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Monday, 10/22/2012, 11:59 am

Martin Kampmann Looking To KO Hendricks And Earn Title Shot | UFC NEWS

“If I win this fight, I am the No. 1 contender No doubt. Nobody’s got the same resume I do in the UFC in the welterweight division. I’ve beaten the best guys. There’s no other welterweight that’s coming on the same streak that I have. There’s other guys coming up with a bunch of hype behind them, but really who have they fought? They haven’t fought anybody tough. They haven’t fought anybody good, but they’re getting the hype train behind them. Look at the guys I’ve fought and compare that to anybody in the welterweight division. I’ve fought some of the best guys in the division.”

On Hendricks:

“He used to help me out with my wrestling, so I know him pretty well. I was helping him out with his standup. We trained together, and I feel I’m the better striker. I’m definitely much slicker than he is, but he’s improved a lot, just like my wrestling has improved a lot. I’ve been taking guys down that have better wrestling credentials than me. I feel definitely I would have the advantage in the standup, but he’s still got heavy hands that I’ve got to respect and watch out for. I’m going to stay out of danger. I usually do, but I usually do get punched a little bit. It’s a fight — I’m going to get punched, but I can eat a shot and I can dish it back out.”

“I want to put it in my own hands and the way I’m going to put it in my own hands is by knocking out Johny Hendricks.”

Top UFC welterweight fighter, Martin Kampmann, recently discussed his UFC 144 bout against Johny Hendricks with the good folks over at

Having notched wins over the likes of current interim champion Carlos Condit and most recently Jake Ellenberger, Kampmann, in all reality should be next in line for the title with a win in his next outing.



14 Responses to “Martin Kampmann Looking To KO Hendricks And Earn Title Shot | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ninja87 says:

    Martin Kampmann deserves a shot at Jones’ title more than Chael. Seriously, Dana White you suck big time man

  2. drew says:

    tough guy, gret game/skills/heart…he would give condit and gsp hell for sure and probably beat both

  3. fernando says:

    yeah rite , he is jt another fighter , the only that can be the champions , no doubt about it, its mcdonald lolol

  4. John M says:

    He’s gonna get a title shot hands down. Kampmann could beat Condit for sure and GSP well I’d love to see that fight.

  5. 123 says:

    Id Love To See Martin Kampmann vs Nick Diaz

    • Dick Diaz says:

      rooting for him against Hendricks…

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I’m rooting for the much much smaller Hendricks who is a warrior and one of the best 165lb wrestlers to ever come out of NCAA. The man is a LEGEND in college wrestling yet you would never see him lay n pray or even use his awesome wrestling to win fighhts. Hendricks is a lightweight who chooses to fight at welterweight. kampmann is a middleweight who got his a’ss kicked at MW and then again by Paul Daley at WW. I like Kampmann but I think his chin is wearing out fast and if he doesn’t get a title shot soon I doubt his chin will hld up much longer. I also think Kampmann got screwed in the Diego Sanchez and Sheilds fights. Horrible decisons. I got to go with Hendricks man what he did to Fitch he deserves to win. Hendricks gained more fans that night than could have ever dreamed he would ever have his entire career.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Good call Kampmann vs Nick Diaz would be a sick fight. we wouldn’t have to worry about Kampmann running away from Diaz. They would fight like warriors. none of that Greg jackosn track star GUIDA inspired run like a pussy today an d steal a title shot awaya nd forever be known as a running coward. Condit looked like Kaib Starnes.I never in a millon years being a Condit fan at that time would have ever believed taht Condit would run away against anyone. He flat turned his back and ran away at least 10 times. I thought Bispings backpeddling sucked bad until i saw Condit runa way. How often does someone start watching a fight being a huge fan of one guy and basically not really liking the otehr guy but by end of fight i became a HUGE Diaz fan. Diaz is a TRUE warrior who comes to fight each and every time. Greg jackosn is ruining MMA just like he RUINED GSP

  6. brent says:

    I believe Kampmann is a serious contender and has paid his dues for a title shot. Unfortunately that’s not how it works in the UFC, one has to play Dana’s flute like Chael Sonnen does.

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