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Friday, 05/11/2012, 07:57 am

Don Frye Over Dana White, Blasts The UFC President

Classic Figure of MMA Don Frye shares his thoughts about Dana White on the MMA Hour.   He recently got caught up on a twitter war with Dana White and was asked

Why such hostility for Dana?  Do you think he has not given back to the sport?  That he’s not paying the fighters well?  Where is this coming from?

“Like I said the other day, my generation, I got caught up in this internet stuff and squabbles and all that. My generation don’t really do that. I’m not doing it anymore, so, as far as I’m concerned, Dana who? You know? I’m done with it. If he wants to sit down over a beer and talk face to face, because I’m not playing this bullshit game anymore.”

Have you ever met Dana?  Have you had problems with him in the past or  is this something that come up recently?

“When he first bought, or when the Fertitta brothers first purchased UFC.  I had an interview with him and it didn’t go anywhere and next thing I know he is bad mouthing me on the internet, so, like a dumbass, I started bad mouthing him.  So I’m done with it now, Dana Who?”

You can’t deny what he’s done for the sport.  A lot of people say if it wasn’t for Dan and the Fertitas we wouldn’t even be talking about MMA right now right?

“Look, it’s the Fertitta’s checkbook, Joe Silva doing the bookings, ok?  That is all there is to it.  Those three guys are very respectable.  You don’t hear any of them cussing or calling anybody, you know, foul language.  Those three guys are good guys and they run the organization.”

You have to respect what he’s done for the sport  – I mean he’s done his job

“Why, why?  If he doesn’t respect what I’ve done for the sport, why in the hell should I respect, you know, that he is using someone else’s money and somebody else’s booking intelligence?”

Do you think he doesn’t respect what you’ve done for the sport in the past?

No I don’t.   Look at the way he talks about me and all that. If he does respect me, then I’ll never say anything bad about him again, I’m trying not to now.”

Don Frye “The Predator” is one of MMA’s early stars and most recognized fighters. He is considered one of the original “cross-trained” MMA competitors because of his multiple disciplines; boxing, wrestling, and Judo.   A tournament win at the UFC 8 unfolded a new career, world-wide fame earned from professional wrestling in Japan, and a dip in the waters of acting.  He holds notable victories over Ken Shamrock, Gary Goodridge (twice), Tank Abbot and Gilbert Yvel.


29 Responses to “Don Frye Over Dana White, Blasts The UFC President”

  1. Kingsforge says:

    Wait… this is the guy getting destroyed in all those old highlight reels…

    • Chris Lynch MMA says:

      You sir are extremely ignorant.

      This is what the man has done. One of the best fights (Action Wise) in MMA HISTORY. Don Frye was a pioneer and to be honest he is a really nice guy. Sure everyone loses now and then…but back in the day… Don Frye was the man…and he was called “The Predator” for a reason….not called “The Prey”.

      Keep in mind you could soccer kick to the head at this time & a billion other illegal stuff now. Plus much longer rounds and more of them.

      Match length

      Pride matches consisted of three rounds; the first lasted ten minutes and the second and third each lasted five minutes. Intermissions between each round were two minutes long. In Pride events held in the United States, NSAC Unified MMA rules were used: non-title matches consisted of three five-minute rounds and title matches consisted of five five-minute rounds, both with 60-second intermissions between rounds.

      • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

        I having been watching MMA since UFC 1 and Don Frye was awesome back in day. He was tough as nails. I remember wathcing him when he weighed at least 50 lbs less than Mark Coleman who was all ROIDED up bigtime and all coleman did was “Fitch” him. Frye landed bomb after bomb for what seemed like and eternity then Coleman just laid on him. Frye was from an era of REAL FIGHTERS

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      C’mon, dude. Really? Are u serious?!

    • says:

      Your an idiot

      • says:

        That was meant for Kingsforge, Don Frye is the man if you havent seen Don Frye vs. Takayama then you should should check it out instantly. i watch it years ago and been a MMA fan ever since

  2. James says:

    Don Frye is the man.

