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Thursday, 05/03/2012, 01:29 pm

Chael Sonnen | Rampage Takes All The Money And The Spotlight But He's A Crybaby

“I think (Rampage) is going to come out one more time. You know, Quinton is really good, and I’m not sure why. I don’t have the foggiest idea what he’s good at. He can’t wrestle a lick, I don’t believe he knows any submission, he’s got no real competitive boxing or kickboxing, but he is a fantastic fighter when you stick him in the cage and you turn him loose.

“I think he’s got a place, but he’s a crybaby, he’s a real ‘poor me’ guy. He comes in, he takes all the money, he takes all the money, he takes all the spotlight, and it’s still not enough.

“And it’s coming down to, you know, guys showed him respect for a lot of years but now he’s just a nuisance. You want to come around me talking that crap; I’ll smack you down so fast. You think you have problems with Ryan Bader, you know don’t even try that stuff with some of us that have, you know, kicked and scratched and clawed while you, you know, you’ve been eating at the trough for years.

“So Rampage’ has a place, but if he doesn’t want to fight anymore, he doesn’t have too.”

“These two bums (Wanderlei Silva vs. Vitor Belfort) already fought and it lasted 16 seconds, that’s a no brainer. You know, look. Every time Wanderlei fights I get the same feeling, sincerely. ‘Man, I hope he gets up and can walk out of the ring’. It’s the same thing this time, you know, and I think he’s got a big heart, I think he’s got a tremendous place in martial arts from the wrasslin’ he did over in Japan to the competitive stuff he did here. At the end of the day, this isn’t work he can do.”

“Good news – first punch I throw (at Anderson Silva) might not land. Bad news, there’s going to be five more coming right behind it. I will still be the man with the biggest arm, the greatest charm and that does the most harm and when it’s all said and done, I will stomp you for 25-minutes or until you give up and Bruce Buffer will once again announce, ‘And still undefeated, and still undisputed, and still Chael P. Sonnen’.”

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53 Responses to “Chael Sonnen | Rampage Takes All The Money And The Spotlight But He's A Crybaby”

  1. the original steve says:

    couldnt agree more. he makes 300 thou a fight. nothing to bitch about.

    • Scotty says:

      Rampage WAY more than 300k a fight!

      Chael is a nuisance himself.. He just cant accept he lost and all he does is say the same shit over and over! Just accept that you dont have submission defense and you lost! Get over it!

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        He fills the venue and people come to see him fight. On the Japan Card I bet a good chunk of y’all tuned in to watch Rampage vs Bader mainly with Bendo vs Edgar being the frosting on top. We’re all just disappointed with his performances lately because he has wasted his talent. If Rampage wanted he could fight for ten more years but he’d have to learn more tricks if he wanted another shot at the belt.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Basically because he fills venues he deserves 300k even though he hasn’t been performing so well.

      • the original steve says:

        1 thank you for proving my point more 2 if you think chael is serious you are fucking stupid. he says this to get hype get fans or haters. he is a genius. and you hating him is just making him more money.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I would like to see CHEAT Sonnen say that to Rampages face. Just like a few years ago Sonnen didn’t have much to say when confronted by W. Silva. He said something along lines if you keep running your mouth about fighters from Brazil that he will lose his teeth. Sonnen is typical loudmouth who talks a mile of shit until confronted. Other than a few trailor trash-felons inmates on this site most every decsent human being thinks Sonnen is the biggest pile of shit that ever set foot in UFC. Where i come from people like Sonnen who commit Felonys ie: FEDERAL FRAUD are considered scum of the earth. Everything Sonnen has ever did in his life he had to cheat including college wrestling. If dana white didn’t care more about money than morals he would have fired Sonnens cheating ass along time ago.

      • jkljk says:

        I agree and hes bad for the sport he spreads false information

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        That’s interesting, I wasn’t sure if he was a felon but if that MMA Bill passes in CA other former felons like Sonnen won’t be able to fight in CA.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Being a Real Estate Broker for 25 year i will tell you what Sonnen did was PURE DISHONEST SCUM and people like him are why we all pay a fortune for home owners insurance, Auto insurance etc. If he committed that type of FELONY FRAUD where i come from he would have been run out of town. I know people who have meeded up their books and got in more trouble than Sonnen did committing a FEDERAL FRAUD where he was prosecuted by the United states Federal prosecuter which is BIG TIME FELONY and how he didn’t get 10 years in Jail i will never in a million years understand. I have a sneaky hunch Dana and Fertita spoke up for him just like they did at his FRAUD hearing with Nevada athletic commission. What Sonnen did is the lowest worst thing ;possible a real estate agent could possibly do. Yes Sonnen is banned from EVER having another occupational license or working with someone elses money.

