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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 07:35 am

Stephan Bonnar Detained By Bahrain Airport Security | UFC NEWS

“We’re getting ready to leave Bahrain, and I get detained at the airport. Jardine and Franklin get on the flight, and they take me in the room. They’re asking me all these questions, and they’re furious. One guy’s coming’ in the room and pointing at me, all furious, like that. And, what I think is that, I had on the ‘Young Assassin’ shirt, with Melvin Guillard, and there’s a guy with a turban with his brains spilling’ out. I don’t think they liked that too much.”

“There was only one flight out for the day at 9:30 p.m. The United flight that I was on. They kept me at the airport so long, I missed my flight. I had to wait till the next day to get on the flight. So, I’m tired. I’m sleeping at the airport, and all of a sudden, I wake up to a burning sensation on my leg. It scared me. I went and brushed down on my leg and, sure enough, a spider about the size of my hand comes crawling out of my pant leg and takes off running! I couldn’t believe my eyes! This big camel spider goes under the door. I try to chase it. I lose it, and then, my God, my leg swells up, I get a fever, it’s getting’ infected…but, hey, I’m getting’ the heck out of there. The next night, I’m on that 9:30 flight, I’m ready to board that flight when, lo and behold…THAT flight gets cancelled! So I’m stuck there another day! So, I had the option of going in for an antibiotic IV or stay in the hospital a few days, but instead, I opted to go the oral route, three different kinds of antibiotics, and I got on that flight that next day and got the hell out of there! God bless America!”

“You know, it’s hard to get stuff done when you’re training for a fight. I’m trying to get the ‘punch buddies’ going. We’ve been through some roadblocks, but we’ve overcome them. I spent a couple months really pouring into that. Then, training again, and, being honest with you, I’m getting old. The knees are feeling bad. So, I went down to Florida, to a doctor who specializes in stem cell procedures. They pounded a nail into my pelvis, drew some of that pelvis blood out of the original stem cells, popping’ my fat out, harvest up some stem cells and pump them up into my knees. Just had that done before I went overseas to visit our troops. Next week I’ll be doing a seminar and a fight show in Illinois. After that, I’m going to start training again.”

Stephan Bonner telling us about his wacky adventure in Bahrain while on HDNet’s Inside MMA. To see full story check out the video.


13 Responses to “Stephan Bonnar Detained By Bahrain Airport Security | UFC NEWS”

  1. Creed Potter says:

    just to prove real life is crazier than fiction!

  2. Lol says:

    He should stick to story telling bc he sucks in the ring

  3. says:

    i dont like boner boy,,,his face just bothers me,,,he thinks he funny

  4. Xaninho says:

    Wearing a T-shirt with a guy with a turban with his brains spilling out isn’t exactly the smartest thing you could do in a country like Bahrain….

  5. James says:

    Cool story bro

  6. The Godfather says:

    Anyone else read this in Stephan’s tone? 😀

  7. Funny as **** says:

    but that’s what happens when Americans go abroad and disrespect other cultures and countries. Karma? The world hates Americans so much already, so why would he want to throw fuel on the fire? Would Bonnar wear a t shirt depicting gang members fighting with a Blood standing over a bleeding Crip anywhere in the US?

    Freedom of speech is a great thing. You just gotta use it wisely.

  8. Jb says:

    He was using it wisely hence the freedom part you tard

    • Yet says:

      he was detained. Not so wise. And if you’re on American soil, say what the f%#@ you want. But he wasn’t, was he? Hence the detainment. (uuneducateddumbass).

  9. LOL says:

    He was not bit by a spider! Solifugae are more related to scorpions than spiders. They are called camel spiders, but that is just what people call them.

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