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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 10:07 pm

Hard Hitting Heavyweight Shane Carwin Wants Early Fall Return To Action | UFC NEWS

After sitting on the sidelines for nearly a year due to a back surgery, UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin has declared he is almost ready for an octagon return.

Upon his UFC debut back in 2008, it was clear that Carwin would pose a threat to whoever stood across from him in that cage. Carwin first caught the eyes of the top-tier heavyweights when he knocked out Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96. Despite eating a couple of solid punches, Carwin regained his composure and knocked Gonzaga out in the very first round. The performance earned him a shot at the Interim UFC Heavyweight Title against Frank Mir at UFC 111 in New Jersey. Once again, he defied the odds as the underdog and walked away with the belt around his waist.

In his latest blog, Carwin expressed how it was both a blessing and a curse to have the UFC Heavyweight Title with such little fighting time in the octagon.

“My entire career is shorter then some Pride Fights. I have somehow managed to contend for the UFC HW Title with less than an hour of actual fighting. On one hand that is amazing on the other it kind of scary to think I am facing seasoned veterans with limited experience. Talk about swimming with the sharks. The time off has allowed me to focus on me. Work on the fundamentals of the sport and improve. Maybe most important, to fall in love with the sport again.”

After his title victory, Shane Carwin went on to lose two hard fights against UFC Heavyweight Champion (at the time) Brock Lesnar and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos. While training for his fight at UFC 141, Carwin’s back locked up and discovered that the disk in his lower back was into his nerves. After the doctor gave him the options of either retiring or going under the knife, Carwin decided to undergo back surgery.

In his blog, he went on to reveal the timetable for his return which should be sometime around fall 2012.

“I informed UFC Matchmaker (Joe Silva) that I would like to fight in Early Fall 2012. I would like to be able to fight every three or four months. Barring injury I intend to leave the UFC octagon and head back to the Grudge Training Center to continue the climb. I have spent my entire career dealing with injuries sustained through Football. I am 100% and I feel like a younger version of my former self. The UFC should look into adding some padding in the gloves because I plan on crushing my opponents.”

Who do you think would be a good opponent for Shane Carwin’s return?

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32 Responses to “Hard Hitting Heavyweight Shane Carwin Wants Early Fall Return To Action | UFC NEWS”

  1. M says:

    There a lot of top tier HWs that would be exciting for him to match with:

    Kongo, Struve, Lavar Johnson, Roy Nelson, Bigfoot, Cormier, and Cain.

    I’d just like to see him beat a few before he faces the elite at HW. JDS destroyed his face

  2. Lol says:

    Hunt would smash him

    • jbeamazing says:

      I respect hunt but people need to chill his record is 8-7 lol he beat cheick kongo because he is a better striker and kongo has no wrestling or chin. Don’t forget shawn mccorkle beat him shit even that bum Gegard Mousasi beat him lol

      • E716 says:

        I get what your sayn but you cant count hunt out if they did fight

        • Aaron says:

          I truly believe that Carwin would make Hunt’s old slow ass ball up in the corner and wait for it to get stopped.

      • Lol says:

        In all if Mark Hunts MMA fights he was beating everyones ass then got caught in subs except for one fight. Records dont show everything and fighting styles mean everything. Mark has improved on his takedown defense and he also has the best striking in the heavyweight division!! If he fought JDS he would beat him based on style. Same goes for carwin. He is the best fighter with the worse record. Kinda reminds me of chael. Oh and what makes cheik kongo have a weak chin? If anyone in the heavyweight division connects flush like frank and patt did it would daze almost anyone except maybe mark hunts iron chin!!

        • jbeamazing says:

          @lol I agree records are not everything but sometimes when your 8-7 it can tell your story. I’ve herd a lot about hunts take down defense but what is that based off of a gassed ben rothwell? Anybody can get got at that weight class for sure but any wrestler he faces will take him down and probably tap him Stefan Struve would of beat him last week if hunt did not get hurt

  3. Matt G says:

    I think that Carwin vs Johnson would be a good fun fight because it would be a guaranteed KO, but I think Hunt vs Carwin holds possibilities for the same outcome of not going the distance. If they want to make things interesting, another few possible matchups would be providing opponents are healthy would be Carwin vs Bigfoot Silva or possibly Nelson.

