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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 08:38 am

A Long Talk With Rampage | Slavery Is Done, Just Wants The UFC To Let Him Leave

“I’ve been upset with the UFC and the opponents they’ve been giving me. I think Joe Silva needs to be shot in the face. I’m sorry, but if you got a fighter like me who likes to go out and put on fights, why you giving me wrestlers who are gonna take me down and hump me? I’m sorry. But I’m a little tired of the UFC and their texts. After my fight with Jon Jones, they told my manager that I was losing my appeal, that rappers and stuff don’t come out to watch me fight no more, that the fans don’t really like me no more. And it was gettin’ close to the time for me to renegotiate, and PRIDE did the same thing to me. For me, the respect is worth more than the money. I’ll go fight for some other show for free. I’ll prove to the fans that I’m not all about money. I’ll go fight for some other show for five dollars. I think the UFC should have said ‘thank you’ to ‘Rampage’ and all that. I was my first time ever not making weight. You could tell something was wrong. In my whole career, I’ve always been respectful to everybody. I make weight. Why do I wanna give my opponent 20 percent of my purse? I wish I didn’t have to fight. I wish I didn’t have no more fights with them (UFC). I’m trying to get out of this one fight.”

“When you get a fighter like me, that you can promote all around, like, I can make people laugh and stuff like that, you can promote that guy. You don’t try to bring him down or let the fans look at him a different way — you promote that guy. But, I don’t understand why they don’t. They barely promote me. It’s the same thing PRIDE did. That’s why I left PRIDE. I hope people understand my decision. This is my career. But, sometimes the fans are sheep. They don’t know. they just know what they told.”

“I did use TRT, ‘cuz my doctor prescribed it to me, because of my levels were low, and he said it would help me heal up my knee. I never backed off those statements, not once. I didn’t even have to give that information. I chose to give it, because a lot of people out there are cheating with steroids and stuff, and some people are even abusing TRT, and I choose not to. I don’t wanna be a cheater. I’m always up front with everybody. I always keep it real and any of my fans that know me know that I do that. I don’t consider it cheating. If I have hair missing, I’m gonna use a hair transplant, if I want to. If I lose some of my teeth, I’m gonna put teeth back in my mouth. If I’m athlete and my doctor says, ‘Well, your testosterone is low. You gonna be at a disadvantage with the other fighters,’ then I’m gonna bring my levels of testosterone back up. Plus, it’ll heal you, so I thought it was a no-brainer…. I think it’s a good thing if fighters don’t abuse it. It’s easy to abuse. You can abuse any drug. I don’t think marijuana is a drug. I think it’s a herb. I think it’s bad if you abuse it. Not that I smoke marijuana, because I haven’t smoked it in years, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t smoke it. You understand what I’m saying? If I do smoke it, I just wouldn’t abuse it. People abuse drugs, which makes drugs bad. If you don’t abuse them, then they can be good for you.”

“I saw a big difference right away. It was very beneficial to me in my training. I felt like a 25-year old again. If my knee wasn’t injured, you guys would have seen a new fighter. I’m hoping that my knee heals up, pretty soon. I keep doing exactly what the doctor asks me to do, and I’ll add ten more years on to my fighting life.”

