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Tuesday, 07/03/2012, 01:53 pm

Dana White Forced To Step Between An Aggressive Anderson Silva And Chael Sonnen At Pre-Fight Presser | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Today the UFC fired out another pre-fight press conference for the upcoming UFC 148 card which will take place this weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada July 7th.

At the stare down Dana White was forced to step in with a little help from security and break up Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen.

Over the past two years Sonnen has fired off numerous insults at the UFC Middleweight Champion and tensions are running high with the UFC 148 main event just around the corner check out the pics below.

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78 Responses to “Dana White Forced To Step Between An Aggressive Anderson Silva And Chael Sonnen At Pre-Fight Presser | UFC News”

  1. jones says:

    too bad there is a chance anderson could lose….the sad thing is cheal is a fukin bum and a cheat…i prey cheal gets killed..if anderson loses he will surely retire cuz he will not want to fight again having unfair advantage to guys who are using this trt excuse…to bad anderson wont lower himself to that level to win,,,imagine a anderson silva on trt,,

    • Artex says:

      you have a point dude!!!

      • Xaninho says:

        I like big points! the bigger, the better in my book. my lifestyle is so free now that I’ve come out. should’ve done this so long ago. Anderson, Anderson, where art thou? You big beast you! you will win, then i will reward you!!!!! Can’t wait !

        • Xaninho says:

          Guess I pissed off a coward.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Yah both you and I pissed this coward off. I believe I have gotten most of her homoerotic fantasies…I believe this is a real sick coward….rofl

    • You do have a point says:

      too bad it’s on your head! Please Silva fans, stop making excuses even before that fight has started! Stay strong behind your fighter and whatever happens, happens!
      You start making excuses and you begin to look like pussies.

      • bxer says:

        You bitches chael sonnen nuts highers,are the ones making excuses,chael lost the Las fight,and I don’t want to hear more fucking retarded comments,chael was looking for a fight and know he got one let’s see what all this delusional fagots have to said after Anderson Silva mops the floor won’t sonnen,the only chance chael has is take downs,and for those who never wrestled,is very fucking hard to do with broken ribs,no injuries for Anderson will show why he is the champ,know the only thing chael has going for it the cheating TRT bullshit,after Saturday I hope all chael sonnen fans and chael disappear from the internet,because they talk the same trash as the most hateful motherfucker ever to compete in MMA

        • magoo says:

          Chaels da shit,and Saturday night your all gonna get a good whiff of it….lmao

        • Yeah! says:

          Yeah! let’s watch Silva mop the floor with Sonnen, just like he did the last time!!!! yeah, oh…wait….Sonnen mopped the floor with Silva the last time……Then Sonnen, the dumbass, got caught in a triangle……damn! At least Sonnen still mopped the floor with Anderson’s ass!!!! Chael GOAT !! nahh, not really….haha

        • bxer says:

          that’s all you have? let me educate you stupid chael sonnen nut hugger,do you ever wonder why is there so many highlights of Anderson Silva,and the only highlight from fhael is the fight with Anderson? Well that’s because is pretty easy to do when you on steroids and you fighting a guy with broken ribs,you Bragging about a guy who had an entire fight in dominant position and never finish.

        • Hey bxer you dumbass says:

          here’s the deal: sonnen wins, you tell me where you are. I meet you in front of your house, and i punch your face! Sonnen loses, i tell you where i am, you meet me in front of my house, and you punch me in my face (but you miss, and i punch your face twice, the 2nd one for getting your blood all over my sidewalk). Deal? hahahaha.

          You just a dumbass, bxer. you take yourself too seriously. we need less people like you in the world. go do society a favor and go lessen the number of people in the world by one, retard.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Anyone who could possibly root for such a disgrace for a human being must themselves be nothing but flawed charactor that belives in CHEATING-STEALING and LYING. Time for you Sonnne nuthuggers to take ahard look in mirror and say do you really want to be like that piece of shit for an excuse of a human being. I think most of you will see the light and want to be a better person than that with the exception of Fitch lover and wrestling faggot who enjoys Gain porn ie:lay n pray

    • danielrchargers says:

      i PRAY chael gets demolished as well.
      There is a video on 5thround of the interaction.

    • RhendO says:

      And exactly how do you know for a fact that Anderson isnt on any type of PED’s or TRT? for all we know he can be a nutty ass cycle. Look at Reem just because you say ped’s are bad and your against them publicly doesn’t mean you aint fucking juicing it up!

      • jones says:

        @rhend..shutup u fukin idiot asshole…cuz anderson gets tested alot…same like cheal when he failed moron..and anderson he a martial artist he aint down with wrestling bullshit roiders,,,u faggot

        • erik says:

          if you’re from oahu or california jones, id love to make you my bitch. your dullard skull cant even comprehend the sprot, let alone train in it.
          stupid sob.

