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Friday, 09/02/2011, 09:08 am

A confident Rampage Doesn’t Care If Jones Sends Spies, Won’t Change The Outcome

“At the end of the day, I don’t care. I’m very confident in this fight. You guys have no idea. A lot of people have counted me out in this fight, and I love it. I’m happy. It’s like when I fought Chuck Liddell to get the title. No one counted me in. I’m OK with it. Jon Jones can set up camp and watch me train, for all I care because he won’t be able to stop what I’m going to do to him. I don’t care about this spy in my camp. He, she or it can keep watching me, whoever it is. I’m training hard. I’m very confident. It ain’t no secret that I’m going to try to throw these hands on Jon Jones. I’m pretty sure one, two, or three of my punches are going to land. I’m going to make them count every time they do. I’m just training my ass off for anything.”

Rampage Jackson tells The MMA Hour that he doesn’t care who watches him train for his UFC 135 title clash with current divisional champion, Jon Jones.

Earlier in the week Rampage came out with claims that Jones and team had sent in spies to report back to them developments inside the camp of Jackson. In what has now been dubbed “SpyGate” Rampage is convinced now more than ever that it doesn’t matter who is spying in him, there’s only one outcome he see’s in this fight.


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  1. DVO says:

    Always knew Jackson Camp was duurrty. Greasegate? Now Spygate?

    • Dustin says:

      i love all the fighters outa that camp they are good people and everything. gsp, condit ect ect. but the things they do to get the edge is really starting to decide fights it seems. they are winning. always have the edge… this needs to be stopped or Dana should say something to us fans, either its ok, its not against the rules. or like when the new England patriots were caught INTERVENTION

    • Mo_Fo says:

      DVO, You had it backwards man. Wrong team doing the spying.

  2. bdizz says:

    Rampage is going to look like a fool in this fight.. His time is up and he knows it.

    He’s one dimensional and one dimensional fighters get knocked (or submitted) the fu*k out.

    • cole knight says:

      Good thing jones will never have the power to knock anybody out he beats them up yes but he doesnt have the stregth to put them to sleep like my boy quinton

  3. Travis says:

    Its not like its a surprise what Rampage wants to do. Try to punch you while using absolutely no movement. Bones is going to run circles around him, take him down, and rain down big elbows for the finish.

  4. Harry says:

    Who says Rampage is one dimensional? He’s a heck of a wrestler as well. Do you not remember the Rampage slams in Pride? Albeit, we’ve seen a bit of a different Rampage in the Octagon, but I think he’s going to bring it. After this fight, it’ll be Jon “broken bones” Jones, cause he’s gonna get KTFO.

  5. CALI says:

    Yup, everyones overlooking Rampage in this fight. U can never count him out.

  6. Steve says:

    It’s true that the outcome will be the same. Jon Jones is going to smash Rampage, I like both fighters but I’m just stating the obvious. Rampage is a great fighter but his timing in getting a title shot is messed up. The only chance Rampage has is to try and take Johnny Bones down and do some of that ol Pride G&P that made him famous. If Rampage fights like he has since he lost the belt…Jon Jones TKO rd 3.

    • Josh Clark says:

      Rampage became famous because of his ability to knock guys out on their feet not because of his ground and pound. Jones’s only chance to win this fight is to take rampage down and hold him down. Jones has a good reach and dynamic striking but he doesn’t really knock guys out.

  7. understandable says:

    Go figure eh? I saw the documentary on Greg Jackson. It shows three of his idols, one of them included Ghenghis Khan (art of war), spies and shiet is included in warfare. He also kinda seems sneaky, probably to what Rashad was talking about, “sneaky shit”. I think, in the Ultimate Fighter, someone spotted someone removing a camera from Koshecks training grounds, and running away with hit. Greg Jackson, I bet, sit pulling the strings on this shit, and yet he remains unaccoutable. All the stories, just fit together. The greasing by the camp, cameras on Kosheck (I don’t like the guy as a fighter), and now spygate? I’m imagining their has to be a ton more, we HAVEN’T found or heard of yet. Just imagining.

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