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Saturday, 04/21/2012, 01:06 am

UFC 146 | Mir Promoted To Main Event Against JDS | UFC NEWS

UFC Boss man Dana White releases a tweet-bomb saying,“Taking off to Atlanta!!!! May 26 the Mir vs JDS for the Heavyweight title in Las Vegasat the MGM Grand”. This comes as a surprise considering the fact that Alistair Overeem who was slated to face Junior Dos Santos on May 26th at UFC 146 and is set to go before the Nevada State Athletic Commission in just 4 days for testing positive for the “JUICE”

It seems the UFC brass has ultimately had a hand in deciding the matchup.   Now the fans will get to see another top heavyweight Frank Mir try his hand at the UFC heavyweight belt.

Frank Mir is no stranger to championship fights, he also has been the UFC Heavyweight Champion twice, one being an Interim Champion but champ none the less.

Mir looked great in his last bout which ended badly for his opponent Minotauro Noguiera , training partner of current UFC champ Junior Dos Santos – Mir finishes with a kimura-breaking Noguiera’s  arm.

Frank Mir’s last three fights all ended with his hand raised, with a ref stoppage (armbreak) over Minotauro, a unanimous decision over Roy“big country” Nelson and a devastating KO of Mirko Cro Cop.

We may have a fight after all ladies and gents. What say you?




102 Responses to “UFC 146 | Mir Promoted To Main Event Against JDS | UFC NEWS”

  1. Coots says:

    No! Mir won’t last 2 mins!!

  2. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    One steroid abuser out and other one in… nice. But at least Mir is smart enough to not get caught and Dana likes it that way.

    I hope JDS will bring a one hell of a beating on Mir.

    • G-Man says:

      Who are you calling Frank a steroid user?

      • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

        Who am I? You can see my name above my comments and if you want to put a gorgeous face to my name you can check my photo on my twitter page:!/HjorturHalldors So now you know my name and you’ve seen my striking good looks. Don’t worry G-spot I know exactly where you are located, so you don’t have to inform me on your whereabouts.

        To answer your question. Mr. Mir gained a lot of muscles on his already very muscular frame, for the Lesnar fight. OK it might be possible to do that clean.
        BUT one thing I know for sure, that is, it’s not possible to bench press 450 pounds. You can absolutely NOT do that clean! If you have ever been working out seriously you would know that. I saw that number in Sports Science episode and I’m sure they got that number from Mr. Mir himself.

        You have just been lawyered my good friend. Have a nice day and enjoy the fight tonight.

        • Big TxCowboy says:

          lol that’s cold dude

        • Zack says:

          Your a devoted fan to three different soccer teams?

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Yeah so? One is from England, one from Italy and one from Spain. It’s very easy to be a devoted fan of three clubs who are not from the same country. I can’t see why on earth that would be a problem.

        • E716 says:

          no one can bench 450 without being on roids…lol

        • lionstrangler says:

          You sir, are a fucking idiot. I bench press 450 (my one rep max). I weigh 218lbs. I wouldn’t know a steroid cycle from a unicycle. Every supplement I take you can get from the local supermarket. What a fucking idiotic thing to say considering you probably have never seen the insides of a real gym or had a proper workout. Moron

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Everybody give Lionstrangler a good round of applause. What a fucking beast of a man.

          You really need to show me a proper workout because I’m obviously doing something wrong, you can just see from my comments that I know nothing about working out and being in shape.

          Is the name of your local supermarket PED-mart?
          Do you go through the grueling cardio workouts that MMA fighters go through? Do you think it’s possible for a fighter who trains MMA many many hours a week to bench 450 pounds?

          If you are benching 450 clean (which I highly doubt) than weightlifting must be the only thing you do. Do not tell me that you doing must cardio.

        • G-Man says:

          Have I been lawyered? hahahaha, what a self obsessed kid you are.

          Listen though guy, I am not asking how the fuck you are obviously you eskimo people don’t understand English figure off speech. I was asking why you think and what proof you have that the athlete Frank Mir is a steroid abuser.

          You must feel a real though guy coming up with a childish internet meme name calling… and go easy on threatening me son, saying you know my whereabouts, love to have you knock on my door and “lawyer” me (another internet meme)

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Eeehh how on earth did you think I was threatening you? It was an Innocent joke about your name mate, nothing more and nothing less. Read through my comment again, but before you do it breath in and out and count to 10 please.

