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Friday, 04/27/2012, 02:53 pm

Poll Results | Who is better, Jones or Silva? | UFC NEWS

With all the talk of Jon Jones being the greatest light-heavyweight champion in UFC history, we took to the polls to see what the fans think about the pound-four pound debate and whether or not Jones has trumped Anderson Silva’s right to the crown.

Obviously, without the two fighting each other we can only speculate on who is actually the king of MMA, but Jones has started to make a case for the position long held by the UFC middleweight champion.

After five days on the website, the results are in and it wasn’t even close.

Anderson Silva garnered 77.3% of the fans approval while Jon Jones only took home 22.7%.

Stay tuned next week for our next polling and thank you to all who took part.


31 Responses to “Poll Results | Who is better, Jones or Silva? | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ninja MMA says:

    Silva has cemented his legacy. Bones will dominate for years to come, but if they fought now Jones would finish him. Would love to see the super fight in the next couple years before Silva starts declining.

    • Nope says:

      Silva would embarrass him.

    • Violent Marv says:

      That fight probably wont happen, Jones is putting on muscle now, hes prolly gonna try and make a run in HW. Anderson isnt keen on looking for action at LH as of late…

    • Gerald says:

      why do ppl say this? Jones has one thing “REACH” thats it. Anderson can match that. Jones has no KO power where Anderson can knock you out walking backwards. Jones admits he bites from Anderson and Anderson is Anderson. and if you pull out “Oh he is a Elite Wrestler” i say to you this….. What about Chael who is one of if not the best wrestler in the ufc? choked out. Anderson is just too Dangerous for Jon jones. end of story.

    • jbeamazing says:

      @ Ninja MMA I agree bones wins easy just the fact that he is to big and to strong but anderson would have a punchers/kickers chance
      also I love the fact that that everyone is picking silva I will be betting on this fight if it would ever happen sounds like easy money

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Jones already drops 30 lbs to make LHW so i doubt it will be much longer he is fighting alot smaller guys as he has been. Someone like JDS is going to put him in his place within a few years. I would love to see Pat barry snap one of Jones toothpick legs in half for all the times Jones tried to blow out his opponents knees. How about a Frank Mir heel hook or snap one of those TINY wrists and freakish skinny forearms. yep things will be different once Jones starts fighting guys closer to his own size

    • Mat says:

      I hope you’re right. I hate those damn side kicks to opponents knees. Fucking dirty tactic, I don’t care what anyone says. Unless you seriously injure your opponent with those kicks they are so much less effective then a normal round kick to the thigh. Jones, and all other Greg Jackson fighters (funny how I’ve really only seen that gym throw those kicks) need to give that shit up.

  3. Derek says:

    If the fight took place at Middleweight Anderson. John is very good but Anderson has way more tools in the chest. In saying that though it would be a great flight!

  4. Dosan says:

    Silva. He would have finished Evans.

  5. Ruben says:

    Skill wise Silva is way ahead, Jones is enjoying having huge size advantage over his opponents at LHW right now, if he moves to HW he won’t have that advantage and his skills aren’t enough to make up for it. He doesn’t have the power to hurt any HW and i doubt he can take any of the big wrestlers down. Silva was able to be successful at LHW because he has great technique and speed.

  6. Pancho says:

    Jones would whip Silvas ass. Silva knows it too. That’s why he stopped going up to LHW. he said himself that jones is stronger and has a reach advantage. He’s scared

  7. Jesse says:

    R u guys high?! It would take place at LHW cuz bones can’t drop weight and silva is 2-0 at LHW in Ufc. Wrestling-bones. Size- bones reach- bones athletic ability- bones (look at brothers..) striking- I say equal but for argument sake we’ll say silva. U guys silva has beat chimps.. Bones is demolishing arguably the most competitive division. The title has switched places so many times before jones embarrassed everyone. He’d put silva on his back and win via GNP. FYI Mir blows.. Pat berry?!? Who the fuck is that?? Is that the guy who got beat by struve and Cro cop!? U guys are retarded

    • Nando says:

      You’re insane if you think Jones’ striking is even close to Silva’s

    • Dan says:

      Couldn’t agree more with you, my points exactly! You know your shit, Bones wins it

    • Gerald says:

      reach…… while jon has the reach anderson has the range. anderson can do massive damage from anywhere. Jon doesnt have what it takes to beat Anderson. even at LHW. Talent can only get ya so far. and to be real Evans can beat Jones. Dan can beat Jones. Jon needs some Knockout Power which he really lacks. i mean yeah his tricks come with power but none of it is KO ready. and when you have a fighter that can knock you out while back up im sorry thats knockout power. thats Anderson Silva

    • KIDD433 says:

      JESSE,that is the most retarded shit ive ever heard.Anyone who says Jone’s striking is equal to Anderson’s,is a stupid a fuck and dont know anything about striking or martial arts at that.Jones striking is terrible!The only reason he lands is because his limbs are so fuckin long.and he gives back kicks a bad name.

  8. Mr.Rusk says:

    Jones wins by gnp

  9. Taimanglo says:

    So the question here guys is who is better. Better at what? Anderson is a better entertainer in the Octagon, more precise and has a better skill set. Jones is very dominate, more powerful, and more atheltic but skill level is not at full potential. so as of now I chose Anderson as the better Mixed Martial Artist.

  10. sykoMMA says:

    P4P champ is Jose Aldo without a doubt

  11. fortyb4five says:

    Anderson would just outclass Bones Jones.

  12. Sherwin says:

    I think both have an equal shares of winnings, i bet 50/50 chances on both fighters… cant wait to see the fight. God Bless UFC.

  13. Michael hamlin says:

    Jones is better and deep down Dana knows it !!!

  14. Jay says:

    Jones striking isn’t nearly as clean n crisp as Andersons but that would be his only advantage in.the fight. Jones would throw Silva around n finish him with the hellbows. Sonnen proved if u.can get Silva to the ground you can win if you have the brains to not get lazy or caught. Jones has a very methodical way with his gnp he is patient and always maintains wrist control before releasing the elbows. But while the fight was on the feet Jones would be at a disadvantage unless he kept Silva at the end of his punches.

  15. Xaninho says:

    Skillwise Silva is by far the better fighter.

    But unfortunately Jones has a few physical advantages which could even things up a bit.

    Weight advantage
    Freak 84 inch arms.
    Age advantage.

  16. Jay says:

    Funny how ppl think the reach advantage will disappear at HW. He will still have the longest reach in the UFC. His body will fill out n ppl will find a new excuse to hate lol give him another year or 2 n bet them tooth pick legs fill out too.

    • Xaninho says:

      True his arms are longer than Stefan Struve’s! Only thing is his weight advantage will disappear.

      The reach advantage will still play a factor although not as big of a factor as now. Most HW’s do have longer reaches than the LHW’s, so it wil be a matter of a few inches instead of the massive 10 to 11 inches advantage he has now.

      • Jay says:

        Ben Rothwell has an 80in reach, schaub has a 79in, and gonzaga has 76in, safe to say he will probably only fight one of them when he moves up on his way to the title shot. Other than them his reach is still at least 8 to 10 inches longer than everyone else. Yes the weight advantage disappears but his speed and athleticism don’t. He already fights around 220 or so at lhw and says he would like to weigh in around 240 for hw. His speed will stay while he gets stronger. Jones is yet to fulfill his true potential n only been training 4 years or somethin like that. It’s scary to think how good he will be.

  17. Jay says:

    This fight will never happen they have both said this. They are good friends and Jones sees Silva as kind of mentor. Silva will not have a super fight to end his career with. It’s sad Dana fucked us all out of Silva vs GSP.

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