“I don’t wanna fight for the UFC no more. I think the fans don’t understand. They think just because I make a lot of money, I should be happy ‘cuz I got a nice house. But I only stated that I fight for money ‘cuz it’s my career. I think a lot of fans are sheep and they don’t understand. The thing is, the UFC knew I was injured and they knew I still fought for them. I feel like if I didn’t fight on that card (UFC 144), the appeal wouldn’t have been as big. I’m not trying to toot my own horn or nothin’ like that, but they only had me and Mark Hunt, that I know of, that fought in PRIDE before and Mark Hunt is a K-1 fighter. That’s a different crowd. Like, some people still watch both, but still, that’s a different crowd. So, I think if I would have pulled out, I don’t think they would have done as well as they did…. The fans think that the UFC is the only show in town and everything, but I don’t care about money. I make enough money. I got money saved up. I got money that I’m making in other places. If you think I made all my money in the UFC, you wrong. I didn’t make all my money in the UFC. I got sponsors that help me out. And the UFC talkin’ ’bout how they got a billion homes, they makin’ all this money, but yet, I’m makin’ less money than I used to make with the UFC. Why is the UFC getting bigger, which means I’m getting bigger, but I’m making less money? So, I just don’t wanna be with them no more. I think that if anybody think that I can’t make my own career choices, then you a bigot. I can do whatever the hell I wanna do. I’m a grown ass man. I don’t wanna have to fight for somebody no more, if they not really appreciating me. I feel like I got a lot of fans, and they not tell me ‘thank you’ for putting my life on the line to fight, even when I’m injured. So, I’m done with them.”

“It is hard on the body. The UFC, they know that. The UFC, they good. The one thing I liked about them is they’re very upfront about things. When you get hurt, they send you to the doctors and they pay for everything. You only need to train for the fight. PRIDE wasn’t like that. The UFC, they knew I was hurt. They knew I was hurt for the Rashad (Evans) fight, and they still talked crap about me. I did fight Rashad, but because I pulled out for the ‘A-team’ movie, I don’t get no ‘thank you’ or nothin’ like that. What I get is Rashad punching me in the knee. How Rashad know my knee was hurt?”

“When I fought Forrest (Griffin), I got two injuries, but I still fight. I haven’t pulled out of a fight yet because of an injury. My last fight, I should’ve pulled out, but I didn’t. And I didn’t say anything, you know what I’m saying? I never say nothin’. I just don’t get the respect that I should get. I pulled out of a fight for the movie, ‘cuz I was a big fan of the movie. But, injuries, I still go and I fight. I’ve won injured before, and I’ve lost injured. I always think there’s a puncher’s chance I could win the fight. but, in my last fight, I had to cut 22 pounds, ‘cuz the testosterone, I didn’t know it would put that much weight on you. I didn’t know. I did cut 22 pounds. I did make the fight. I was injured. I was barely walking, but I made the fight, and the thanks I get is Dana saying, ‘Oh, he looks terrible,’ and Dana knew I was hurt. So, after that I was like, ‘I ain’t puttin’ my life on the line for these guys no more.’ They know what was goin’ on and they still try to make me look bad. They tryin’ to make me lose my fan base. In my opinion, that’s what they tryin’ to do. ‘Cuz they don’t want me to be bigger than the UFC. The movie that I did was bigger than the UFC. I know what’s goin’ on, so I’m gonna let them have the UFC. I don’t wanna be a part of the UFC no more. I’m not that happy in the UFC. I don’t wanna be a part of the UFC no more. Just let me go. If they feel like I’ve lost my appeal, just let me go! I don’t wanna keep fighting guys that are gonna lay there and hump my leg and the referee not gonna stand us up. Let me go.”

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59 Responses to “A Long Talk With Rampage | Slavery Is Done, Just Wants The UFC To Let Him Leave”

  1. Azuzsa says:

    Man…Im sick of RAMPAGE. Please stop crying and retire!

    • Steven says:

      Yo, all respect. Shut up, if you read that instead of thinking, oh he’s complaining again. Im a true fan of Quinton Jackson. Always will be. People kick you when your down.. Oh he used trt, oh lets say he’s abusing it. Oh he had an injury, oh lets just say he’s bitching because he lost. You can see in the fight he was injured

      • Sweet game plan says:

        Dude… Wrestling will be canceling it’s self out in a few more years when all fighters are wrestlers…the majority of fighters already are today…Rampage is the most argon dude out there..he’s asking for a new fighter with no wrestling skills so he can look good and k.o him.. Then get paid even more money.., he says I don’t care about the money.. I want everyone to go to dana’s blog after he fought bones. While the doctor was working on him from the ass kickin he got he was worried about getting fight of the night bonus..

