to fight. You know, I came to fight, I wanted to get bloody, have fun. It was a five round fight. I wanted to prove to people I could go a hard five.”

UFC President Dana White echoed similar sentiments, commenting with, “That fight f*cking sucked.”

Unfortunately, in a situation like this everyone loses. So what could be done to keep incidents like this from reoccurring?

A possible remedy to this issue could be the introduction of finish bonuses alongside the Fight of the Night awards that are already in place.

The UFC wants exciting fighters and exciting fights, however, the contracts they have setup counterproductively operate against that. Many fighters have contracts that have 50% of their pay tied into a win. For fighters making anywhere between $10,000 to $40,000, that is a significant difference in salary and it is arguable that this could cause fighters to concentrate more on obtaining a win rather than a definitive finish.

Creating some sort of system that rewards finishes, perhaps in the form of adding a 25% salary finish bonus could potentially be a solution to this problem as it would provide more incentive for fighters that are reluctant to engage. Likewise, it could prevent more cases like this from repeating itself.


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35 Responses to “A Possible Remedy to the Issue of Point Fighting | MMA NEWS”

  1. mean170 says:

    Of course they should find a proper system to reward fighters who finish fights. I think all of us (us meaning fight fans) want to see people try to finish fights. No one wants to watch two guys sparring for 25 minutes(Jones/Evans). Or people run circles around the cage using ‘great movement’ to win (Cruz,Frankie occasionally, Guida most recently). Or watch a wrestling match with a ton of lay and pray (Fitch most notably). Finish the fight and get a bonus plain and simple. I don’t expect all fights to be finished, i do expect fighters to engage and attempt to finish.

  2. Go To The Old Pride Rules!

    Referees can give a fighter a penalty card for lack of activity. Every card, including warning cards, are a 10% deduction of a fighter’s purse, this method was aimed to prevent inaction.

    • Dmoneyjefferson says:

      Agreed! Would save the UFC money too. As much as finish bonuses would help, Dana doesn’t want to hurt his profits I’m sure.

    • B-rad says:

      yes the yellow card is all the UFC needs to put an end to this non sense.. Its the ultimate FIGHTING championship, not the ultimate match championship lol… people pay pretty decent money to watch these and when you get performances like guidas its like someone cut a huge fart in the room and walk out, your just left with a face that says WTF

    • Mike b says:

      I was thinking the same exact thing.i was about to say that.thats the best way….

  3. Colby says:

    They do have a finishing bonus, two actually. Submission of the Night and KO of the Night. If that is not enough incentive to not only finish, but finish spectacularly, then maybe they shouldn’t be in the UFC.

    • andy says:

      That’s kind of what I was thinking but to me, personally (taking on the proper mindset) would rather go out there, get a win to ensure I got the other 50% then take the risk of getting finished just so I could MAYBE get a bonus.

      I think the UFC just needs to pay more. Instead of 50/50 maybe do like 75/25 or make finishes a factor in contract negotiations. Like more finishes is an incentive for the UFC to bump up your contract if you re-sign. There’s lot’s of things the UFC could do but I think it’s fighters worrying about getting the best assured paycheck they can because they don’t make a whole lot.

  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Firing fighter like condit and guida would be a solution.

    • Jimmy says:

      That depends on the size. Most of the time it’s a 10k bonus. If you lose 40-50k in losing the fight instead of winning while going harder or trying to finish, then it’s not really worth that risk to some. Especially those who have other jobs while they train compared to those who have crazy sponsorship.

      • jdog says:

        +1 also remember they could have 3 KO’s and 3 Subs and only award 3 bonuses one ko one sub and one fight of the night, that means 3 are SOL when it comes to bonus, maybe all KO get KO bonus and same with Sub bonus then have an extra for best sub or KO. Going for the win and any bonus is great but when half your pay is a win bonus and that is guaranteed unlike the ladder you take a gamble on the bonus why risk it? I fight and I do go for the finish but I do it part time it isn’t my only income, if that is all I had I know trying to support my family off of only a fighters salary would be way too hard. I am no Anderson Silva and I know it, by the time I pay my corner, my training partners, my gym and my manager there isn’t much left, I have even paid out of pocket twice to pay everyone when I won and I had to pay out of pocket both times I lost. Remember getting hit in the face in sparing and risking injury isn’t risk free people need paid for their services

    • Nuitari X says:

      I swear people are fucking retarded. Everyone gives Condit shit for the Diaz fight but the dude is a fucking finisher. Look at his record, watch his fights. Condit is a great fighter, saying the UFC should fire him just shows how much of a jackass you are.