        • G-Man says:

          Well if you are acting tough for no reason other than I am asking you to explain why you say Frank Mir is a steroid user and then saying you know where I am, you are fucking threading me. Anyway, you are way off, Mir is a big guy and gaining 20-30 pounds of mass for such a big guy in a few weeks is not far fetched. Given that he has numbers of trainers, dieterians, cook, etc. that look after him. You have been training serusly for several years and I know that 450 lbs for a big guy is not off the chart, you don’t seem to understand that Frank Mir is a massive guy, a huge, his presence in a room will never go unnoticed. I know of big big, abeit much smaller that Mir, Roger Gracie that can bench 350. Don’t tell me he doesn’t do any cardio.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          I called you G-spot as a joke and I know where the G-spot is located 😀 I have no idea where you life and I have no interest in threatening you.

          OK you believe Mir is clean, that’s great. I actually think he has used PED’s, in the past at least. Hopefully he has never used anything. I just think that most of these fighters either are or have been using PED’s. I hope I’m wrong.

          I apologize to you for my previous comment it was out of line. I can definitely admit that and I’m man enough to apologize when I do something wrong. So have a nice day and enjoy the fight tonight.

        • G-Man says:

          OK – no worries bro! Almost everyone used Jack3D when training, that has a substance that is banned in many organization for fights. Is that then cheating? No.

        • spiritsplice says:

          No one can bench 450 clean? Utter nonsense.

        • ForeverGolden says:

          Theres a kid in my school who can bench 400 clean…..

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          How do you know he’s clean? Many guys would never admit using PED’s and sometimes people you would think are honest can surprise you.
          But OK let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, that guy must only be a weightlifter not a MMA practitioner who’s doing great amount of cardio.

          Maybe I went a little overboard by saying nobody can take 450 pounds clean 😀 But I highly doubt that an MMA fighter or anybody else who’s mostly focusing on his sport and only trains weightlifting secondary to that.

        • Sweet pea says:

          Your a fucking wank. Overeem had no right to be tested, and even so what did he test positive for….nothing he could still have got those t/e levels down before fight time and who are you to judge the best heavyweight today. Exactly your a stupid fucking dick and know nothing about mma so shut your puss you cunt

        • anthony anaerobes says:

          Actually it is possible it depends on ur size

        • Jim says:

          What the fuck are you on about saying ‘you have just been lawyered?’ There was no legal analysis or even a structured argument.

          Firstly, Mir was a lazy bastard with regards to weight training before the second fight with lesnar, and has upped his training considerably since then. Secondly, you have no basis upon which to flat out state that a 450lb bench press can’t be done clean. Sure, on a prima facie basis it seems unlikely that a fighter would be pressing numbers like that, but that’s assuming the number itself was accurate – people have been known to overestimate their own strength.

          Bottom line, with no evidence other than arbitrary data and hearsay, you really have no basis upon which to flat out call Mir a juicer.

        • Josh says:

          It is very possible to bench 450 lbs without , myself and a colleague were able to accomplish this in a short 1 1/2 yrs time. I completely believe that Frank is clean and that he will again be champ. If Reem’s hearing goes poorly for him he should never be allowed to compete again and he should publicly apologize to Brock. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          How much did you bench before those 18 months? Don’t tell me you just started lifting weights seriously and 18 months later you where benching 450. I obviously need to up my game in the gym, because my max is only 310 pounds and I’ve been stuck there for a while, but I actually do a lot of cardio too. OK I obviously talked a load of rubbish when I said 450 lbs was impossible clean, but I still think that many fighters on the UFC roster are using PED’s.

          I’ve been around weightlifting for a long time now and I honestly don’t know anyone who benches 450 clean and Icelanders are suppose to be very strong. I also know a lot of dedicated guys who been lifting weights for a long time but aren’t anywhere near this number. My bad but it’s very easy to say that you bench 450 on a forum where nobody knows who you are.

        • BasRutt says:

          I don’t think you have to be on roids to bench 450lb but I do think Mir has taken them in the past. I see Hjortur’s point, multi functional MMA fighters dont focus a lot on pure strength training and that kind of life in power lifting range.

          As for benching 450lb with 18 months even with juice that is impossible unless you’ve already done a significant amount of training and are a very large guy with very short arms. I’ve been training for 16 years in many gyms and can’t remember more than 1 guy lifting that kind of weight and he was a self confessed juice head….

