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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 08:48 am

Jon Jones: I’ll Fight Anyone On Steroids

By Edward Fernandez:
In a recent interview with, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones says steroid users may have “weakness in their heart” and would gladly fight anyone using them.

Jones also states no one in his training camp uses steroids.

“I’ve never seen anyone here at Jackson’s MMA participate in any type of steroid use. I don’t know anybody on our team that could possibly be taking steroids. And as far as Alistair Overeem, that’s really his problem. Steroids is unfortunately a part of all sports and he was just the one that got caught…. It’s really not my world, I’ll compete against someone on steroids any day. I believe in some cases that people who abuse steroids have weakness in their hearts, you know, they don’t believe in working hard. I’m not against steroids, I think in some cases you need steroids, like if you’re an older gentlemen, or you have some type of illness or something like that, but when an athlete abuses it, I mean that’s their business.”


39 Responses to “Jon Jones: I’ll Fight Anyone On Steroids”

  1. Boooooo says:

    Omg, I’m so sick of this guy already. Next he’s gonna say he’ll fight sum1 with a gun pointed at him or he’ll fight 100 guys at one time….stf already your not superman!!!!

  2. Cheese says:

    I wonder if he would fight cyborg

  3. B says:

    “I believe in some cases that people who abuse steroids have weakness in their hearts, you know, they don’t believe in working hard.”

    He clearly has no idea how steroids work and the fact that to make use of the extra test you actually have to work harder, anabolic steroids simply allow the body to recover faster to allow for more training.

  4. Clay says:

    Wow, apparently there’s a lot of Ph.D.s on this website… Lol I didn’t know you guys were such experts on steroids

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    For once I’m not irritated by something he says. ^^^ This is the real Jon Jones. Good for you Jones, you’re learning.

  6. Matt says:

    brock lesnar gotta hand it to this dude already..

  7. black flag says:

    errr, marquate? or however you fucking spell it?

  8. Junior says:

    Overseen would knock your stupid ass out

  9. Dick Diaz says:

    why would a old man need steroids… cough cough?!

  10. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    Misery loves company and you faggot ass Jones haters can’t stand that this guy is not only a badass but a genuine good guy!! Its ok if one of the classless Diaz brothers talk with confidence but heaven forbid someone like Jones exudes it! Grow up and get out of your moms house!!

    • Sean says:

      are you stupid? do you have some kind of palsy? we hate him because hes NOT a genuinely good guy. hes fake as shit. i liked him until this rashad fight. hes so fucking fake in interviews and shit its annoying.

      • DayDay says:

        Don’t forget how he played off and acted fake durng the spygate situation during his fight with Rampage. A guy from MusclePharm did get fired because he was the mole. Jones is a fake. He preaches about respecting his oppenent and being a true martial arts. The asshole chokes Machida out and toss him like a ragdoll on the ground then steps over him. THat isn’t respect and he didn’t check on him until Greg Jackson ordered him to. I don’t think that is what a good guy, a good guy isn’t ordered to go check on a hurt person

      • Al says:

        ^^agreed. I did like him, but don’t go on and on about not fighting a guy until Dana dangles his balls in front of your face and then go crazy trying to suck up to him.. Rashad wouldn’t fight jardeen and he would obviously beat him Dana wanted them to at one point and they didn’t. Rashad is still here. Had Jon stuck to original plan I’m sure rashad would have gladly waited for his boy to have his time to shine. But all these interviews jones is doing make me like him less and less, like many Jackson fighters they’re “perfect citizens” and have plenty of judgement of how others live they’re life. Talk trash about kicking someone ass and then pull a gsp all fight (points game) and jones I think is only as good as any other great 205’r he just has a rediculous length advantage which puts him above an otherwise evenly matched opponent.

  11. dave says:

    More fighter have lost on roids than won in the ufc

  12. ernesto hoost says:

    nate marquart was caught using steroids and he was team jackson

  13. ernesto juiced says:

    mma steroid users who were caught.josh barnett,tim sylvia, kimo ,nate marquart,vitor belfort,stephan bonner,kit cope,jonny morton ,royce gracie,phil baroni,sean sherk,hermes franca,bill mahood denis hallman,antonio silva,chris lebenken shamrock,chael sonnen,james irvin ,thiago silva,cyborg,king mo ,allistair overeem,and more

    • Laurence says:

      I don’t remember Chris Leben being popped for roids I remember he was suspensed for pain killers but who knows might have been mixing them both.

  14. ernesto juiced says:

    google that……mma fighters caught using roids

  15. Grego Graham says:

    Fuck this guy, he is calling high testosterone steroids first of all… chael can take it cause he has a supposed illness… hendo can take it casue hes a old gentleman, anyone who trains from a young age on at the highest level blows out there test levels at some point. randy took it nobody gave a fuck, so many people take this shit in this sport, its legal, damm you could jerk off five times after a hard work out and go to a doctor and say your test levels are low and get prescribed trt… not saying Alistair isnt using science to his advantage haha

    • Joey Grecko says:

      I can see where Chael used it since I have to use TRT because I suffered from the same condition of hypogonadism. I played sports and wrestled while going through it, the UIL allowed it since i did submit the paperwork and did all the test before and after the matches. A few times I was called a cheater because someone would say I was using TRT but judges and refs and coaches on both sides would defend me saying I have a condition and my levels were ok. I know once I did test with a 8 to 1 ratio but it didn’t enhance my game at all. I fight with alot of heart and determination.

  16. IFukUrMoTher says:

    U guys are so fucking stupid its not even funny and if u think overeem sucks dick or is a cheater how bout u fight him. thats what i thought. So stfu he isnt even guilty till proven guilty

    • T-Pain says:

      my homeboy f-rod is a heavyweight and thinks he can take overeem. even thou f-rod is only 5’11 and 240lbs and has the cardio to only go 1 round. I would love to see that fight

  17. G Bud says:

    Jon Jones vs Alistair Overeem busting out a T to E ratio of 794:1

    See how far heart get’s you then you smart son of a bitch….

  18. A says:

    Oh and to the guy that listed Stephan Bonnar as getting popped using roids, you’re wrong. He used hgh to help with healing an injury. Huge difference.

  19. ernesto juiced says:

    then why was bonnar fined $5000 and suspended for 9 months
    and leben came up dirty when he fought bisping

  20. ernesto juiced says:

    bonnar was busted using boldenone its an anabolic steroid for horses…

    • A says:

      Again, wrong. He did not take boldenone. He took an over the counter supplement called boldione, or I-Force Bold when he bought it. It is known to produce a false positive for boldenone. He took another test shortly thereafter and was clean, something that would not happen if he had actually taken boldenone.

  21. koolG says:

    i wanna see jones fight a car screaming down on him while he’s not paying attention thinking to himself how amazing he his…. death to jones!

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