        • Steven says:

          Ass kicking? Lol All I remember is him using great defense and checking Jones kicks.. Jones looked terrible in that fight, but hey he fought a motivated rampage, only had to cut 6lbs. But rampage choked. Only thing he got was a laceration. Jones got a fractured foot lol

        • jc says:

          bro what the fuck are you talkin about @steven . rampage got dominated in the jones fight. rampage didn’t land anything. i like how his going back and making excuses for all his losses like forrest and rashad. he lost to Forrest because he didn’t check any leg kicks he lost to rashad because he couldn’t get off his back, he lost to jones simply because jones is better, and he lost to bader because he was a fat fuck who couldn’t get up. where does rampage get this sense of entitlement from? he complains about getting less money now than before…hey rampage you were a better fighter before, its simple. he talks about japan being a shit card without him, his fight was the worst on the main card. he talks shit to joe silva because he dose not hand pick his opponents so he can beat them, GTFO of here.i think rampage needs to stop making excuses save some dignity and move away from the ufc so he can fight tin cans and get back in the winners circle

        • zetoe666 says:

          @steven, i smell a racist.

        • zetoe666 says:

          JC the racist that is

  2. Thom says:

    I do agree on Rampages opponents.. Rampage is capable of putting on incredible fights but they gave him some like 5 wrestlers in a row except machida which turned out to be a lackluster fight too.. I hope Rampage rematches Shogun or Hendo and then leaves the UFC instead of leaving after that Bader loss but yeah.

    • &; says:

      I agree that he puts on exciting fights, but he is talking out of both sides of his mouth here. One side says I want to fight guys that want to put on a show, and the other side says I want my belt back. Well guess what? If you want that belt back you need to beat a few wrestlers. If you just want to put on exciting fights then headline a Fight Night Card with Pat Barry. Big difference here and you can’t have it both ways.

      • The”I want my belt back” ish is what you are supposed to say if you have any ambition. The match up in Japan was probably the silliest yet. Knowing how popular he is in Japan, he should have been put in with a barnstormer. Bader was absolutely the wrong fight. He does put on a good show and he sells the heck outta his fights. I can empathize with him as regards what he is complaining about. Here’s a guy who wants to throw down and is continually out in with humpers

        • AJ says:

          You empathize with him on that huh? By your logic, baseball players should be demanding to bat against only pitchers that they can hit the game winning home run off of, or basketball players should demand to only play teams that will not contest their shots, or a quarterback should be able to demand that he play against only teams with bad pass coverage etc. You see how this makes no sense? MMA is an ever evolving sport. If he can’t keep up, it doesn’t mean that they should be setting him up for only fights that he can win. He needs to stop blaming others, and his fans need to stop defending the fact that he refuses to take responsibility. Until he does, he will only continue to make excuses and complain. Even worse, he will continue to be a let down to MMA fans, to his fans, and will never be a true contender again.

  3. Ethan says:

    They give you fighters that hump your leg because the tiger that you humped threatened that if they didn’t he would eat them…

  4. FILHARMONIC says:

    I agree with RAMPAGE! The UFC be doin some chicken shit stuff right there.

  5. James Troy says:

    i agree. UFC and athletic commisions need to start educating refs on stand ups. i wont get into judging. as for rampage i will always be a fan. guy is one of the best of his time. he always goes out and puts on a show. and what he said about the UFC not wanting people to succeed without the ufc is true. look what they did to randy couture when he was doing movies. id rather see rampage fight somewhere he is happy and not getting dry humped as well. maybe the ufc will smarten up. the fans dont like boring ryan baders and gsps. we like rampages and aldos .

    ill support rampage where ever he goes. so THANK YOU rampage. thank you for putting ur body on the line to entertain us.

