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Monday, 02/11/2013, 12:40 pm

A Look at the UFC’s ‘Notorious’ New Featherweight | UFC NEWS

Irishman Conor McGregor comes into the Octagon this Spring followed by a world of hype.

The UFC just nabbed another exciting prospect that will mix beautifully into the lightweight and featherweight picture. Dublin’s Conor “Notorious” McGregor (12-2) has recently signed with the UFC and will debut against Marcus Brimage April 6 at UFC on Fuel TV 9.

For some time now, the Irish striker has been highly touted, and with good reason. With 11 knockouts racked up amidst his current eight fight win streak, elite athleticism and a deadly set of his stand up skills, McGregor is a dangerous figure now in the 145 pound UFC weight class.

Before he makes his long awaited UFC debut, I will look at McGregor’s game, and properly introduce him to MMA fans yet to watch him dance.

A lot of today’s best mixed martial artists that specialize in striking often supplement their technical skills with athleticism. These quick moving, agile and powerful strikers are able to overwhelm opponents with a flustering and unpredictable concoction of kicks, knees and punches, that sway the fight in their direction early. Edson Barboza does a great job of establishing his power on the feet early in bouts. His speed instantly opens up his game for the rest of the fight, and gives him a head start. Similarly, Anthony Pettis throws odd angled strikes that derive from a tempo that slices through his opponent’s rhythm.

Mcgregor’s offense is very similar to both of these examples. He is light on his feet at any moment and ready to attack, but doesn’t conventionally charge forward. He doesn’t telegraph his moves, and he is often able to use his strong kicks to make his opponents uncomfortable. While wrestling and grappling haven’t taken up much of McGregor’s game, he is a strong and grounded fighter with the coordination to stuff takedowns and keep the fight on the feet, and in his wheelhouse.

When it comes to striking, Mcgregor has showcased multiple types of attacks. First, there are his establishing strikes that consist of kicks and punches early in fights. These attacks are not intended to end the fight (even though they can), but are rather used to find his own tempo similar to UFC middleweight king, Anderson Silva in the first round. While McGregor begins finding his groove he simultaneously gets in the way of his opponents’.

The second category of strikes that “Notorious” throws are the ones with bad intentions. These dangerous attacks happen when he smells blood. He can and has ended fights with big clinch knees, heavy kicks and counter punches, that are made possible by swift head movement and awareness. This subtle defensive attribute of mcgregor’s opens the door to an overwhelming amount of opportunities to win a given fight.

Looking directly forward to Marcus Brimage, McGregor will face a former Ultimate Fighter contestant, and will be tested. How the Irishman handles his first task in front of Dana White and company will be an interesting indicator in his future among the world’s best fighters. Keep your eye out for this kid, he can fight.


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  1. drew says:

    this dude vs aldo by process of elimination

  2. loool says:

    The clown who wrote this garbage needs ti realize this guy has no chance beating ANY ufc champ and once he loses he will be jusr anither one of those fighters that nvr gets q belt shot again.

    • LOL OMG LMAO! says:

      @lol.. You are an idiot. Your post shows that you know nothing about mma AT ALL.. I know that everyone might not have heard about this guy, but if you check out this then you will see that he is one of the CRAZIEST striker and even uses capoera (without looking like an idiot) with all of his other CRAZY unorthodox striking. He even already has a Silva-esque type swagger confidence that is incredible to watch. So I suggest you watch this video and others on him before you make yourself look like an ignorant moron. Remember that fighters have to start somewhere else and just don’t walk into ufc headquarters and say “hey.. I can fight. So hire me.”.. They usually have to start somewhere else and WORK their way into the Ufc. I actually don’t know why they haven’t snagged him up already bc if he fights like he has been in outside the Ufc in his first octagon ufc battle, then I think he should be fast tracked for a title shot. So @LOL.. Please remember this ignorant post PLESSE when you are dumbfounded at his skills in his first UFC appearance and maybe you will never talk crap about stuff u don’t know about.. Jesus.. Just Google someone before talking crap please.

  3. Not You says:

    Hopefully he decides to whip his ground game into shape. The last person who had great coordination for takedown defense was JDS, and Cain blew that ship straight out of the water.

  4. joshuah says:

    More like “fool” article is about mcgregor vs MARCUS BRIMMAGE not even close to aldos level & Julien solomita is an idiot cuz this new guy can’t hang w aldo ? Umm who can? Aside from pettis coming down and snatching this belt no1 has a chance vs aldo.

    Article is giving fans a heads up on this newcomer who could be amazing ala Ben Henderson wrecking shit as soon as he stepped in2 the octagon.

    Article got me on YouTube im pumped about mcgregor now

  5. pkelly says:

    guys anyone disagreeing with this article has there opinions but im just waiting for all of u see what will happen in sweeden ive trained with conor and believe me i know what he can do first hand sit back and enjoy the show lads!!

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