Paul Daley Is Latest to Bash Bellator Over Contract Issues

May 30, 2013 12:35 pm 7 Comments
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|Yesterday we caught word that former UFC and Strikeforce welterweight Paul “Semtex” Daley was having troubles with his new MMA home of Bellator. This is just adding to the fire that is already burning under Bellator’s belly when taking into account the entire Eddie Alvarez situation that is still yet to be resolved.

Daley, who has been a fighter that is known to fight here, then there, then back over here, finds himself now in a awkward-limbo situation. Apparently Daley has been having some issues getting his visa approved which has forced Bellator to sideline him for the time being. That, unfortunately, will keep him out of the upcoming Bellator Welterweight Tournament. And to add to the frustration Bellator is making it extremely difficult for Daley to make money fighting in other promotions that are closer to home. Daley, clearly agitated and upset with the whole situation, took to his official facebook account yesterday to voice his displeasure. Here is what he had to say:

“Just got word Bellator have refused to allow me to fight yet another opponent!!!
Its becoming really frustrating that even though they are not my managers, they can approve my fights.

I’ve got great fights offered to keep me busy fighting and earning, and they seem to want to put a stop to this….all this while, having to pay for my OWN legal costs on a matter that influence my visa outcome…and my ability to fight for the promotion (Bellator) Its bullshit.

There’s a lot more too…with regards to other promoters having to PAY Bellator a “Booking fee” for using me on there shows?….


There were likely clauses in the original contract that Daley signed with Bellator stating that he would be exclusively their product unless a certain fee from another promotion paid Bellator for his services but the entire situation seems a little shady, especially considering all the things that Bellator is already catching criticism over.

So what do you think, fight fans? Is Daley getting the short end of the stick from Bellator or is he blowing up Bellator for no reason? Give us your thoughts.

-Jake Chastain


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