  3. TheWoWFactor says:

    Sounds like he just wants people to lisien to him… He can say what he wants but he is wr

  4. DMAC says:

    Legend! All you noob fan boys don’t have a clue. Dana always talking shit about the fighters that made this a sport is crazy to me.

  5. jrog says:

    Look Danna is the Don King of MMA his job is to promote the organization and their fighters. Don Fry is a ledgend and noone can take that away. That being said I am not sure why Danna has chose to promote (the awesome) tallent by bashing former fighters. I think it is a symptom of the disease of sensationalism that is running wild threw the UFC in epidemic proportions. I can only speak for myself but I am realy tired of this WWE like behavior going on with the fighters. Class must start at the top. Please Danna I love the UFC and have watched every fight possible since UFC 1 but this Vince Mcmahn like attitude your showing is turning me off. Let these men fight there is no need for this crap it is setting back the legitamacy of the UFC and MMA as a sport. No wonder New York wont allow it your acting like a kid.

  6. Calvin says:

    Notable victory is his over takayama

  7. Grego Graham says:

    Honestly what has Dana done for the sport… its not going to evolve any where until they get rid of the guy, hes the most annoying thing about the sport, i find him a dead weight

  8. Fett says:

    Don Frye is from my hometown. He is one of my MMA heroes. Don Frye was a good fighter bad in the day. Alot of folks these days are more well rounded than those older fighters. Don Frye always comes to fight win or lose. I respect that more than guys who never fought and just shit about fighters. I was a fighter with a mediocre pro record, and when a guy who has never fought criticizes a fighter I let them know, their opinion doesn’t count for squat.

  9. Johnny B says:

    Don Frye, isn’t even a “has been”, he is more like a “never was”… LOL. So we all know that what he says doesn’t F*×°•N matter anyways! Now Dana White, that is a guy that we all owe a BIG “HELL YAAA” to!!! He has done alot for many many people in our world. Whether we fight, watch fights, or just support the fighters, if it wasnt for Dana, we wudnt even hav the fights here in the USA!!! Idk about the rest of y’all, but i am very thankful that we do!!! ……… Sincerely: The,”ADRNLNJNKY”

  10. monkey juice says:

    Frye was awesome. Like a fuckin cartoon character. Love his fights.

  11. 1dober says:

    “Why, why? If he doesn’t respect what I’ve done for the sport, why in the hell should I respect, you know, that he is using someone else’s money and somebody else’s booking intelligence?” AND owned

  12. ieatvag says:

    he was the man
    sometimes they’d throw blow for blow, over and over
    crazy shit
    some of his interviews were hilarious too
    stories of young ladies and mustache rides

  13. HBCsniper says:

    Who gives a fuck about Dana White!?!! I can’t respect someone who has never competed in the sport , let alone train and has the audacity to talk shit about fighters! Sure he was an amateur boxer back in the day, but he never went anywhere with it.

  14. The natural says:

    It’s only a matter of time before people relize how much of a duech bag can’t spell he really is the sport made itself I don’t even remember Dana whit being around back then all I remember Is the great fights that were put on he’s done nothing but put his ugly face on the sport he’s done nothing for the UFC except make himself a popular figure in this wrld of the sport he’s the reason y they won’t legalize it around the wrld and hes reason fighters get treated like shit yes the fighters are all underpaid and it’s only so Dana can stuff his pocket walls

    • James says:

      Your spelling and grammar are terrible even by the standards of this site. That being said, I think I understand what you are saying and I agree.

  15. Dave says:

    Don frye was awesome! How can people go bad mouthing him? He achieved what all you people can only hope to!

  16. Dana White says:

    What have I contributed to this sport?…
    1) Arianny Celeste (I fucked her!) LOL 😉
    2) Acquired PRIDE (youre fuckin’ welcome)
    3) Called Loretta Hunt out on her shit. (What a stupid bitch!)
    4)Did I mention Arianny Celestete? (I tapped that!) 😉
    5) Video fuckin’ blogs! FIGHT WEEK, BLOG WEEK!

    Thats just the beginning…dont fuckin’ get me started.

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