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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 02:54 pm

Randy Couture On Athletes Using TRT | "Sometimes They Go Too Far With It." | UFC NEWS

“There is such fine line with all of the anti-aging stuff that’s out there now. TRT is generally something a guy does in their 40’s and 50’s when their natural production of testosterone drops off,”

“There are other natural ways to boost your own body’s production without replacing it and it’s safer as well, but it still should be under the care of a physician.”

“It’s a very fine and a very personal thing and there is no easy answer. An athlete is using his body to earn a living and entertain the fans, they want to get the most out of themselves, but sometimes they go too far with it.”

Randy Couture comments in an interview with MMA Frenzy.

Couture has his say on the use of TRT & how some athletes can go too far with it.

Do you agree with TRT use in sports to some extent or should it be totally banned ?


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