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Wednesday, 10/19/2011, 01:42 pm

5 Rounder No Problem Says Penn: "Cesar should put his money where his mouth is"

“I want to be compensated accordingly and that’s it. I’m more than willing to do a five-round fight. If Dana wants a five-round fight, just give me a call and we can put it together right now. Or if Cesar wants to make it a five-round fight and he wants to compensate me personally, he can put his money where his mouth is, it’s that easy. I’ve been training to fight. I’m ready to fight.”

During today’s UFC 137 pre-fight media call, an obvious topic of discussion was the challenge set out by, Diaz coach, Cesar Gracie last night to turn the Penn vs. Diaz main event into a 5-round affair.

Cesar was quoted in saying “Don’t be scared homie, let’s make it a 5 rounder” amongst other things in an attempt to challenge BJ Penn into changing the terms of their UFC 137 bout with just ten days until fight night.

Penn’s response above is what could be expected. He easily and without hesitation accepts the challenge, however he noted that the no one from the UFC has called him up to offer the terms. What it would come down to is financial compensation. If the UFC wants to offer him more money, to fight two-additional rounds, than you can count Penn in.

However, he also made the offer to Cesar as well, clarifying that he doesn’t think Dana should have to pay him more; rather, it should be Cesar who should make the compensation adjustment to Penn.

Either way, no word on if this goes from 3 to 5-rounds just yet.

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46 Responses to “5 Rounder No Problem Says Penn: "Cesar should put his money where his mouth is"”

  1. Mike Diaz says:

    Thats right BJ, cough it up Gracie!!!! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

    • calvin says:

      What would suck is if bj knocked diaz out first round and caesar paid for 5 rounds

    • BJ Reacts Rationally says:

      You’ve read all the comments from fans: “BJ don’t need 2 extra rounds, he gonna knock Diaz out in the 1st” or “BJ’s cardio won’t hold up..” or “we’re SOUL fighters and we should accept the 5-rounder because it’s the right thing to do…” blah blah blah blah…All that doesn’t matter. BJ and Diaz agreed to do a 3 round fight and will be paid for a three round fight. To change that to five rounds without compensation is similar to a blue collar fan working extra hours FOR FREE. BJ’s got to protect his best interest. Gracie threw down the gauntlet and BJ threw it right back. Will Gracie accept?

    • Bloodsport says:

      BJ is the man! Love that guy!

  2. Mo says:

    Thats what I like about BJ, he doesn’t back down from anybody or any challenge. Gracie is gonna buy BJ a new Bentley when this fight is over!

    • fedorVbrock says:

      i love BJ but in a way he is trying to back down by making a request for more money

      • tim says:

        I agree with that.. at the end of night.. “if” it goes the distance… the fans will want 2 more rounds

        • calvin says:

          Thats true but lets say bj is winning rounds 1 and 2 loses 3 and since there is two more rounds he loses 4 and 5 he just got jipped he should ask for more money

      • @Tan520Az says:

        Business is Business, this isnt just about the fans, these guys got kids and teams to support, he’s not scared of shit, he’s just smart, he’s got a get a lil piece 2!! B.J. All Day Er Day!!

      • BJ4Life says:

        Eff that! BJ has to get PAID first bro. Make it Happen Dana… five rounder sounds great cause this is a title shot eliminator. Hawaiian Homie’s not Scared Bro! Won’t matter anyway… BJ’s gonna knock Diaz’s punk ass out within 2 rounds!

      • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

        Iono how it seems like he’s backing down from accepting a 5 rounder at all! I think BJ is just establishing the point that, you can’t just demand & bitch for things to go ur way just because that’s how u want it! If Ceasar wants to alter the deal, then yah most definitely there should be a price to pay for it! 3 or 5 rounds, whatever I believe BJ’s got this whatever the outcome!

        • fedorVbrock says:

          “you can’t just demand & bitch for things to go ur way just because that’s how u want it! ” no one is doing this at all, its almost as if you haven’t read anything about this situation. Cesar was just presenting a challenge to BJ and it sounds like he dosen’t wanna do it because if he did he would just accept, not wait around and ask for more money

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yea thats like asking a contractor to build you a 3 bedroom house than last minute you want him to build a 5 bedroom for the same price. work is work if anyone knows this its dana white.

        • Troy says:

          I was going to say something very negative, OK here I go…..your not very smart are you! See not very negative.

        • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

          If u really think I’m misinterpreting the situation that way, that’s fine! Think whatever the crap u want! But from my understanding I could tell that Ceasar Gracie presenting this challenge, is just his ploy to insinuate that BJ has bad cardio, & I already know BJ’s just annoyed by that (look at bottom post)! And exactly how much more needs to change, this is probably the third modification on the main event that’s occurred and I feel that BJ has been more then obliged with all the numerous adjustments! What is it like 9 days away, I say leave it be or pay up if u want to change the arrangements! Damn…LOL

        • Ly-er_Ly-er says:

          BJ Penn: “I think people will always bring up my cardio. Everybody wants an idea of ‘how can we beat him?’ And they’re not thinking, ‘oh, I‘m gonna submit him’ or ‘I’m gonna knock him out.’ They’re looking for anything they can, so they bring up the cardio issue. These guys got to remember that I fought Sean Sherk and he’s supposed to be a cardio machine. I fought Kenny Florian and he doesn’t get tired. I fought Caol Uno and he doesn’t get tired. I fought so many people over the years, but they just pick that one thing. Nobody wants anybody to be perfect and they want to look for something to talk about. I’m in great shape, but even after this fight, I’m sure the next guy who fights me, that will be his way to beat me too.”

      • WorkinMan says:

        Let’s put it this way. . Just worked a hard 8hr shift, but boss man wants you to work 12hrs instead for 8hr pay? ?

      • Tony says:

        You are an idiot. Any fighter would ask for more money if they a fight got swapped from a 3 round to 5 round fight with 10 days notice.

  3. MMA Fan says:



  4. Brave Reply says:

    And if Cesar doesnt pay up just send Frank Shamrock after him. It only took one punch to floor Cesar the last time lolz

  5. James says:

    B.J is a G.. let me see that dollar yo lol

  6. respectexpected says:

    Scared? What is that homie?

  7. joe jaramillo says:

    lets scrap

  8. Hostile hunter says:

    Lets Goooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 or 5 rounds makes no difference.Its not leaving the first round. Penn by rear-naked choke.

  9. Random Person says:

    Real talk. Ceasar; don’t be cheap homey.

  10. Rusk says:

    War Penn

    That pic of bj always makes me laugh looks like he’s goin 5 rounds with a heavyweight shit lol

  11. Chavez0712 says:

    I knew BJ would accept the challenge because he’s a G like that. This is one of the reasons why he is my favorite fighter. Cesar should put his money where his mouth is. Another classic line from The Podigy. War BJ….

  12. Bj Diaz says:

    Yeah’ve made a right move.

  13. Nick says:

    Well I mean it’s a good concept. The game is all about money no matter who says it really isn’t. Since they aren’t paying GSP or Condit, give a little of the money to BJ and Nick. I mean it’s obvious that the Pay Per View sales will drop because of this being a card with no title, but still.

  14. Xaninho says:

    Haha best reply possible! Nice one for BJ!

    The ball is in Cesar’s corner now…Put yo money where yo mouth is biatch!

  15. blah blah blah says:

    just another unworthy chump making requests to the champ, he should fight BJ in 5 rounds first, then he can start talking stakes to a true champion

  16. Stampede says:

    This is what I hate about UFC, its getting to the point where business is more important then the fight. These guys are supposed to be fighters and the toughest ones in the world, yet all they whine about is money. How much more money do these UFC fighters need? Most make over 100 grand just for showing up to the fight, win or lose.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      100 grand is supposed to be a lot? while mayweather and pacquiao make 30 million a fight. stfu stampede you dont even know fast a fighter can blow through 100k when they have to pay managers, trainers, special nutrition plans, and until this year they had to pay for their own healthcare. 100k aint squat at the top of professional fighting.

      • watchafightbeforecommenting says:

        “Most fighters make 100k to show up”??? You’re off your fucking rocker! Guys like BJ and other champs or former champs do, but that’s a small %… check your facts before you comment people!

        • Stampede says:

          Sorry they can’t manage their money lol.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          lol just saying they arent paying local gym memberships like most ppl n signing up for lil pt courses, this is high level training and 100k aint shitt when youre preparing and fighting the best in the world.

        • Chris says:

          When you only get paid once every few months (like most of the fighters in the UFC), and have to pay for training, travel etc, 100K ain’t all that much.

  17. mike says:

    BJ is giving jes!!! JES JES JES

  18. Justin says:

    Bj is going to whoop his ass! And with BJ he wont be recovering like he does in most of his fights after he gets his ass whooped by amateurs!

  19. qwerty says:

    They are the main event now. They better be getting paid like a main event. 5 rounds? Better get compensated proper. Ceasar should shut his mouth too. He talks too much.

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