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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 01:07 pm

Miguel Torres Favors Brawling Like Leonard Garcia But Needs To Win

“That’s the hardest part of how I train, because if it was up to me I’d make every fight a brawl. I would go out there and I would Leonard Garcia every fight. But I’ve learned from my past losses that you can’t do that. Eventually someone’s going to figure you out and they’re going to be waiting for it. So the biggest thing that I’ve been working on now is meshing the two styles. Being cerebral and aggressive at the same time. I know I have more things in my arsenal than what I’ve been using, but in those fights I wanted to demonstrate those techniques and prove to myself mentally that they would work. I know they work and I know that I’m ready to go out there and use them.”

Miguel Torres comments on trying to find a balance in his fighting style with

The former WEC Champion is set to face Michael McDonald at UFC 145 in Atlanta. Torres has had mixed success in his last six bouts losing three & winning three. Torres will now be looking to recreate the type of form that saw him go on winning steak’s of twenty at the start of his career and seventeen after he suffered his first defeat.


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