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Monday, 03/26/2012, 11:28 am

A BJ Penn Photo Diary | Sitting Courtside, Training And Throwbacks

BJ Penn last took you on an inside look of his day to day life two weeks ago.

We took notice at the amount of traffic this feature garnered, read your comments and decided to continue this feature here on BJPENN.COM.

BJ has been all over the place since our last Photo Diary so this is a feature you do not want to miss.

Follow along on his journey from this past week through this exclusive image gallery.

CONTINUE TO NEXT PAGE: Be Sure To Read The Image Captions For BJ’s Commentary

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14 Responses to “A BJ Penn Photo Diary | Sitting Courtside, Training And Throwbacks”

  1. Jake says:

    Warriors * I think

  2. Ly-er says:

    Hmm if BJ can implement Judo into his fighting style, wonder how effective it would be. Hilarious photo of BJ as a “lil kid sitting down” in the end, OG all the way! LOL

  3. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Pedro…that is what I’m talking about, AWESOME! Great post my friend. One love from the city of “NO” in central cali. Live it up BJ…Live it up! Mahalo Pedro.

  4. Sean says:

    Even though hes retired i think hes still the most interesting person in mma

  5. The Godfather says:

    Yeah buddy, Go celts!

  6. jray says:

    hahaha I was at that game… Was sitting kinda close to where he was based off this pic. To bad I aint see him would have liked to talk basketball with him.

  7. kevin says:

    the TRUTH! i was looking for you at that game but the camera mustve been on the same side of the court as you.

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    glad to see BJ training and enjoying himself.

  9. Carlos says:

    WTTFFFF he was in san jose and never knew shiiit!!! and how come he dont comback to AKA

  10. qba says:

    Thats Celtics vs Warriors game.

  11. Twayne says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics..


  12. donjuan says:

    Had that same haircut as a kid lol

  13. pete says:

    the pics are cool, but a lot of us dont care about baby pictures, or basketball, can we see some up to date – live pictures? some video blogs?..we can get pictures anywhere.

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