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Thursday, 05/10/2012, 02:30 pm

New UFC Signee Shane del Rosario Plans On Using His Speed Against The Big Men

By Jamie McAllister
Shane Del Rosario comments to MMAprime.

Del Rosario who is currently (11-0) in his MMA career.In his last outing he defeated Lavar Johnson in the first round via armbar.

Del Rosario comments on how he prefers using his speed and footwork to his advantage.

“I think that as a heavyweight I definitely have an advantage that I’m one of the faster heavyweights. Because of my Muay Thai background I do have good footwork. At our gym unfortunately we don’t have a lot of heavyweights but I think it’s helped me out because I train with a lot of smaller guys so in a sense, I fight like a smaller guy. I can move around, I got speed, I got quickness and it’s gonna do really well for me in the UFC against some of these bigger heavyweight guys.”


3 Responses to “New UFC Signee Shane del Rosario Plans On Using His Speed Against The Big Men”

  1. Jb says:

    Apparently HD Barry should have went to the arm bar. This kid has been through hell, wish him good luck

  2. Conley says:

    Shane Del Rosario is not only a great fighter who hits like a freight train. He is also one of the best all-around guys that you would ever meet. Watch for him to use his speed and his great stand-up to do some serious damage throughout the fight. I have known him for a long time and he will be ready to make waves in the UFC. Oh and if you are worried about his ground game, I wouldn’t be.
    When Shane fought Carl Seumanutafa (another great all-around person), I was training with Carl and his ground game is pretty good for a big fella (Purple Belt in BJJ). Carl had a couple of opportunities to capitalize on Shane, but he was unable to make the most of it. Shane’s stand-up was better and his ability to scramble was better.
    Shane Del Rosario looks great even after the car accident that occurred months ago, he will be a monster in the cage.

    – Conley

  3. Mark says:

    just wait shane carwin

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