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Reigning Bellator Lightweight World Champion Michael Chandler proved once again how dangerous he is in…

5.5.12@9:43 AM
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On the heels of his title-winning fight of the year performance against the world’s top…

3.8.12@8:39 AM
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For the first time in promotion history, Bellator will take to pay-per-view tonight with Bellator…

5.17.12@11:56 AM
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You knew it was only a matter of time before Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana…

6.7.12@9:09 AM
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Hardy says Sadollah ‘in for a beating,’ that he’d be ‘honored’ to fight Hughes, that…

7.23.12@10:43 AM
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Alistair Overeem talks about his April 24th hearing as well as speaking Spanish in an…

4.20.12@6:30 AM
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“To be honest Chael Sonnen is a failed partisan and a failed politician. He also…

1.20.12@8:07 AM
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If you are a Japanese MMA fan, the New Years Eve show is the biggest…

11.18.12@9:01 AM
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UFC President, Dana White, made an announcement yesterday to “El Octagono” that will change the…

9.20.12@9:05 AM
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