    • jonsey says:

      are you crazy ??? what did they do when randy was making movies ??? what did i miss

    • blue says:

      You know that GSP has sold more ppvs than any other two fighters combined right? If you’re going to claim that people don’t like to watch a certain fighter you might want to make sure it’s not the most selling MMA fighter of all time…

      Page, you blame everyone else for your problems man. Take some responsibility. If you were injured, you should have pulled out. Regardless of “why” you still failed to make weight, it’s really that simple, and in all honesty, you match up will with wrestlers because of your great take down defense and your superior boxing. You should be blasting through these wrestlers in exciting fashion, if you’re not, it’s your fuckign fault. Stop blaming the world for your problems.

      “I’m only in it for the chedda baby!” anyone remember him saying that? Well now he says, “I’ll fight for 5 bucks as long as it’s not in the UFC.” the dude is a natural fucking victim. No matter what happens in his life, he will always find a way to blame someone else, even if it’s completely self contradictory.

  6. SilvaFan#1 says:

    Rampage is in the wrong sport if he is not prepared to face wrestlers. He was always pretty one dimensional and sure, he had good TDD, but when he was taken down he struggled.

  7. Dustin says:

    Yo, Rampage, quit whining because you are no longer good. Go back to your dream world, you old, whiny bitch.

  8. Jb says:

    Jon jones is a striker you moron not a wrestler. And he taped out, bader punched in face in. Rampage is garbage and washed up. This is what happens when you can’t comprehend your talent coming to an end. If you don’t wanna get taken down, train harder. You will crawl back to Dana. And you don’t make as much cause your a one dimensional striker and there are tons of new guys with a huge arsenal. Let it go, we mma fans could care less, I for one hand never bought a card you were on and happy for it.

  9. Nando says:

    You shot on Bader first, homie.

  10. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    bored of him now. before i was giving him the benefit but this time after reading him dissing the fans and how before he was like “rampage is about the fans” his management needs to tell him to pipe down and they need to help him emotionally
    hes clearly fucked up and imo it wont belong till he goes on another “Rampage” down the dual carage way chased by choppers again :(

    he needs help

  11. joe rogers says:

    this dude blames the ufc for this problem maybe he should take a long hard look in the mirror because right there is the problem he spends more time on looking like this mean ass dude walking to the ring then being one in the ring chump

  12. Michael B says:

    I say set him up with a fight vs Thiago Silva then let him go. That fight “should” be fireworks and if he chooses leave, atleast it will be after one good showing

  13. dante040 says:

    Jackson should look at his division. It’s stacked with wrestlers. Stuff a takedown dammit. And your fight against machida was boring. What does Rampage want? Standup fighters? Other than shogun there aren’t top LHW who aren’t wrestlers. And they too will take him down.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      The Machida fight was quite boring. It’s not even that one though. With the exception of the KO win over Wanderlei, Rampage hasn’t entertained me since he fought Griffin. That includes Jardine and Jones, which both, somehow, were awarded fight of the night.

  14. Eric El Beast says:

    So what Rampage would it say if he would it beat Jones? Nothing, defend the belt with Henderson and if Rampage would it beat Hendo too, what he would say? Nothing. When Rampage have said ” i won but, I was injured before the fight”? Never, only mention a cut on his eyebrow recently in the fight Arona. So, Rampage u can retire with dignity.

  15. punkass says:

    Would just like to say your an idiot if you agree with he shouldnt be put up against wrestlers. Wrestling makes you BETTER in the sport of mma, so why not train it. I mean you only have months between each match, I feel like that might just be plenty of time to get better at it. Also would just like to say I like Rampage until he starts making these bullshit excuses for himself and making himself look like a little bitch. And I wanna shoot myself in the head when I see him walk out for a fight and he has that DUMBASS look on his face holy shit does he look stupid when he does that.

