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MMA News:
May. 6th 2015

REPLAY! Stud Show Radio Episode #60: Buchholz, Stud Boy & More!

Heads up fight fans, Stud Show Radio is BACK! Formerly Team Alpha Male Radio, Stud…

Added 6 mins ago

ROCKHOLD! ‘The Dragon Has Been Slayed, And It Feels Great!’

BJPENN.COM’s Layzie The Savage catches up with top UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold, fresh off his…

Added 6 hours ago

Cormier: ‘Losing Jon Jones Hurts The Sport’

Now that Jon Jones has been suspended and stripped of his title, Daniel Cormier will…

Added 8 hours ago

Shields on Jones — ‘He did this to himself… but can still be the GOAT’

“He’s doing it to himself,” said World Series of Fighting’s Jake Shields when BJPENN.COM’s Layzie…

Added 9 hours ago

NOT IMPRESSED! ‘Dos Anjos Hasn’t Convinced Me’

Stud Show radio returned on Thursday night with another episode of your favorite MMA podcast….

Added 9 hours ago

WATCH! Stud Show Radio Returns With Episode #60 — LIVE TONIGHT 8 PMish

Heads up fight fans, Stud Show Radio is BACK! Formerly Team Alpha Male Radio, Stud…

Added 17 hours ago

UFC Champion Chris Weidman Earns His Black Belt

The fact that Chris Weidman not only won but defended his UFC Middleweight Championship without…

Added 9 hours ago

WRAP IT UP! Floyd Mayweather and Freddie Roach Argue Over Glove Wraps

The fight may be over, but the behind the scenes footage is just starting to…

Added 10 hours ago

‘I Gave Khabib A Taste of His Own Medicine’

Khabib Nurmagomedov suffered a severe knee injury and was forced out of his spot at…

Added 10 hours ago

SERVED! “Pac-Man” Hit With Lawsuit For Not Disclosing Injury

The fall out from the “biggest fight of the decade” is turning out to be…

Added 10 hours ago

Rockhold Shreds In the Skatepark — ‘Sorry, Dana! FOX Made Me Do It’

Luke Rockhold is a contender to the UFC middleweight throne after his performance at “UFC…

Added 14 hours ago

WATCH! Cerrone’s Inspirational Journey to the Top

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is one of the most popular fighters to grace the octagon and…

Added 14 hours ago

Ronda Rousey vs. LeBron James: Who Topped the “Most Dominant Athletes Alive” List?

UFC champion Ronda Rousey and former champion Jon Jones made the list of the most…

Added 16 hours ago

“Metamoris 6: Barnett vs. Abreu” Will Take Place in Empty Arena

Metamoris will be taking a page out of the Baltimore Orioles’ book this Saturday when…

Added 16 hours ago

Pacquiao’s NAC Paperwork Doesn’t Mention Shoulder Injury

What good is the fight of the century without a little bit of drama? It…

Added 16 hours ago

PUNK’D! DC Responds to Chael: ‘He Wore a Fake Belt After He Got Submitted!’

Jon “Bones” Jones’ recent run in with the law has shuffled the whole deck that…

Added 16 hours ago

UFC Strawweight Thinks VanZant Couldn’t Beat Top 5 Fighter

Paige VanZant is riding an amazing wave of momentum off her last octagon victory on…

Added 16 hours ago

‘Scoring For Pro Boxing Confuses Me, I Thought Pacquiao Won’

This past Saturday, the fight that was hyped as the biggest fight of the decade…

Added 16 hours ago

The Octagon Returns to Movie Theaters with “UFC 187″

Those of you who don’t feel like shelling out $60 for “UFC 187″ because you…

Added 16 hours ago

UFC Hall of Fame to Add “Fight Wing”, “Pioneer Wing”, And More!

For the first time in the 12-year history of the UFC Hall of Fame, an…

Added 16 hours ago

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