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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 06:04 pm

Griggs Out, Prado In Against Phil Davis At UFC on FX 4 | UFC NEWS

An undisclosed injury has forced Chad Griggs out of his future bout at UFC on Fox 4 bout against Phil Davis. Filling the void left by Griggs absence is undefeated prospect Wagner Prado. Prado is a young and talented Brazilian out of the Nogueira training camp. Prado is making the jump to the UFC with an inaugural bout against a very tough wrestler in Davis.

Phil Davis is coming off of his first professional loss to Rashad Evans and is looking to get back on the winning track against the inexperienced new comer.

Prado is entering the UFC octagon for the first time and has gone on record to say that fighting in the UFC is a dream come true.

“My biggest dream is to be the UFC light heavyweight champion of the world and thank God I’m on the right track, but I’ll go up one step at a time. I’m working toward achieving my goal and one day I’ll be there,” said Prado in April.

The UFC on Fox 4 card is set to take place August 4 live on Fox from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


6 Responses to “Griggs Out, Prado In Against Phil Davis At UFC on FX 4 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Clay says:

    I think Phil will win the dudes pretty good. But I’ve only seen prado once. But this will be a
    Good fight for prado, he’ll learn alot and keep improving.

  2. Dinglenuts Magee says:

    I’ll go ahead and be that guy…


    How did the UFC find a guy to fight Phil Davis that doesn’t even have a wikipedia page? They must want phil to win pretty bad.

    (Go on and tell me how amazing what’s his name is…. you never know, you might be right.)

  3. Numba1Ghani says:

    this is like a demotion for phil davis he just fought Evans who was the latest number 1 contender for the LHW belt now he’s fighting some nameless brazilian fool wtf

  4. Lol says:

    I wont believe whos fighting who until dight night. Damn shuffling sick heada

  5. maurice says:

    the reason davis is fighting a nobody, is because after his pitiful slap boxing session with evans the ufc realized he fucking sucks. as of may 31, 2012, i declare, phil davis vs rashad evans the worst display of mma skills ive ever seen in a fight. if rashad didnt have name power, he wouldnt even been giving a title shot for that pathetic fight. i thought phil had potential, but i was very wrong. dude is sooo slow, and his boxing mechanics might be the worst in the ufc lhw division.

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