        • No worreh says:

          Sup kuz I from oahu I like see wat kind of man u think u r

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Jones you hit nail on head as usual. damn there must be awhole lot of ROIDERS-FELONS on this site Imean who else would get behind such a disgrace for a human being like CHEAT Sonnen

    • Paul Harris says:

      Excellent point

    • mike says:

      Wow you are really deluded…ALL these guys are on some form of performance enhancing drug whether it is TRT, steroids, EPA, whatever. Sonnen, Marquardt, GSP, even Couture. EVERY power hitter in major league baseball, every runningback and lineman in the NFL, cyclists at elite level (especially lance armstrong who was just charged with it), every top level olympic athlete. ALL.

      But for some reason, you think NOT in MMA? Get real. The only ones with the slightest possibility of being clean are the ones who are not winning and not at the top.


  2. Fail Sonnen says:

    This concerns me a bit. I hope Silva doesn’t get too outside himself with rage and do something stupid and lose. He’s the more gifted athlete and martial artist and he’s needs to stay level go in there and get this done and move on. I still have faith just a bit concerned now is all.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Don’t worry he doesn’t need it. He’s a great fighter with his own testosterone. Fuck the TRT pussies.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I still can’t believe they let Sonnen continue to JUICE even after he proved he was using it for perfromance enhancing and they don’t even botehr to test him for massive elavated levels during his training camp. The system is a compete FRAUD and set up to award CHEATERS. Silva will crush the ROIDER

  4. Tapitout21 says:

    This is all show when it’s go time Anderson will be calm and on control, he has great mma minds in his corner they will make sure he is level headed. Until this point Anderson has been more or less a sleeping giant beating people without having to 100% committed all Chael has done is awakened him and signed up to be the 1st in cage death

  5. Xaninho says:

    LOL@ DW, Sonnen and the security…Anderson can take on all 4 of them and walk away the winner.

  6. birdcitybutcher says:

    kinda like a lion mauling a baby giraffe

  7. JP says:

    Ha the last pose that chael is doing is hilarious!

    That being said i want chael to win and i think he will. Anderson is mad (obviously) and i think that is going to set him off his game. If you fight mad you fight stupid. I have Chael winning by UD or Silva by Sub. I dont think silva will KO him, because I dont think Chael will try to stand with him like that. If Sonnen does finish the fight it could be by arm triangle but thats still not very likely. All in all i cant fucking wait and hope Chael can WIN

  8. Jarvis says:

    Sonnen is fucked as fuck!

  9. Wrestler66 says:

    Anderson looks intense after all the reports coming out of his training camp I think he’ll come flying out at Sonnen just hope he gets doubled when he try’s !

  10. Kimura says:

    You can see in Sonnens face that he is nervous. It is on now, point of no return.
    It’s kind of cute that he Finds time to right small rimes and pre-made speaches and stuff.
    So fedup with his nonsense bullshit!

  11. Bob'O says:

    Chael is gonna finish what he did’nt finish last time. I like Anderson Silva and I respect him but because I watched the fight live in Oakland I believe Chael is gonna ground and pound Silva just as he did last time only it will be for 5 full rounds instead of 4 1/2. I could also see Silva knocking Sonnen out when he shoots for a take down. That’s a possibility as well. Anything can happen. ~Bob’O

  12. Phantom weight says:

    If you remember the okami fight anderson came out in the second round very aggressive,he looked very pissed off,and then reeled himself in to finish thunder very we’ve seen him get emotional before,but like a TRUE champ he got himself together to get the W

  13. mike says:

    This fight is gonna come down to one simple thing, can Anderson stuff the takedown. I don’t think he can, and the more aggressive he is with the stand up the easier he will be to take down. Charles by decision

    • learntoread says:

      Most valid point made in this thread so far.

      As phenomenal as Silva’s standup is, if he can’t stop ‘the machine’ from taking him down during the 1st round it’s going to be another looooooong 25 minutes for Anderson.

      It’s one think to stuff an Okami take down, it’s an entirely different world to be in there with a world class wrestler/grinder like Sonnen, and Silva obviously knows this as he’s experienced it once already.

      Anyone thinking Chael is “scared” of anything have sorely mistaken.

  14. Bob says:

    Wheres the video? I want to see the video. Andersons too smart to fight with emotions and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot

  15. Chael Sonnen For The Win says:

    Let’s get this fight over with so we can hear all the Silva fans excuses. Then it’ll be all over. Then we can move on to the Vera fight, Bendo fight, and the Jones fight. Weidman too. Let Sonnen wear the belt and see who beats him.

    • Xaninho says:

      Only excuses we’ve been hearing for two years are Sonnen and his fanboys. “I didn’t tap”,”I have the real belt”,”I roided because I have no balls”.

      Sonnen LOST DECISIVELY! No if’s, but’s or opinions. He’s a professional tapper and once again he will tap, but this time due to strikes.

      Sonnen’s a coward with a big mouth. Silva knows this.

  16. maurice says:

    um im sorry. but all anderson does is win win win.