          The UFC fired Falcao for a mistemeaner charge from 2001 which he hadn’t paid a fine or probation somethin extremely minor but they keep a major FELON and STEROID CHEAT like Sonnen is just anotehr example of Dana’s forever ongoing BIAS. Is it not obvious what motivates dana’s everything $$$$$

        • Jay says:

          If they pass the bill in cali the Dana said they won’t be going there anymore. But for once I agree with chael. He is right about rampage. Guy has gone down hill fast. It sucks but it is what it is. After that though chael is just talking the usual shit. Can’t wait til Silva kicks his teeth down his throat. Hopefully he shatters his jaw so we won’t have to hear him talk for a while.

        • Bob'O says:

          I like Chael as a fighter cause he always brings it, but by me being a mortgage Broker for the last 10 years I have to say that I agree with you about the fraud.

          Chael is correct about Rampage though, he is a crybaby. I like Quinton alot too. ~Bob’O

    • Mike McMack says:

      More like 5 million for the Jones fight. He was all happy at the post fight presser at 135 because of his fat payday. I only say 5 million cause GSP has said that’s what he averages fight so I’m guessing Rampage got GSP type of money for 135.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Gee no wonder GSP only fights once every few years. maybe if they dropped GSP’s pay by 4.9 million he would actually want to fight more. However GSP making 5 mill kind of makes my day considering Dana said Jon Fitch was OVERPAID and he makes $104,000 per fight NO as in (ZERO) of PPV take. I guess Dana really doesn’t think much of Fitch. Of course if you don’t believe you can just look it up yourself on what Dana thinks of Fitch. SB nation Dana interview with Dave Meltzer, Title reads “Dana wants to get rid of Fitch” or Dana says Fitch stinks up his fight cards” interview was done shortly before BJ/Fitch fight.

  2. Axel39 says:

    His Rampage segment was the truth

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      I know… and I HATE to agree with Phael.. but he was spot on there

      • Reality says:

        I don’t see where he’s spot on in most of his talk. He likes to run his mouth all the time since people will listen. I’m sure Rampage has his reasons for complaining. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes all the time. He’s just one of the few fighters who doesn’t feel threatened by expressing himself. Others may want to say stuff but probably don’t want to risk losing their jobs like many others have. Fortunately for him he’s probably in a position where he doesn’t have to fight for the UFC to make good money. That’s probably the only part Chael had correct.

  3. bigal says:

    He’s delusional lol

  4. Ronal Humphrey says:

    Rampage vs Sonnen – nuff said!

  5. riotman says:

    Correct about Rampage but really didn’t say anything any of us wouldn’t have also said,obvious stuff.

  6. Mr Groove says:

    LOL He said he was undefeated…Haahaahaa best lie ever.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Well your idol spitsbing says only fight he has lost was to Hendo. IMO Sonnen and spitsbing are 2 peas in pod. Gee i wonder what dana would have done if any other fighter would have spit in someones face on national Tv like Bisping did. He shoudl have been fired

  7. Steve Dooley says:

    This is an article about Sonnen that I think no one is going to disagree on. Rampage as of late has just been crying about crap. Rampage hasn’t done anything really impressive as of late either hasn’t knocked anyone out in who knows how long. Yea he needs to do some soul searching and get his head right.

  8. xBUSHIDOxBLADEx says:

    Chael cracks me up. His talking pisses more people off than a kkk rally. Fact is if he learned how to defend a triangle choke FINALLY he wins the belt. And what he said about Rampage is sadly true. I also hope wandy retires after this next ko lose cause vitor still hits just as hard as when they fought the first time

  9. Q says:

    Couldn’t have said it any better

  10. Kayce says:

    I’ve been watching MMA my whole life since Pride, King Pen, Pancris, and I got a question…. Who the fuck is Chael Sonnen? Lol fruitcake striving for attention lol all the fighters this guy has named can all beat him. He had no credentials… Lol Dana wants money so they hype up this nobody to “challenge” Silva, but in reality this dude can’t beat half the middle weights out there. Look at his fight against Bisping for fuck sakes Ahaha

  11. EBM FTW says:

    I like both guys, but they’re both delusional

  12. mike d says:

    Hey kayce ima silva fan myself but you must be out of your fuckin mind not to give chael his respect….

  13. Mr. Nuggets says:

    Sonnen thinks he’s God’s gift, that he does no wrong and that everyone should bow down to him when he walks by. I wish he’d fight Belfor or Wanderlei, both would KILL him in the octagon…i had Bisping beating him, so I don’t wanna think about what the SPIDER is gonna do to this complete and utter IDIOT! Hey Shonnen, if you get caugh by a submission (again) please DO NOT TAP!

