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Nov 17, 2015 12:04 pm

WATCH! Wanderlei Silva campaigning for all fighters to vote for Bernie Sanders

It looks like Bernie Sanders is a hit amongst some iconic players in the fight game. Ronda Rousey has gone on record to say that she is rooting for Bernie Sanders in his run for the Democratic nomination for President. Now, Wanderlei Silva is campaigning for all fighters to get behind Sanders and #FeelTheBern. Silva...

Nov 2, 2015 7:42 am

On This Day: Wanderlei Silva makes MMA debut, knocks out opponent

Nov1.1996 19 years ago today, "The Axe Murderer" @WandFC made his MMA Debut, & knocked out Dilson Filho pic.twitter.com/IOqSNQMImk — MMA History Today (@MMAHistoryToday) November 1, 2015 Talk about a big day in MMA history! 19 years ago yesterday Wanderlei Silva made his MMA debut and knocked out his opponent, Dilson Filho. See the video above!

Oct 29, 2015 8:00 pm

Wanderlei Silva’s re-hearing with NSAC postponed

Yesterday during the NSAC’s meeting Wanderlei Silva was supposed to have his re-hearing with the commission. The re-hearing was postponed however after Silva’s attorney complained that he wasn’t provided with a copy of a document according to Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Botter. UFC Chief Legal Officer Kirk Hendrick argued that the document wasn’t important, NSAC chairman...

Oct 22, 2015 8:55 am

Wanderlei Silva congratulates ‘dear friend’ for becoming Canadian Prime Minister

Wanderlei Silva was ecstatic earlier this week when Canada elected The Axe Murderer’s good friend Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. He took to Instagram to show his support for Trudeau. Congratulations to my dear friend and great leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Your victory is Canada’s victory. Parabéns ao meu amigo e grande líder novo...

Oct 19, 2015 9:49 am

Wanderlei Silva: ‘I never tested positive but they want to ban me from MMA’

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has been receiving criticism from all angles ever since they decided to suspend Nick Diaz for five years as a result of a failed drug test for marijuana. Everybody from Ronda Rousey to musical and fashion icon Cher spoke out in support of Diaz, and now Wanderlei Silva is giving...

Oct 13, 2015 5:23 am

Wanderlei Silva and NSAC hearing date set for late October

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva will once again go in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The last time he was there the Brazilian was handed a lifetime ban for running from a drug test. Since then the retired fighter has been pretty vocal, speaking out against the UFC for shady practices. However, a district...

Oct 11, 2015 1:00 am

Wanderlei Silva coaches son through 1st jiu-jitsu win

Wanderlei Silva has been on the receiving end of some good news as of late. The Nevada State Athletic Commission was recently forced to lift their lifetime ban of him when it was decided their punishment of running away from a drug test was “arbitrary and capricious”. While Silva awaits his meeting with the NSAC...

Oct 7, 2015 5:11 am

After Getting Lifetime Ban Overturned, Wanderlei Will Again Face The NSAC

Looks like Wanderlei Silva will be heading back to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The last time he was there the commission handed him a lifetime ban after he ran away from a drug test. Silva and his legal team then appealed the ban, saying that he wasn’t even licensed by the NSAC at the...

Oct 6, 2015 5:25 am

Wanderlei Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit, Using Belfort Test As Grounds

The latest in the UFC vs. Wanderlei Silva legal battle is that the MMA legend will now be looking to get the lawsuit filed against him dismissed. The UFC filed a complaint of “Intentional Misconduct” against Silva on July 29th, after the fighter put up several posts on his Facebook, accusing the promotion of fixing...

Aug 8, 2015 12:02 pm

Wanderlei Calls Out Rousey: ‘Fight Cyborg Or Shut Up’

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva recently spoke with TMZ Sports and said UFC champion Ronda Rousey needs to fight Cyborg or just stop talking. What do you think? ALL ACCESS — Go Inside BJ Penn’s UFC Hall-Of-Fame Induction

Aug 7, 2015 12:01 am

Has Wanderlei Silva lost It With This Odd Werdum Sex Claim?

UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and Wanderlei Silva have been going back and forth on social media, in a rather strange manner. They’ve been posting funny pictures and making jokes about each other. In the latest, from Wanderlei, it appears he wants fans to question the champ about his sexuality. Just check it out! “Do...

Aug 4, 2015 7:36 am

Wanderlei Promises Revolution––Teams Up With ‘Stitch’

Looks like Wanderlei Silva is recruiting a few big names to help him in his battle with the UFC. Check out him and former UFC cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran talking about the ‘revolution’. ALL ACCESS — Go Inside BJ Penn’s UFC Hall-Of-Fame Induction

Jul 30, 2015 4:50 am

UFC Releases Statement On Wanderlei Lawsuit

Wanderlei Silva done messed up. The MMA legend, who has resorted to calling out the UFC every chance he gets on social media is now looking at a legal battle with the promotion. Yes, the UFC is going after Silva for his comments, specifically regarding the statement he made about them fixing fights. In a...

Jul 29, 2015 7:46 am

The UFC Goes After Wanderlei In Court

UFC president Dana White basically hinted at it on Twitter last week, but now it’s official. The UFC is going after Wanderlei Silva in the court room. A lot of details are unknown at this time, except the type of case that was filed, Intentional Misconduct. It’s not a stretch to try and figure out...

Jul 28, 2015 6:42 am

‘Big’ John McCarthy Responds To Wanderlei Silva’s ‘Fixed Fights’ Comment

Last week MMA legend Wanderlei Silva came forward with some pretty serious allegations about the UFC. Silva went on Facebook and smashed the UFC for firing longtime cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran. While doing that he also stated that the UFC has fixed fights before and he has the proof. Of course, he didn’t go into...

Jul 24, 2015 4:27 am

UH-OH! Wanderlei Might Be In Hot Water After ‘Fight Fixing’ Comments

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva came forward on social media with some pretty hefty allegations. Silva took to his Facebook to shame the UFC for firing veteran cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran. While doing that he mentioned that the UFC has fixed fights and he can prove it. Well, a fan on Twitter basically asked if Silva...

Jul 23, 2015 2:47 pm

Wanderlei: ‘I Can Prove The UFC Fixed Fights!’

Every time a fight ends in a dramatic way or an odd way there are conspiracy theorist out there that point to the fight being fixed. Well, according to Wanderlei Silva, they might not be wrong. Silva has had a rocky relationship with the UFC for a while now, to say the least. He regularly...

Jul 21, 2015 12:01 am

Werdum & Wanderlei Go To WAR… In Photoshop!

Wanderlei Silva and UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum are going at it on social media, sort of. The two have posted photoshopped photos of each other, poking fun. Silva shared one of an ‘oversized’ Werdum and the champ shared one of Wandy enjoying the comfort of a ‘happy face’. Check it out! https://instagram.com/p/5XMLGQEq9r/?taken-by=wandfc @wandfc para...