  16. BJC says:

    Rampage = the old Tito Ortiz

  17. slacker says:

    Whine, whine, whine. He couldn’t even hit Bader Or Rashad even when they were right in front of him. The sport has changed and he hasn’t. Period.

  18. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Can’t hate on the guy for wanting gratitude for always wanting to put on a good fight even when injured. I find him and his personality very entertaining and no one else can promote a fight like he can. He’s right though, if you go back to his fight with Forrest and after you will see that he has been consistently injured. Even in his last two fights with Bader and Jones (spygate) he has been injured but hasn’t pulled out of the fight.

    I hope he doesn’t regret all this trash he has been spewing with the UFC because I know he is going to miss it as soon as he’s let go. He’s just gonna blackball himself and he isn’t going to live as comfortably in another MMA or in a Boxing organization. I just wish he went out on a higher note like Cro Cop.

  19. The Fact that they can beat you just means that overall they’re better then you. Learn to wrestle better, Your fighting to prove yourself but you cant beat a couple of “Wrestlers”. I love rampage, but this is ridiculous

  20. Beaner says:

    Rampage is right on some parts and wrong on others. I hate wrestlers who just lay there the entire time and do no damage. If you can control the guy the entire time you should be able to do alot of damage. Get side control drop some big knees or something. It shows no skill laying there and holding him down and not doing anything. A fat person can lay on someone but does it mean they have skill?? Then again though Rampage should be better at avoiding takedowns or atleast getting off his back since he’s a fighter

  21. Big J says:

    The man is truly frustrated with the organization, no doubt about that….In the end I hope it all works out for him.

  22. tank says:

    Don’t compare it with slavery your getting paid a lot of money.

  23. moronpage says:

    Wow what a tool he was givin every chance to be a champ and have appeal, HE JUST HAD A TITLE SHOT, rampage is done an he’s not appealing cuz he’s a predictable fighter that doesn’t have a ground game, rampage is a joke guys like a child, can’t take responsibility for his lame ass training an don’t give a fuck mentality, stop complaing an tainting ur image further jus retire Ur the fuckin sheep

  24. Christian says:

    Wah wah wah

  25. Rampage is in Denial says:

    First of all, respectful? Motorboating female journalists is so far from being respectful. Secondly, advancements. Like everything in life, advancements have been made. Rampage is a 486 in a Pentium world, a CRT TV in a store full of flat panel TVs. And he’s not the only fighter in this predicament: many of the older fighters are and are retiring or just moving on. Yeah, I liked my beat up, trusty old truck from 10 years ago, but I like my new shiny truck that I just bought with the latest technology in it. Don’t mean I don’t appreciate the past, which I do. But I prefer to live in the present.

    Rampage needs to realize this and that his sponsors are with him because of his exposure to the public via the UFC. Once the UFC is out of the picture, so are the sponsors.

    Rampage: you are NOT bigger than the sport of MMA or the UFC. You will realize that one day. If you’re going to leave, leave with pride and try not to burn any bridges while on your way. Aloha.

  26. DMAC says:

    Rampage sound like BJ right now. LOL

    I feel a lot what Rampage is saying but honestly it’s MMA dog, people become more well rounded as the years progress. They can’t just hand you strikers, get real, that’s not the way things are ran for top tier fighters like himself. Rampage is a strange dude, i mean what fighter isn’t, so these statements i don’t take seriously. They always say one thing and do another.

    But seriously where would he go? Strikeforce won’t touch him if Zuffa says not to. And would he really take a fight with “unknown” serious? Doubt it, then he will complain again about some ish.

    It’s crazy to see all the legends go out the game this year. MMA evolves and they choose not to so they complain about BS. LOL man this is nuts!

  27. jonsey says:

    the truth rampage has not been the same since the forrest griffin fight,,,and i think thaqt is still the same injury that is troubling him…rampage had to much pride fighting for the ufc..he should have quit in the 2nd round of teh forrest fight,,,but he kept fighting and his knee has been fuct since,,,,i dont know what to think about the rest of this

  28. Weak! says:

    Even Tito thinks this knucklehead bitches too much!!!!

