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Saturday, 12/28/2013, 11:31 pm

A Broken ‘Leg’acy

Anderson Silva’s fights have almost always been something special. Whether he’s dancing around like a violent Fred Astaire, curiously refusing to engage a fighter who seemingly poses no threat, or using Matrix-like movements to dodge a punch by millimeters before unleashing a brutal onslaught of strikes, Anderson Silva always gives us something to talk about.

Tonight was no different. But this time, there was no dancing. There was no Matrix-like movements. There was no engagement refusals. There was just Anderson, a checked kick, a broken leg and a broken career.

I’m not a big Anderson fan. Never have been. But I respect the hell out of what he’s been able to do in that cage, and how long he’s been able to do it. In this sport, all you have to do is go left when you should have gone right, and you will find yourself counting the ceiling tiles, wondering why Dana White seems to be putting your belt around some other man’s waist. And for Anderson to not only stay on top for 7 years, but to do it in such a fashion as to make almost every single victory look like child’s play is quite simply a thing of legend. A fighter like him comes around once in a lifetime. And unfortunately, his professional lifetime looks like it’s coming to a close.

It’s been a tough two years for the greats of MMA: First we watched Fedor’s fall from grace. Then Georges St-Pierre announces his retirement. Now Anderson Silva suffers a catastrophic injury, and will probably never return to the sport. The clichéd saying of “Anything can happen in this sport” has truly been galvanized in the last few years.

I truly hope that Anderson can come back from this. That he can heal up after a long layoff, rehab the leg and come back to close his career out on a high note. No champion should have to go out like Anderson did tonight. But for a man who is almost 40 years of age to come back from not only a devastating knock out, but a gruesome break of his fibula like Anderson suffered tonight… it’s a long shot at best.

If Anderson does in fact retire after this terrible loss tonight, I’d like to personally thank him for all of the great fights he’s provided for us. He dedicated his life to this sport, putting his health on the line almost every single day to ensure that he would go down as one of the greatest to ever step into the cage. Like him or hate him, he deserves all the respect in the world, and all of our admiration and praise.

Thank you, Anderson Silva.



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  1. Pit says:

    Broken legacy. Bullshit. Amazing legacy

  2. GJ Ahn says:

    What an incredibly inappropriate title for the topic of discussion. Furthermore, the recent losses in no way tarnishes Anderson’s legacy. If one truly believes this, then Couture, Penn, Hughes, and Liddell all fall under the same ridiculous guideline, which is a logical fallacy. This editorial simply conveys the utter bias and subjectivity of the author’s mentality. A legacy is built on the credibilty and successes which far overshadow the failures of a person. Anderson should be remembered for his contrasting brashness and humility, his speed and deceptive power, his techncal skill and talent. To say that Andersons legacy is anything lesser is, contrary to your title, disrespect. The only thng that is tarnished is the credibilty of the author of this editorial.

  3. Onison says:

    The incident with the broken leg will always be remembered but a freak accident in his more then likely last fight does not tarnish a 7 year legacy of utter domination. For you to think otherwise only shows your ignorance when pertaining to Andersons career. Perhaps you should educate yourself by watching his previous fights because you come across a someone trying to make a name for themselves by making nonsense comments with little knowledge of that which you write about.

  4. Xaninho says:

    The great Muhammad Ali didn’t do well at the end of his career either and nobody questions his legacy. Silva is and will forever be one of the greatest (MMA) fighters of all time. Nothing can take that away from him.

    That is the tragic thing about fighters growing old. There will always be a ‘what if’ once he loses to a younger, stronger fighter. I’m the same age as Anderson and after a bad sparring session at the gym I too think ‘damn ten years ago I would have dodged that one’. or ‘damn ten years ago I wouldn’t have missed that opening’.

    Growing older sucks…

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      That;s because you have shitty set-ups and your NOT looking, you are THINKING too much.

      • Xaninho says:

        I said AFTER a bad sparring session, not during. Learn to read before making stupid comments please.