        • G-Man says:

          It’s easy to say you bench 350 lbs too. Does anybody really believe that this guy can?

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          Haha good one G-man 😀 It’s true the guy on the picture has never taken 350, at this time I was running a lot and the gym was secondary. But to be accurate I never said my max was 350, it’s 310 and those extra 40 pounds are a lot when you’ve reached those weights. I always take a period where I mostly do weightlifting and then I take a period where I mostly run. It’s definitely alright if you don’t believe me, but there’s no denying my exceptionally good looks.

        • lionstrangler says:

          oi,numbnuts,if you think MMA fighters do cardio all the time, then you really are an idiot.Mir took time off to gain muscle as the feeling of being tossed around by Lesnar left him a little disillusioned. Muscular endurance and cardio conditioning, as opposed to resistance or hypertrophic work, is done 6-8 weeks prior to a fight and tapered down as the fight weeks closes in.nobody but nobody goes balls deep all year round. I`m not going to go into who I`ve had the privilege to have trained with and or trained cos this is the interwebz and I have no time or need to get in a pissing contest. I have no idea if Mir took PEDs. My grouse is simply with your assertion that no one can bench 450 clean. Complete and utter bollocks. I do. Your sweeping assertion is baseless.

        • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

          You most certainly felt the need of going into a pissing contest in regards of which of us has had more grueling workouts.
          It’s great for you to bench 450 clean, that takes years and years of hard work. I even though it was impossible to do clean, so I really respect it if guys can accomplish that clean. I’ve been around gym’s for a long time and I honestly don’t know anyone who can bench more than around 350 clean and Icelanders are very hard workers, so by no means is that a sign of us not putting in the hours and hard work to train.

          When I was talking about cardio I also meant that MMA training is cardio workout. Mir does that most of the year, I would think, I mean that’s his job.

          You and many others on here make it seem like benching 450 is easy but that’s so not the case. Those who can accomplish that clean must be really really concentrated on that goal. You are not concentrated on that when you are a MMA fighter, your focus is to become a great fighter not a great weightlifter. I’ve acknowledged that I jumped the gun when I said nobody can bench press 450 clean, so get over it.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I think Mir is off the PEDS. During the 146 press confrence he talked about focusing on the wrong things which led to his increased bulk going into the Carwin fight. I doubt he’s still roided up, he even looks smaller since the Carwin fight.

  3. jc says:

    i knew dana was talking shit when he said the mir cain fight was still on

  4. danieljonesfan says:

    Can’t wait to see Mir knocked out cold

  5. Din mamma är begagnad says:

    Fuck you danna give cain the fight

  6. hanibal says:

    awsome fight! I hope Mir wins but I dont think he is fast enough to deal with JDS..
    I’ll be happy either way they’re both great fighters and have some of the best techniques and finishes in the heavyweight division

  7. thetude says:

    This is godamn hilarious, I think it was an great “fuck you” to Alistair Overeem, replacing him before his hearing with NSAC. It serves the cheating freak well. As far as the match at hand goes, if Mir can take it to the mat than he will have a chance, but i cant really see him getting past JDS takedown defense, and there is no way Mir is going to be able to outstrike JDS, I dont know if Mir has ever faced such a skilled boxer. KO JDS 2nd round! Dana really should have given a rematch to Cane or Mark Hunt. After Hunt destroys Stephan Stork Struve, it would be incredible to see him face Travis Browne in a #1 contender fight.Count on it!

  8. GRT 3000 says:


    • GRT 3000 says:

      on the heels of that…Mir is a great fighter no question abt that, but I think we all know how this one ends. Congrats to him for getting another title shot, but it ends with him getting KTFO easily by round 2. just makes this card a hundred times less exciting. Fackin Reem!!! killed it.

  9. Cheese says:

    Mir by flying arm bar!!! Will probably be his best chance at winning

  10. DeepSeaGod says:

    So who is Cain going to fight?!

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    Mir deserves the shot but I can see this being a quick KO victory to JDS. Mir will not be able to dreal with his speed and power.

  12. T.Daddy says:

    So who is Cain gonna fight now??

  13. Aaron says:

    Dana has obviously already heard Overoids case, to make this call four days before the hearing…

  14. Scotty says:

    As much as i wanted to see Overeem vs JDS, Im glad they gave the title shot to Mir! And i think Mir is going to win as well! He isnt going to stand there and box with JDS, look what happened when he did that with carwin.. I think he is going to try to get it to the ground and finish it!

