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Yesterday, Labor day kicked in with rock bottom sales, perfect weather, and a nation enjoying…

9.2.12@9:20 AM
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Lorenz Larkin is now looking to move weight classes once again, this time dropping even…

9.2.12@8:38 AM
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Dennis Bermudez is gearing up for his UFC 180 fight against Ricardo Lamas. Prior to…

9.2.12@5:02 AM
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Rory MacDonald has quite the unique story when it comes to picking his entrance music….

9.2.12@5:01 AM
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“I haven’t trained [at Jackson's MMA] since my fight. I’ve been hitting mitts with Edmund…

9.1.12@6:54 PM
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Anthony Birchak was left without an opponent for UFC 177 after his opponent, Joe Soto…

9.1.12@4:59 PM
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UFC President Dana White said that despite Jose Aldo’s victory against Ricardo Lamas at UFC…

9.1.12@4:37 PM
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After Jon Jones was forced out of his UFC 178 bout against Daniel Cormier due…

9.1.12@4:05 PM
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“Silva has done great things for the sport, to move the sport forward. If he…

9.1.12@3:57 PM
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Shoutout to theawesomester for the find.

9.1.12@2:41 PM
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Fight fans may remember Matt Major, a contestant on the show ‘Tapout’, and former Bellator…

9.1.12@8:32 AM
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Everyone wants a piece of Michael Bisping lately, after defeating Cung Le at UFC Macau…

9.1.12@8:20 AM
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Nearly 3 weeks ago news emerged that Christy Mack had been brutally beaten by War…

9.1.12@7:55 AM
Full Story » Radio is brought to you tonight by the Gi Exchange and kicks off tonight…

8.31.12@4:57 PM
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“It’s no different than GSP and Rory Macdonald… You don’t run around saying ‘I’ll fight…

8.31.12@3:20 PM
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Ever since Ronda Rousey graced the Octagon with her skills, people have wondered if we…

8.31.12@2:29 PM
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Last night at UFC 177, in the co-main event fans saw TUF winner Tony Ferguson…

8.31.12@8:49 AM
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Last night fight fans saw Joe Soto put forth a valiant effort while challenging TJ…

8.31.12@8:41 AM
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After his court date in California earlier this month, War Machine was extradited to Las…

8.31.12@8:14 AM
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UFC President Dana White is expecting WMMA pioneer Gina Carano to have an answer by…

8.31.12@7:54 AM
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