  29. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    rampage i can see where your coming from , but as i appreciate you taking fights injured , every true fan of yours knows it would of been better if ya dident,theres also no better respect than self respect, and the top tier competition is in the ufc , fighting anywhere elseis a waste of time to your legacy…you might hate the ufc and they mightened appreciae you, but fuck that still have an oppurtunity to fight the best and leave a legacy there thats worth taking their shit, fans that dont like you shit…like a quote from ali suffer now and be remembered as a champion forever

  30. Tito Ortiz says:

    Rampage is 1,000% on point. I’m about done with the UFC. Most fans are Dana’s sheep. And just for the record Ariel Helwani is a joke.

  31. Nick says:

    I agree with him. You guys are disrespectful for talking shit about a man who could easily beat the fuck out of you. Disrespect. Keyboard warriors. If you aren’t going to respect him please shut the hell up. I totally agree with him. At this point he wants respect. And his TDD is awesome. He just wants to stand and bang with someone who’s game plan is to stand and bang. You guys manipulate his words. Can’t believe some people.

    • AJ says:

      What are you, but a keyboard warrior talking trash to others online? You are no different than those that you choose to judge. Also, if he wants respect, he should probably stop blaming every major organization that drops him for his deficiencies, stop being disrespectful to the organization he works for, stop disrespecting the fans who he is leaving a foul taste in the mouths of, stop disrespecting the fighters who have bested him, stop making excuses about injuries (if he was really injured, he is an idiot for “pushing through” that many times and has no one to blame but himself for risking his career and well being down the road), and stop complaining about being matched up with fighters that understand the ground game as well. Joe Rogan was 100% correct that he is one-dimensional. There is no point in being a pro fighter if your goal is not to be the champion, and the best fighters in the world (the champions who can hold the belt for more than one fight) are great fighters on their feet and on the ground. Jon Jones, GSP, Anderson Silva (and so on) share a theme…they are versatile in the cage, and Rampage is not. So long rant slightly shortened up…Rampage needs to stop complaining about the fact that he simply cannot keep up in the cage, and people like you need to stop jumping to his defense over every statement the guy makes.
      P.S. it is absolutely cheating and abuse of a substance when he says that he was using a substance with the intent to get himself to feel as though he were 25 years old again and appear to be a new fighter…what about that is not cheating or abuse of a substance. this man continually double talks himself, contradicts himself and others, and makes excuses and lies for every loss. you talk about how he is such a man and that ppl who he could beat up should shut up. well, i think a real man can admit when he fails and walk away with some respect and dignity. until then, no one needs to stop expressing how they feel about the crap he is pulling.

  32. Leefal says:

    I love Rampage as an entertainer, loved him as a fighter and am always wanting him to win. But he’s losing fans and respect with this whinging baby BS.
    Chuck Liddell put on great fights, he didn’t let wrestlers take him / keep him down.
    A great fighter will adapt, Rampage simply isn’t a great fighter, he was a great brawler with power.
    And come on ‘Page, not all about the money? Your price went up 5 dollars in the space of one sentence.

    Quit actin’ the foo’. Just quit.

  33. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    jon are you crazy, chuck did fight that level of competition and did consistently even when he was getting knocked out over the hill he was never takin down, i am with rampage but he is dragging on and wrong in most aspects of his rant…chuck was a better more versatile fighter and if he was in his prime id pick him over any top light heavyweight including jones…KEY BOARD WARRIORS WHERE YOU AT MOTHER FUCKER, where you at [”,]…rampage just has to change his tune now because he is getting a sstriker,,be great to go out with a w over a fighter of shoguns caliber and avenge a loss, then retire

  34. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Well, now he gets to fight Shogun and then retire.

  35. adam says:

    rampage needs to twitter sum rape jokes if he wanta out of the UFC

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