    • Thomas says:

      I’m surprised that so many think’s it’s a done deal for JDS. Mir has his chance and if it ends on the ground JDS is in trouble!

      It will be a defining fight for both fighters.

  15. James says:

    Good call on Mir. He was the only fighter ho made sense.

  16. Chris says:

    Mir is gonna lose again….when Mir loses its some of the most terrible losses I have seen any MMA fighter go through even worse than Chuck Liddel. I can’t see him getting past JDS plus I’m sure JDS is motivated to KO him after what happened to Nog.

  17. slacker says:

    What do I say? I say it’s great, if only for the fact that Overeem is being disciplined for his cheating ways. The UFC is taking somewhat of a stand and I think it’s awesome. Probably in their best interests because there would have been a sizeable backlash had the Reembear been allowed to fight JDS and actually won. Mir is next in line and so deserves this. Can he get this fight to the ground? Who knows? But that’s his only chance IMO and somehow I don’t think I am alone. lol Bottom line: it’s a fight between two guys who are not on Roids or TRT as far as we know. Let Reem go fight bulls in Spain or go to a prison and take on the 10 toughest inmates all at once!

  18. jonsey says:

    i wont waste my money on this…mir is ko in 2 min max…he is fighting a smarter stronger younger shane carwin,…this is crazy//

    • slacker says:

      Well, life is not only about money.

    • dyllan says:

      Shane Carwin can hit a lot harder than JDS. JDS packs one hell of a punch, but Carwin has fucking boulders for hands and is super strong. JDS is deff faster and more technical with a lot of power. But to say you wont waste your money, the fight hasnt happened and none of us know exactly whats going to take place. We wont know until it happens. So if you call yourself a fan, I suggest you put your big girl panties on, and watch the damn fight.

  19. mma knowitall says:

    JDS KO via uppercut to glass jaw MIR. Gay fight!!

  20. Ruben says:

    This is gonna be a highlight reel KO for Dos Santos

  21. Ed says:

    Who does Cain fight now?

  22. Blah says:

    I still want to see Mir vs Velasquez.

  23. Mani says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzZZZZzzzzz Somebody wake me up when the fight is over

  24. A.James says:

    Is JDS too good for the division? If he takes out Mir has he beaten the top players on his class? Werdum? CHECK. Cain? CHECK. Carwin? CHECK. Nelson? CHECK. If he beats Mir he has Hunt. I don’t see any of these guys taking down JDS. JDS is too good and the division is too weak.

  25. john says:

    mir looked great in his last fight….

    haha was it when Nog had him dead and decided to go for a stupid choke?

  26. Jacoby says:

    If Mir don’t get knocked out by JDS, it’s going to be a awesome fight!

  27. The WatchMan says:

    Boooooo i wanted to see Overeem get chin checked by JDS. Mir vs JDS NOW? Not as interesting.

  28. linogero says:


  29. Ste says:

    Mir is good but he wont last long with JDS… He almost got knocked out in his last fight and would have lost if big nog didnt decide to go for the submission!!

    Quite annoyed at this realy, I was still wanting the Reem v JDS fight and to be honest Ive kind of lost interest now if Reem isnt going to fight.

    Also I wonder if Reem will have his lawyers etc onto the UFC sueing them? Surely they should have waited untill he was allowed his hearing in 3 days…. why didnt they just wait untill then and get his side of the story……

    Fuck UFC, bring back PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jim says:

      I would be very surprised if the UFC’s contracts didn’t have some kind of conditional ability to cancel the agreement with regards to misconduct, especially considering they reserve the right to can people practically on a whim.

      That being said, people who still hoped for the fight to go ahead have no respect for the rules. I’m not flatout against roiding, but it should either be allowed for everyone or no-one. People getting off because of TRT exemptions is bullshit. Either way, there’s still no reason for them to be over the considerably generous commission threshold.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Actually it was the ref that cost Nogera the fight with Mir. Mir won’t last 2 minutes with JDS. Mir can’t take a barage of punches from otehr HWT’s. He simply doesn’t have the chin to go against all the big strikers of the UFC. This whoile Overeem thing is such a huge friggen letdown beyond epic proportions. Of course dana is already trying to sell the Mir/JDS fight like its a big deal but its not and everyone knows Cain would have KO’d Mir to and all this does is act like a fill in fight before the Cain/JDS rematch. May as well do it now. I think Cormier is only fighter that will be able to beat cain and JDS. barnet I doubt will make it back to UFC with his past history with 3 failed steroid tests and knowing Dana can’t stand him. I really don’t even care for Cormier mostly because he is trains at AKA with fitch but i think by next year with his wrestling and KO powerr he will be champ.