  17. maurice says:

    what excuse does chael have for comin into the fight with the highest testosterone levels in mma history? what excuse does chael have for getting subbed for the 100th? what excuse does chael have for not winning a fight against a 40 percent anderson? like i said, rib injury or not, silva FINISHED chael sonnen, and hell do it again saturday. chael gave silva all he got, but for some reason he was the one busted up, he was the one calling uncle cause he was getting the life choked out of him and his arm nearly broken. chael beat brain stann and lost to bisping then got a title shot. he should be thankin god everyday for the ufc gifting him with this shot instead of running his mouth about nonsense.

  18. WrestlingRules says:

    Silva is scared. He needs an edge and he thinks getting mad will give it to him. The only problem is that his anger is in reaction to his real underlying emotion of fear. He knows Sonnen will kick his ass and he is trying to really psyche himself up. Won’t work, anger makes you stupid. Sonnen has been pickin’ fights all his life from pussies like this and he has Silva exactly where he wants him fearful and angry….of course, it could just be Silva trying to get his zombies to buy buy buy this PPV…It wouldn’t be surprising if Silva does NOT come in on weight!!!

  19. Steve says:

    Thing that ruins this fight is knowing Sonnen has a license to use and abuse TRT and roid up for the training / fight…

    Sonnen looses both ways in my eyes. If he wins its due to steroid use giving him an advantage of upto 6 times the normal human level / level that Anderson has. If he looses then good..

    Silva on the other hand wins both ways… if he looses its because he was beaten by a steroided up fighter with an advantage. If he wins then it goes to show Sonnen cant beat him for the second time on steroids.

    But remember, In the last fight with Anderson Sonnens Test levels were 16.9:1 Nearly 17 times the normal humans level due to his STEROID use!! This time he has 11 times less for the fight.

    If Silva could beat him at a 16.9:1 Test level then Sonnen at a 6:1 or less Test level should be easy for him

    Go Spider!!

  20. Milkman says:

    How can the most dangerous man on the planet be restrained by one arm from Ed soares and Dana white. Obvious posturing by silva. If no one was between them he woulda stood there chest out and done nothing.

    • jdubx says:

      I think Silva just knows how to hype a fight; he has taken a few notes from Sonnen’s book (media call) and now he just does a little bump for the press conference and bam, more people hyped up for the fight. I don’t think he’s as angry as people think…

  21. punchkick says:

    chael is headed to wwe after this fight

  22. jbeamazing says:

    Chael is so fucking funny I can’t take him serous but anderson should

  23. WrestlingRules says:

    That last picture is Classic Sonnen. He;’s cool and Silva is slowly getting weaker. Sonnen has made many people better than Silva weak before. I am more sure now that Silva will get a beating of his life. Think Sonnen-Fihlo 2 but worse…LMAO………….

  24. Tom says:

    Chaels the shit…and your all gonna smell it Sat night!

  25. jones says:

    anderson has been on top for a long long time,,,he is getting old now…he is just coming iff lomg layoff and surgery…cheal got 2 tuneup fight and anderson as champ does not get that chance….i dont think anderson is going to be able pull this on not making excuses the fact is he is older ,,time aint a friend and he has ring rust..i hope he gets the w cuz cheal is truly a peaice of shit

    • WrestlingRules says:

      This is the beginning of the Silva zombies post-mortem. The apologizing of why Silva gets his ass kicked for the second time. The Truth Talker Sonnen will be takin out the Silva trash soon and the UFC will finally be rid of this MW garbage and the new bright era begins. FalsaDoom Silva is gone…..HooRah!!! Everybody read the Declaration of Independence on the Greatest Holiday of the World. The 4th of July. The Independence of the Silva Tyranny has ended all Hail Freedom!!!

  26. Dee says:

    I don’t know. It looks like Chael has gotten inside the Spiders head. Look guys the UFC is egging all this on. They’re making so much money off this fight, which is why they keep hosting so many of these kinds of events, to sell more and more tickets.

    • jbeamazing says:

      they do all the same media for any event with a number on it like ufc 148 but yeah dana isn’t telling Chael to shut up because he gets it chael is doing it for comedy im not saying you don’t get it but there are so many tools that have no common since and call him a scum bag ect I love it mma does need somebody like Chael yea he is supposed win but everybody else acts scared of anderson before and after there fights you got to love his heart

  27. Adam says:


  28. Gabi says:

    This is going to be a good fight that’s all there is to it. I personally hope Anderson wins.

  29. If you watched the whole clip of the staredown you see Silva’s desperate attempt at getting in Sonnen’s head. What did Chael do? he stood there, held his ground, and didn’t get involved in Anderson’s pitiful attempt. Anderson has had 2 years to trash talk, now hes realizing what’s on the line, and is making a feeble attempt at playing some mind games of his own. As you can see in the full video, when Chael doesn’t give Anderson the time of day, Andy starts getting more and more mad. Nice try Andy, but come Saturday you’re going to realize that your time in the UFC is up. It’s been a good career, but it’s time to hang ’em up.

  30. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Lol.. Get ready.. For some … Snakes and sparklers .. Lmao… I mean fire werx?… Lmao…. All for show… Hope itsa good one….

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