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Monday, 07/08/2013, 12:38 pm

VIDEO | Did Anderson Silva Predict His Own Loss?

The above video is making waves this morning.

Prior to his UFC 162 defeat, former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva predicted his own loss against Chris Weidman.

Check it out!


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  1. Thom says:

    yeah anderson knew he would lose, oh wait he threw the fight, oh wait weidman is the goat, oh wait its a fluke. these talks are so annoying, no anderson did not predict losing, he’s always toying with the media.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Of course he knew that Weidman is superior fighter to him. Why do you think he tried his clowning feigning bs? Cuz that is ALL he had to try and win!!

    • Tyler Hobby says:

      Anderson Silva is the pound for pound best mma fighter in the world, he still is. Chris Weidman was handed that belt on a silver platter by Anderson, just so he could take it back like taking candy from baby.

  3. Steven Thurman says:

    @Gargoyle Wrestling Silva does it all the time. You must not be a fighter, or have ever trained in any kind of stand up? Weidman won, yeah, can’t deny that. But Silva’s stand up skills are at a much higher level than Weidmans is yet. Honestly, watch the combo that had the left that took Silva out, and tell me how “Skilled” of a striker he was.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Not that it matters, but I have boxed longer than I have wrestled and I’ve been wrestling since I was 3. Granted it was just “beating the shit” outta my Dad at first, lol, but progressed from there. My Dad boxed. I can tell you that Silva would not last a round in a boxing match with a professional boxer. If you have any experience, you will agree with me. Also, Weidman was reaching for those shots because Silva was backing up, but he had good rhythm with the combo’s. He saw Silva unbalanced and turned his hips perfectly into that round to his jaw. It was a bit loopy but Silva was unbalanced on that leg and could not move because of the weight on the wrong leg. That is high level push back in boxing. EVERY boxer that pushs the pace to unbalance an opponent to get a shot. Just most savvy boxers are smart enough to cover when they are unbalanced in their weight. Silva wasn’t, he proved he has poor defensive boxing skills as most mma fighter’s are. Like I said, Silva wouldn’t last one round with a professional boxer in a boxing match. Most of what I just posted is way above the heads of the Silva tools on this site. The level of understanding is below average here. Well meaning fans but very below average. For Christ’s sake did you see the poll prior to 162? The tools on here thought Silva was going to win by about 72%!! That should tell you all you need to know.

      • Steven Thurman says:

        Good points. That was the most intelligent post Ive ever read from you, If it had a like button, i wouldve hit it. Lol No I don’t think Silva would last in a boxing match against a boxer, in MMA its obviously a lot different. When I teach MMA to an experienced boxer though, it makes me super excited haha, Chris got angry though, and started swinging, he reached, but most people would have, especially being pissed off like he admitted to being. what really showed more than anything was after the right he threw. He then proceeded to throw a right straight out from where his hand was (I believe near the stomach, possibly the chest, cant remember which one too well.) Which might not sound too weird, unless you actually see it, he really just threw his hand out there from wherever it ended up after missing with the hook. Some could argue that he was trying a back fist, but i think it is very obvious by the angle of the arm when extending that thats not the case. At the point of that he had basically turned into a Griffin vs. Silva in Griffins last stand, except actually managing to land. Silva (First of all) underestimated Chris, he played around like he does with some fighters, (Though honestly took it a little further this time) and Chris had the ability to get him off balance due to him having his legs parallel thinking just bobbing his head would do, and had the reach to get his arm out there to hit Silva in the face while Silva was also moving towards it, and didnt even see it coming. (Ha, Silva fan, but its kind of funny) But it was very sloppy looking on Chris’ part. And I think it shows that if Vitor fights him, and manages to keep it standing, it could very well be another knockout victory for Vitor, or even Silva if he gets his head out of his ass and stops playing the way he does. (Dont get me wrong, i love watching it, but I think its very clear, that even though it pisses his opponent off, its just the wrong thing to do.)

        • G says:

          You and gargoyle must be new to him in a. Anderson Silva has fought professional boxers before and lasted more than one round in each fight. He won one fight and lost the other.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          @Steve…you sound like you are bit of a despicable tyrant as a coach looking to school your boxers!!! Lol. I agree Weidman was pissed or more accurate, he was determined to win and had ring rust from not fighting for awhile. But he kept his balance and composure during that fight as Silva was taunting him. Don’t you ever get pissed but at a level of determination and not frustration when you fight?? I know I do and I am effective. You have to have emotion and determination in any interaction as long as its not negatively unbalancing you. As far as that little flick back, it was more of a keeping Silva at a distance while he was off balance as he switched his balance back to his other leg to swing that left. That is a typical boxer or striking move to keep your opponent at bay while you are re-balancing for another strike. I see no problem in that at all. Watch any boxing match and you’ll see that all the time. I just think you are being critical because you like Silva and think he is the best. I can tell you his striking skills are mediocre. His defensive skills are laughable. He is good at getting people to chase him off balance and he has great timing to counter. But he ran into a better fighter and even though that fighter had not fought in awhile, he made Silva look and act like an amateur. Anybody who doesn’t see it this way is just blindly biased. BTW: I say that I would hit likes for you too on your posts. You are just nicer than I am. I am a cage rattler for those who that is all they deserve. For those that don’t deserve that, I don’t do it too them. Don’t ever give your pearls to pigs they don’t deserve it, they deserve slop.