      • jonesy says:

        yes cormier and maybe josh barnett are the only ones that can hang with jds and cain,,,but i dont think barnett will be in the ufc ever …dana really hates him,,mir got big time lucky that big nog went for the sub,,,but i dont agree that the ref cost him the fight,,,how do u figure that ??? mir is a former champ he deserves a chance to comeback..obviously if he was able comeback and sub nog then the ref should not have stopped the fight at was the ref at fault?

    • joseph says:

      he knocked Nog out the first tiume and is the only man to ever submit him doing so in outstanding fashion. to say he should not have beaten Nog only reveals a lack of understanding of reality.

  30. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I guess the UFC isn’t as corrupt as we thought. That or Dana is covering his bases just in case Overeem can’t get a license from the NSAC. If he somehow does just have Overeem fight Cain. We know Overeem was abusing and cheating but if the UFC and NSAC won’t recognize it then we might as well get a good fight out of it. Cain has a good chance at beating the Reem.

    Or Cain vs Werdum

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I can’t believe how Mir got away with JUICING for a year while training with Mark Philipi (strongman) that everyone knows has been JUICING his entire adult life. Mir stacked on 40lbs of muscle in his desapration to be able to ty and compete with Brock and noone seemed to care.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        That’s because Carwin was an even bigger steroid abuser. How are you an engineer and a part time UFC fighter while being in the top 5 of the HW division? I work 12hrs a day and find it difficult to make it to the gym 6 days a week.

      • jonesy says:

        now u just talkin shit,,,bro if someone big like mir works out everyday he is gonna put on serious mass,,it was his job to wake up and train n workout ,,,he did not go work..mir is not the type guy to juice…now u just shooting at stars

  31. Zetoe R10 says:

    2nd rd ko for jds

  32. sykoMMA says:

    Would like to see Werdum V Cain now, a little short notice, but i think that match would be insane

  33. Mick says:

    1st round KO for Cigano, Mir almost dropped from Minotauros basic boxing, JDS is a whole nother level of punching power

  34. Swanky says:

    Im glad i get to see mir get hiss ass kicked again. All i can picture right now is the Mir Carwin fight, and i see this fight going something like that one.

  35. ernesto hoost says:

    Does anyone proofread these articles? wtf.

  36. B says:

    I hope Mir does good, I don’t think he gets enough respect. But that Cro Cop was far from devastating, I seem to remember it being the only KO of the night and Dana didn’t give him a KO bonus it was so bad…

  37. Harry says:

    I am thinking if this fight stays standing, it will end with a 1st round KO of Mir. If somehow, something similar happens that happened in the Mir vs Minitaro, where it becomes a grappling match, Cigano might leave with a broken arm too.

  38. GMoney$han says:

    JDS is gonna fuckin kill Mir. Im a huge fan of Mir’s by the way.

  39. STAND says:

    Mir by some type of arm crank…

  40. jonesy says:

    i like mir…but jds is gonna do mir same like carwin..he is a younger and better version of carwin.mir is crazy..he will never be champ again ulless he really finds a way to drop to 205 like he has talkt about

  41. Jones is not God says:

    What I really would like to see is jds vs. Bones!

  42. IFukUrMoTher says:

    This is such a fucking let down we were all stoked for overeem vs fos santos. Its not even gonna be fun to watch cain woulda beat mir and its gonna be the same with dos santos. UFC 146 is just a huge fuck up now. U fucked over cain u fucked over overeem now u fucked over all the fans. Thanks UFC

  43. BiggoTrav says:

    I disagree with the naysayers, and I’ll tell you why. I think that Mir deserves the fight more than anyone else in the HW division. He may not be the best stylistic match up for JDS, but isn’t up to him to prove us wrong? Isn’t that the definition of a champion? Also, I believe that the rest of the fights on the maincard are now MUCH better match ups than they would have been. I mean COME ON… CAIN VS BIGFOOT?!?!?!?!? Big Country vs Napao! Although I think AOvsJDS would have been INSANE, the HW title picture has cleared up for the benefit of MMA and the integrity of the UFC.

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