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Friday, 03/16/2012, 02:27 pm

45 Minutes With Rampage | Talks TRT, Leaving the UFC, Shogun & More

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at Fortune Gym in Los Angeles and hears what he has to say about his decision to leave the UFC after he fights the remaining bout on his contract. Quinton talks about the TRT therapy he underwent before the Ryan Bader fight, the knee injury that lead to the treatment, the surgery he’s about to have and how he felt about missing weight in Japan. We also hear his thoughts on getting paid in the UFC, where he spends his money and what he plans to do after leaving the organization. Finally, Quinton also tells us why he wants a rematch with Shogun and when we can realistically expect that fight to happen.

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9 Responses to “45 Minutes With Rampage | Talks TRT, Leaving the UFC, Shogun & More”

  1. ya herd says:

    first::) rampage its as simple as this man u get to fat, in your pride days u were always in good shape try to walk around 225 not 250 man that weight cut must kill u and thats probly why them knees r fucked up u to heavy lol man u a very good fighter if u beat shogun have 1 more big fight and i think movies are playing on your mind to much i think thats another reason why u havent knocked anyone out in over 3 years, why train hard fight hard for years and then just leave at a early age u could do movies in your 40s!

    • Ethan says:

      Damn straight Yaheard……Damn str8…

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Do movies in his 40’s ?

      LOL !

      Ya gotta strike while the iron is hot .

      Quinton Jackson may be big news in your house but outside of MMA he is a nobody .

      Even Randy Couture is considered a nobody in the movie industry .

      Quinton Jacksons stock is falling in MMA & MMA was his ticket into the movies , if he dont catch it while its flying its gonna be dying very soon & nobody is gonna give a fuck about yet another 40+ retired fighter trying to break into the movies .

      He has had his chips .

  2. FILHARMONIC says:

    lol… Rampage is too funny! I support this guy in whatever he does. Go Rampage!

  3. Nick says:

    I’m gonna support the man no matter what he does. If he was fighting in a backyard I’d watch it.

  4. mike r says:

    I’ll I hear is my knee, my knee…… getting tired of Rampage making excuses. Point blank you cant keep up with everyone because he cant change the style he fights

  5. James Wolfe says:

    Rampage is as real as it gets. I love him, great sence of humour.

  6. jonsey says:

    i just watched teh show wher rampage shows his house ,gym,an cars…he is a baby fukin crying bitch,,.he should be thanking the ufc for all he gets..he says they pay him less an less..ahhh that cuz u not champ anymore loser…just seeing all he has then hearing hiim cry pisses me off,,he is such a lucky fuk

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