        • Steven Thurman says:

          @Gargoyle, Lol most people ive had to train started with the very beginning, teaching them how to breath and punch. bahaha It gets annoying, but with boxers they already have at least some skill. its lovable <3 hahahaha. Honestly, im gonna take a lot of shit for this, but I think Condit is possibly one of the better strikers. Hahha His striking is what won me over as possibly my favorite. Guess I dont watch boxing enough!

        • Jordon says:

          Did i just read an intelligent debate? No mud slinging? It started off on the wrong foot, but bounced back. Maybe there is hope for this terrible, terrible comment section.

        • Steven Thurman says:

          Jordon Lol Im just as surprised as you. Was a nice change

      • Dddddddd says:

        I dig the analogy and still can’t believe it’s more about Anderson’s loss than it is Weidmans victory. Weidmans movements are deceiving in speed. He closed the distance good and was pretty damn accurate as well. I couldn’t believe when he touched him the first time and made him smile. He just looks a little stiff and I didn’t think he could move well enough to find him in a dancing situation. I thought he would just take him down and beat his brains out. Anderson looked pretty good defending the takedown and once he found comfort in it he got a big surprise.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I definitely saw a little bit of ring rust in there for Weidman since he had been out of the ring so long, but even with that he kept his balance pretty well and went through Silva’s lame attempts to dodge and feign. Silva looked like an amateur in that fight. He was so out classed just like he was with Maia and Sonnen. Just Weidman has more skills than those other too. I don;t know about you, but if you haven’t fought in awhile, there is some rhythm and balance issues to deal with.

      • Oscar Lopez says:

        Sorry guys Anderson Silva threw that fight. Its about money. The lost was planned. The fight was weak and Weidman looked out of place. It wasnt a beat down. The fight was plannned Weidman isnt in Anderson Silva, GSP, Jon Jones, or Daniel Cormier league. The fight was wack I’ve trained Kyokushin Karate for 10 years and watched UFC since it started. Anderson is bored middle weight divison in the UFC is the weakest. Just take quick look at other weight classes. Middle weight lacks competition. Anderson Silva is bored in his division and Dana knows it. OSU!!!!!!!!!

  4. ya you're an idiot says:

    what fight were you watching because the one i saw when anderson tried it was very apparent that chris weidman is no where near championship level… weidman will walk away with 0 title defenses. you heard it here first

    • Dshixx says:

      The first thing i thought of was “damn, looks like bisping might actually get a belt”. I see him beating weedman easily if that fight were to happen…

    • The Real Deal says:

      TRUE HOMIE !!! Weidman isn’t Championship material.
      It’s all this Shit about All American Wrestler !
      Weidman’s superior wrestling skills !
      It’s like they’re hunting for the GREAT WHITE HOPE !
      If Silva has to be convinced of a rematch, he may purposely lose it. Then Weidman will have to fight some hungry dudes in the division – and will definately lose.
      Belfort will do him !!!
      Silva has no more motivation. He’s fed up with being the Champ, plus all the shit he took from Chael Sonnen, has taken it out of him.

  5. probably a nuthugger says:

    he said god decides, but its 100% his fault he lost.
    anderson = god?
    food for thought…

  6. Dee says:

    Anderson is strange. He may not have threw the fight purposely, but he didn’t try and win. He had Chris Beat, but didn’t go for the kill.

    • Sasquatch says:

      WTF, you can’t be serious… PLEASE, you have to explain to me how he had Chris beat.. I need a good laugh.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree @Dee – the triple K welfare @cumcatch who downloads fights on his moms cmpt couldn’t see that on his blurry screen. I was right there man, and Anderson reeled him into his web & had him spooked. He didn’t throw the fight, but he handed it to him with his foolish behavior.

  7. Drew says:

    There’s a rematch goin down, Anderson wins

  8. squid says:

    damn anderson’s shirt should’ve said, “anderson knew”

  9. Lily says:

    It seems to me, Silva wanted out. I believe he chose this time, this fight, to be his last Championship fight. He is too good to be that sloppy. It was his time to step down. He gave Chris the belt. It was pre- meditated. Love and great respect to the True Champ !!

  10. Keoni says:

    Plus that was an early stoppage by a horrible referee! Silva was not even close to being knocked out! Look at his face not even a scratch! Silva was toying with weidman and the ref didn’t even know it. Look at how silva was joking grabbing Herbs leg! Come on! Give me a break that weak dude weidman has no power for sure!

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