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Thursday, 07/05/2012, 07:05 am

Cormier Talks Velasquez vs. Dos Santos And Says He Has No Opponent Yet | Strikeforce News

By Jamie McAllister
Strikeforce Heavyweight GP Tournament Champion Daniel Cormier in an interview with TATAME.

In his last bout Cormier defeated Josh Barnett via a unanimous decision to become the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP Champion. However now Cormier finds himself left with one fight on his Strikeforce contact with no opponent as of yet.

“That’s all I’ve been told: after I win the tournament I have another fight. Until I’m told differently, that’s how I’m gonna approach it.”

“I don’t know how many guys there are standing in line to be in Strikeforce fights, especially if it’s a guy who’s fought in the UFC because it’s almost like stepping down.”

“I don’t have a date yet. I’d like to fight again before the end of the year, somewhere around October, November would be perfect for me. They’ll tell me soon, I hope.”

UFC President Dana White has previously stated he would love to see Cormier drop down to 205-pounds. However Cormier would like to see how far he can go in his career as a Heavyweight.

“I’m a Heavyweight, I wanna fight at Heavyweight and see how it plays out.”

Cormier a highly decorated Wrestler also discussed the UFC 148 main event. Cormier thinks it will come down to how much Silva has improved his takedown defence.

“I think it’s a good fight, I think it all depends on how far Anderson’s coming along on his takedown defence. If he can’t stop the takedowns again he’s gonna be in trouble again.”

Chael Sonnen by decision or Anderson Silva by knockout or finish.”

Cormier a teammate of former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez also commented on the rematch between Cain and Junior Dos Santos.

“He’s doing good. He’s just waiting, really excited to be the UFC champion again. He’s excited to get that belt back so he’s in the gym working out,”

He also confirms that Velasquez has not been officially offered the bout yet and no dates can be confirmed.

“He has no date, he has nothing set.”

In the UFC debut on FOX Velasquez was knocked out early in the first round. Cormier states that a different game-plan must be employed this time around.

“We have to do something different obviously.”

“It’s gonna be a tough puzzle to crack. But we got to get together as a team and put together a game plan that’s going to be effective and is going get Cain’s belt back.”

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6 Responses to “Cormier Talks Velasquez vs. Dos Santos And Says He Has No Opponent Yet | Strikeforce News”

  1. drew says:

    hes not in the top 5 of the ufc…unbiased just a very fair statement

    • Mach00man says:

      Because he’s not in UFC, he’s still Strikeforce. They only have 2 heavyweights.

    • Yeah right man says:

      No it’s biased as heck. You are a UFC lackey that couldn’t spot MMA talent if it smacked you in the head. Cormier is clearly top 5, probably top 3 in the world at HW. Only junior, Cain and overeem would stand a chance

  2. Wrestler66 says:

    DC is for sure a top 5 HW in UFC ….. The way I see it JDS, Werdum, Velasquez, Cormier, Mir …… I got Overeem at #2 when he comes back though

  3. MMAHEAT says:

    Its JDS, Cain, Overeem, DC, Werdum, Mir imo, Style make fights though and DC facing sumbission experts such as Mir and Werdum could be a tough fight for him stylistically but I’d truely like to watch e him fight Jones or Cain (Even though that fight is never going to happen) what great fights they will be!

  4. B-rad says:

    yeah DC is definitly a top 5 HW…the dude is a beast he would man handle bones at 205 if he could do the cut comfortably

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