  5. sumdude says:

    I like the idea of more incentive to finish.. having a sick knockout and not getting the bonus cuz fuckin jds punched sum dudes head in the crowd would be a little aggrevating so some recognition for finishing the fight makes sense to me. and yellow cards for stalling would be good as well if you go into the cage trying to avoid the fight you should be docked those points you think are sooo cleverly gaining

  6. Baki says:

    Whatever happened to octagon control and aggression? Maybe those two factors need to be considered higher and defined more clearly when it comes to the score cards. I do not see how you can have either if your running around the outside and not establishing a recognizable presence. These are called fights for a reason and the “fight” should be brought by both competitors. They shouldnt need to be bribed with a bonus to go for the finish.

  7. Milkman says:

    Fitch and sonnen are boring.

  8. jdog says:

    Quit giving win bonuses. Then if you don’t finish a fight 2 times in a row move that fighter to the prelims, and cut out all bonuses and title contender implications out of consideration as well. If point fighter GSP wants to make millions on a PPV then he needs to finish fights. The only exception for a decision would be if BOTH fighters were in serious trouble in the fight meaning at least twice both fighters were going for the finish. NO one wants to fight on the prelims and if they want the title then they need to earn it. First decision = no main or co-main event or #1 contender shot, second decision in a row = prelims until a finish is made. All win bonuses get turned into finish bonuses (unless decision winner had opponent in serious trouble at least once.) Some may argue with what in trouble means so lets say a fighter gets dropped then the other pounces and goes for GNP but either can’t finish because end of round or the other fighter recovers. Exceptions if one fighter is a great sub guy like a Damian Mia with a BJJ black belt….OR….. if at least 2 submissions are truly locked in but the opponent survives or escapes not meaning a 3 second choke or a half way arm bar or kamura attempt

  9. D-yan says:

    the judging, i think more retired fighters judging would help. guida did that because he thought he would win, its pretty embarrassing to lose like that i bet next fight he’s back to the old guida, but if they would of declared him the winner he would of repeated. its a cagefight if you don’t fight you should lose.

  10. steve says:

    I would say just offer fighters who employ these tactics a lot less then there current contract when negotiating a new contract.

  11. Black Jew says:

    Finish bonuses are a good idea in theory but then fighters would be getting bonuses for bad stoppages.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Pride rules! Yellow card for inactivity, point deduction. This was just as bad as Lay n Pray.

    Inactivity like this and lay n pray should be penalized with point deduction.

  13. CombatRusse says:

    A good solution would be to put Graig Jackson in the cage against ….NICK DIAZ

  14. mike says:

    Ummm, ever hear of fight of the night, ko of the night and submission of the night bonuses? Also management is known to give very large discretionary bonuses to all finishers.

  15. Ryan says:

    … Isn’t that what FOTN is or ko, or sub … hm. I think instead they should just raise fighter pay, if it’s true they have a set pay, but 50% is locked down on a win, they should just have a set pay, but award 25% for a win. That way the loser doesn’t really lose anything, the winner just gains more.

  16. Justen says:

    How bout u don’t let guida fight in the ufc anymore. That will help lol

  17. David K says:

    Nobody notices what these boring fighters have in common…THEY ALL TRAIN WITH GREG JACKSON! He’s very smart and great at making a game plan. He games the system. He understands how to win. THAT’S WHAT POINT FIGHTING IS. Yellow card penalties? How about a Yellow card that cancels win bonus. How about Dana tells the “Asshole from Albuquerque” that his fighters are done getting title shots.

    Yes Condit WAS a finisher. But Guida WAS a gamer. So was GSP before Jackson got in his head. That was then. Now, all these fighters point fight just like Jackson coaches them to so that they can win enough to get title shots. It’s ruining the sport. I honestly am starting to skip PPVs now if a Jackson fighter is a main event. Join me and boycott the ASSHOLE FROM ALBUQUERQUE !


      David K best post I have read in a long time. screw Greg jackson. all his fighters taht he gets such big recognition for were good fighters long before they turned into point fighting PUSSYS

  18. Dee says:

    The remedy is to develop common sense judging. What I saw in the Guida and Maynard fight was disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is for a judge to actually award him a round. The same goes for Carlos Condit. If people who judge these fights would actually know what they’re looking at and judge accordingly, we could put an end to fighters stalling in the ring.


    Guida should have been released for that embaressment. Greg Jackson is turning once gamers into PUSSYS





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