        It doesn’t happen that often and when it does it’s against younger A class champions and against guys like Rico Verhoeven and Mourad Bouzidi, which is not a shame in my humble opinion.

        Now you can go back to dryhumping your buddies while looking them right in the eye and not thinking.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You are probably stoned too much too. Don’t get your old panties in a wad over this. Quit letting fear handcuff you and maybe you might be an A Class fighter and Verhoeven and Bouzidi will say that about you! You are probably too sensitive and drugged out to listen though, so just keep THINKING and getting beat up. That is probably what you are good at….a punching bag for Class A’s!?

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m sure you’re the best dryhumper in your gym. You’re underestimating me, I’m far from a punching bag and I would demolish you in the ring or cage.

          Maybe I would be an A class fighter? I have been an A class fighter and I have won a few championships. I am retired from competition. At least I can say I have accomplished something,

          You have nothing to show apart from your big mouth.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          How do you know what I have done or am doing or will be doing?? You seem to talk out of both sides of your mouth. Let’s see, you complain about being old and slow and getting beat up as a punching bag in your gym by Class A’s and then now you say that maybe you are a Class A!! Well what is it stoner? Then you brag about being a champion and name dropping, so that makes me think you ARE NOT a delusional stoner? You want me to give you my pedigree and name drop too? I think I will just own you by letting you think what you think. I ALREADY KNOW you are weak and I’d school you in a fight. How, because you are unbalanced. You need a drug to balance yourself and that makes you weak. The fact that you THINK you need that poison, lets me know you are weak. So old man, before you go spouting off and bragging about how tough you are and what you would do to me in a cage, take a look in the mirror and realize that you are old and slow and wouldn’t stand a chance. Then once you admit that, then you might have a chance. But until, you are a frightened slow old man living in a delusional dream. And those Class A’s have proved it to you.

        • Xaninho says:

          No you absolute dumbass. I was an A class fighter when I was still competing is what I said. I never said I was beat up as a punching bag, I said I am not as good as i was ten years ago, so I have days that I miss opportunities during sparring sessions.

          That doesn’t mean I’m slow or a bad fighter right now because I am absolutely sure I am still able to kick your stupid ass.

          About me smoking a bit of weed now and then that has nothign to do with my mindset or my abilities. I don’t ‘need’ it, I smoke it because I like to relax with a good bowl. The fact that you assume people can’t handle it just shows me how insecure you are about your own will power.

          You are a weak little man with a big mouth who knows nothing about the world around him and certainly not about martial arts.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I know you are weak and frightened and you need a drug to feel good every day. Wake up moron, that makes you weak and less effective because you need poison to balance your mood. You are retired because you suck and are slow in your mind. You are afraid. That’s cool, Europeans are weak minded people.

          Got a question for you, since you are so condescending to wrestling, why is it that wrestlers dominate the UFC and MMA in general? Secondly, why haven’t kickboxers been able to do much in mma?

        • Xaninho says:

          LOL you really don’t know me dude. In my line of business weak and frightened people don’t live long. So no you couldn’t be more wrong about that.

          I am retired from competition because I got older and had my business to take care of. A business which earns me just as much as Weidman earned for his last fight.

          Wrestlers aren’t dominating, where did you read that? If the unified rules of mma weren’t written under the supervision of Jeff Blatnick there would be even less wrestlers in the top spots than there are now.

          Kickboxers with a subpar take down defense are the victims of Blatnicks unified rules of mma because referees let the stalling and LnP go on for too long while the moronic judges favor 2 minutes of dryhumping over 3 minutes of a striking beatdown.

          Luckily there are a few muay thai/kickboxers who can defend the takedowns and kick wrestlers asses while being the UFC champ in their respective weightclasses.

  5. kender says:

    His legacy is definitely not broken. It will be many years before anyone accomplishes what he has, but his legacy will continue on.

  6. Omar Holmes says:

    Horrible title for an article bro, very distasteful :( – if humor or sarcasm was intended you failed on both

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