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Sunday, 04/15/2012, 02:03 pm

VIDEO: Dana White On Moving Into New Markets, The Truth Behind King Mo’s Axing, And Who He Feels Is To Blame For Failed Drug Tests.

By Jason Kindschy:
In an interview after yesterdays post fight press conference in Sweden, Dana White gave the media 5 minutes of interesting information, and viewpoints, as the UFC President always does.

As far as the UFC’s first trip to Sweden, White says that he is very happy to come into a new market, and break the attendance record for the venue.

Regarding new markets around the world for the Ultimate Fighter, Dana says that the UFC is working on getting these markets open, but one of the biggest issues is building up the infrastructure. He also discusses the UFC’s intentions to move into the Indian market, and how the new Indian fighting promotion, Super Fight League is ripping off the UFC model. Mr. White makes it clear that “the UFC is absolutely 100% coming to India.”

Concerning Muhammed ‘King Mo” Lawal, Dana says that the “Dummies in the press, started talking about me cutting him, as if this was something between me and him.” He gives an explanation of the King Mo situation, and what the former Strikeforce fighter will have to do in the coming months.

Concerning the hot topic of drug testing in the UFC, Dana White had harsh words for fighters. White made it clear who he feels is to blame for failed fighter screenings, stating that “You’re grown men you’re fucking adults and professional athletes, how many fucking times do you have to be told not to do this?” He also talks about random drug testing, saying that the UFC is the “Golden Standard” of the sports world. White says, “The fucking testing in this sport is insane.”

Watch the interview for the full scoop on page 2.


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11 Responses to “VIDEO: Dana White On Moving Into New Markets, The Truth Behind King Mo’s Axing, And Who He Feels Is To Blame For Failed Drug Tests.”

  1. Baldy says:

    Maybe he could stop cussing like a sailor and represent the organization better. If anyone from the nfl or nba office talked like this, it’d be all over espn. He’s not making it any better.

  2. Dana says:

    I really wish Dana White would stop doing press, and let someone like GSP be the face of the company. Someone who is professional and wants to give Mma a good image. When I hear him talk I think of a fan ranting on and on.

  3. Beaner says:

    He has told people he’s bi-polar so idk what you expect when he goes off to a question.

  4. LJ says:

    This isn’t the NBA or MLB. Of you don’t like curse words stop reading his interviews, have a coke and smile and shut the fuck up, sir.

  5. ry tay says:

    dana’s got to be the best thing that happened in the ufc . it wouldn’t be shit without him and his no bullshit policy

  6. Fu*k the USA says:

    The cussing isn’t necessary but thats just Dana..still gotta respect the man for what he has accomplished and where he’s brought the sport of MMA today.

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