  4. Semtex says:

    Carwin and BigFoot both need some wins. Let them fight somebody they can beat. Bigfoot vs. Gonzaga looks like a fun fight on paper and Carwin can smash Ednaldo Oliveira or somebody like that before going top10. I am not saying Roy Nelson or Mark Hunt for him just because I wanna see these two fight each other. Would be interesting to see if Hunt can knock Roy out.

    Reminder: Arlovski knocked out Nelson not that long ago. Do you think his chin is better now (is that even possible) and do you think that 7 inches of beard helps? If not with padding at least with making finding his chin way harder?

    • jbeamazing says:

      Arlovski caught his chin in mma at that weight class anyone can land that knock out punch and Arlovski has decent hands but roy would smash him in a rematch. no diss but what makes you think anyone but cain deserves the match besides D C
      roy has won 2 of his last 5
      hunt 3 of last 5
      cain 4-of last 5 and was a undefeated champ that got caught not saying jds couldn’t do it again but he should get that rematch and while were waiting for that maybe one of the other guys can emerge as a contender

    • russ says:

      man roy got his chin in check, he went three rounds with dosantos and frank mir when mir was striking well, after he knocked out CRO COP. roys got nothing to prove with his chin anymore. all he needs to work on is his cardio and lose some weight so he can keep smashing through the 2nd and third rounds. Carwin was and still is my favourite heavy weight until he changed his diet and went vego after the lesner fight (which he won in my mind, it should of been stopped like the lesner velasqez fight) he lost his explosiveness. i think on his return he should be put against someone formidable like fabricio . . . . hunt . . . . bigfoot . . . . maybe even struve, fuck yeah struve vs carwin that would be mental fight

  5. bilbobaggins says:

    carwin vs overeem 2013 battle of the filthy roiders.
    look at carwin in that pic.
    the guy is bigger than reem. hes got a moonface

  6. Night-Wind says:

    Lol Carwin is top10.

  7. Seedy says:

    Carwins the man… Hunt is a shit CUNT… His done nothin… Stop talkin him up…. Carwin would kill the CUNT…

  8. Xaninho says:

    His left bicep looks weird…Like it’s curled up, he probably tore it in the past.

  9. Kirk says:

    Carwin and and big foot. That’s a fight.

  10. thetude says:

    carwin vs struve, winner gets Roy Nelson, and that winner gets a title shot

  11. jorge says:

    Carwin vs struve!

  12. Justin says:

    Carwin vs. Barnett

  13. maurice says:

    carwin vs cain. or carwin vs werdum. dont forget carwin is a top dog. his only real loss is to jds. i always declared carwin the real hw champ after he exposed brock. only person i can see beatin up carwin is jds, maybe…maybe cain can pound him too. with his heavy hands and wrestling background i see him knocking cain the fuck out tho. nelson vs carwin would just be a slug fest. some1 would end up with serious brain damage after that fight.

  14. H4MMER FISTS says:

    Shane would kill Hunt. I want to see him fight Lavar Johnson or if Brock comes back let Carwin get his revenge. CarwinArmy left biceps was torn, he had a cadavers hamstring muscle put there to replace his badly torn biceps.

  15. Brend0magic says:

    I’d like to see Carwin vs Nelson.

  16. Donnybrook says:

    Carwin vs Hunt or Nelson… that’s my prediction.

  17. stevo the great says:

    Carwin Vs. Cain Valasquez……or Bigfoot Silva, Lavar Johnson.

  18. J Bull says:

    Either Roy Nelson or Lavar Johnson. Maybe a rematch with Lesnar if he comes back

  19. Clay says:

    Carwin is good but he used to be a knockout artist like jds (only worse). If he gets more well rounded he could be great. I think he’s just tryin to get a few more paydays. He don’t care about the title

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