  14. Xaninho says:

    I think the bitch eunuch is mad at Rampage for stealing his thunder…

  15. koolG says:

    sonnen without the truckload of test in his system fails against anderson just look at the bisping fight he was pathetic…. chael p sonnen abuser of test and failure to the business.

  16. Silvas scared says:

    I love how people hate Sonnen! He’s selling fights! If your a fan you buy if you HATE him you buy to see him lose! Ali was the same way ( although much greater than Sonnen) people either loved him or hated him. And yes I was alive then and trust me a lot of people hated him ( the % of them that were racist can be debated ) but EVERYONE tuned in! I remember watching an interview years later where Ali admitted it was all fake that no one is ” that great “. He’s selling a fight and those of you that hate him are buying into it the most! Ironic actually when you think about it. Here’s another spoiler for you, people that play evil bad people in movies aren’t really that way in real life! GAAAASP!!

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Ali talked shit about his opponents , Chael just talks shit about anything he thinks will get him attention, at least if Ali said this shit you could be sure he would be fighting the guy.

      Like the guy above I’ve been a fan of MMA for a very long time and before 2010 I barely knew who Chael Sonnen was, now he’s one of the most known fighters in the game even though he’s only had 3 fights since then, nobody has made a career off losing a fight like Chael.

      • Silvas scared says:

        I think what’s intriguing about Sonnen is he was a nobody that came out and talked all this crazy stuff about Silva before their first fight. People were like who is this crazy person! Even Silva said in the pre-fight who is Chael Sonnen? LOL and then he DOMINATED the most dominate MMA fighter in history, the man who had only lost one round prior ( Henderson) for 4 1/2 rounds. It was crazy! Styles make fights that’s why Frazier always put a beating on Ali, Foreman SMASHED Frazier and ALI beats Foreman. Ali talked about fighters mothers to, I remember when he said Sonny Listons Mother had mated with a Black Bear to make Sonny LOL

        • Silvas scared says:

          Before I get corrected. * Anderson only lost one round in the UFC before Sonnen.

        • Xaninho says:

          He started talking crazy stuff right around the time he started juicing. He came in the fight with the testosterone of 17 Sonnen’s, did his LnP pitter patter stuff for 4,5 round until Silva finally got the submission win he was after.

          He’s not funny or witty like Ali, he’s just racist, offensive and obnoxious.

    • James says:

      Totally. Chael is like the Andy Kaufman of MMA. He clearly just has a sense of humor and supplements his lackluster fighting skills with epic trash talking. He is even friends with pro wrestlers. People who take Chael seriously who aren’t from Brazil need to calm down.

  17. Monster Malice says:

    Chael obviously has some misguided idea that he is awesome, IMO he lost the Bisping fight and he knows it. Silva will destroy him this time.

  18. Mike McMack says:

    I used to love Rampage but he’s the definition of a diva in MMA. The guy is easily one of the top 10 earners in MMA history and he wants to complain about money. Rampage needs to learn to keep his mouth shut when it comes to the fight biz and just focus on doing what he does best…fighting.

  19. lol says:

    If the rampage from pride comes to the fight then any fighter is in trouble, I remember when rampage was pure wrestling and ground and pound, as soon as he came to the ufc he was a boxer…that’s why these fighters beat him cuz he isn’t fighting to his full potential, quite sad and a waste…rampage 4 life

  20. rich z says:

    except sonnen is not undefeated, not even close, and the only thing undisputed about him is his big mouth and mediocre win/loss record, oh yes, and he is not a champion, that also is undisputed.

  21. Titties says:

    Sonnen vs Rampage….. HELL NO! Listen UFC, I want my fight with Rampage! I’ve been waiting since The Ultimate Fighter to whoop his a$$! Give me my shot! I’ll beat his a$$ for free! Quit the BS and lets make this fight happen! Darrill “Titties” Schoonover for life son! Remember my name! I’ll tap Rampage out…. Flying Kimura son, flying kimura on his a$$!

  22. mean170 says:

    If you look up Sonnens fight resume it is shocking that he ever even got a shot at the belt in the first place. His best win is against Okami or Bisping. Maybe I can shit talk myself to a title shot against GSP.

    • J says:

      I like how hes like i beat bryan stann. Stann has only beat people past there prime in the ufc. I mean come on he lost to Damien miya. That dude has no hands,cardo, and he runs into punches

      • mean170 says:

        I’d love to see Rousimar Palhares fight Chael and put an end to his career. Crank one of those leg locks until everything tears. Maybe Sonnen would stop bashing every Brazilian after that.

  23. Nick says:

    I love Rampage, but Chael is 100% right.

  24. J says:

    Somebody please teach this guy triangle choke defense he has been submitted bye the same move every fucking time damm im only a white belt. And ive never been submitted bye a triangle. He gives his right arm every time. Plus u got beat with a happy meal triangle choke how lame

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