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Thursday, 07/05/2012, 02:29 am

Quick Twitt | Dos Santos Suggests Heavyweight Title Defence For UFC China In November | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Officials earlier this week announced that China will host a UFC event on November 10th. The venue for the event is Venetian Macau’s Cotai Arena however no bouts have been booked as of yet.

One man who would be interested in fighting on the card is UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos. Dos Santos last fought at UFC 146 on May 26 defeating Frank Mir. The Champion Tweeted suggesting a Heavyweight Title defence for the UFC’s first show in China.


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16 Responses to “Quick Twitt | Dos Santos Suggests Heavyweight Title Defence For UFC China In November | UFC News”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Junior wants to get paid!

  2. Wrestler66 says:

    Would be a great debut in China if that happened but he’s facing Velasquez next probably and I think that one has to be in Vegas or a Soccer Stadium in Brazil …… Ultimately JDS is a victim of his own success and won’t get to fight in China because he’s so popular and good at fighting haha

  3. Yo Papi says:

    I believe he’ll take Cain out again

  4. jim says:

    It’s gona be an awesome rematch. My feelings are that it may turn out different this time. JDS hits very hard an fast. However Cain Velasquaz has so many tools. Let us remember the rematch w/ GSP vs. Matt Serra. Can we say ” NO MATCH ” the case an point. MMA is a hugh mental game. We at Tenbears Martial Arts academy in Dayton Ohio train for rematches all the time.wrestling school in dayton martial arts ohio

  5. Q says:

    This definitely won’t happen because it’s a fuel card

  6. jdubx says:

    Not to sound like a grammar Nazi, but it’s “defense” not “defence.”

  7. Mike b says:

    i just want JDS to fight overeem cause I’m tired of hearing that he’s the best striker in the HW division.jds will knock his fucking head off.and Cain will beat down overeem.but JDS has to get by Cain first.that fight should be on ppv though.they should make it happen in brazil without a doubt.i think his fight with Cain will be a little bit harder for him this time around but I think he’ll come out on top again.

  8. Omar says:

    Cain By relentless beat Down!!!

  9. Brend0magic says:

    I can see Cain winning the rematch. But he’ll need to get on JDS with the quickness, smother him and give him no space the entire fight, or he’ll get ko’d/tko’d.

  10. RobE says:

    i would much rather see JDS vs Overeem rather the rematch with Cain. Y is it that ppl have the need to try and correct someones spelling. who the hell cares. u r on a fighting website where ppl care about beating the shit out of each other. not passing a fucking spelling test! Sonnen by decision this wknd! Griffin by KO

    • Mike b says:

      I agree man,I hate it when people try to correct other peoples grammar.its fucking stupid.or when people talk shit back and forth to each other like a bunch of fucking the way after Anderson wrecks chael he is gonna have to reconstruct his face.and Forrest by decision.Cote by tko.

      • RobE says:

        im with u on 2 of 3 fights. its going to b very hard for chael to repeat what he did before, but evebtually everybody loses and chaels in spiders head and thats when ppl make mistakes. Its going to b a great fucking night of fights! that we can agree on!

  11. Anomie says:

    Sure… Give China the heavyweight title fight in their first UFC event… Meanwhile Australia has main events of Big Nog v Velasquez, Penn v Fitch, and most recently Alves v Kampmann.

    What crap if it happens.

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