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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 10:06 am

Phil Baroni: Let the fighters take roids! | MMA NEWS

By Chase Raymond:

In a recent interview with, “The New York bad ass” Phil Baroni said they should let fighters take steroids. His argument is he just wants to see the best fighters in the world compete no matter what they do or take. All though I understand where he’s coming from, I am not sure I agree.

Interviewer: Do you (like me) not care about the steroid issue and simply want to see the best fighters compete, or is it getting silly at this point and fighters should clean up?

Phil Baroni: I want to see the best fighters; I want to see who is the strongest the best!
Guys should be able to do what ever it takes to be the strongest. Getting choked and kicked in the head is really bad for you, worse that pot, trt, or steroids. I don’t care who’s the cleanest, I wanna’ see the strongest, the fastest and the most gnarly fighters.
I don’t want to see who is the best at passing drug test. Overeem isn’t the only guy taking shit, he just got caught. I wanna’ see the baddest mother fuckers going at it. That’s why pride was the best I wanna see a 205 (ripped) Wanderlei Silva kill dudes!


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  1. TRUTH says:

    Everybody takes shit, Overeem did get caught. Still I’m not for it, as far as Wand 205 Roids he didnt have the chin to take Hendos punches, Cro Cops head kick. He made a career beating Japs who nobody knows, Pride Rampage who even Sakuraba beat. MOST MMA Fighters are on shit though, thats why I love BJ and Nick Diaz they dont take anything and come to fight, whoop peoples asses and win belts.

    • rattlecanran says:


    • Pot is not allowed but steroids are??? says:

      I totally agree with TRUTH , and for ” the new york badass” , Steroids are for BITCHES

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Rampage has never been on steroids, he eats cupcakes and twinkies in between fights LOL, in between fights he’s been know to walk around 250lbs I seriously doubt most of that weight is muscle. LOL He’s the LHW Cung Le in between fights. I also doubt Sakaraba has been on steroids because Royce got caught abusing after his fight with Sakuraba but Sakaraba was clean. Both fighters have never been caught.

      LOL It’s funny that Royce used steroids because he doesn’t look like he’s done any strength training in his life.

      • Jonesy says:

        He didn’t say either Rampage or Sakuraba were on steroids in that post. At all.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It wasn’t clear based on his phrasing. I didn’t insult him. I still think it’s funny that Rampage and Cung Le load up on Oreos and Twinkies in between fights.

  2. trololol says:


  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    If that’s not an admission of guilt idk what is.

  4. jbeamazing says:

    mmmm…. wonder why he would say that lol minus his usage he might be a fly weight

  5. A.James says:

    Yeah that’s why this guy has dropped off the planet.

  6. barn says:

    good way to set an example for these young kids who look up to the fighters

  7. Mach00man says:

    That’s not smart. The fighters can’t get licensed if they take PEDs. Think about it. It’s already a violent sport as it is. There are people out there that hate the existence of MMA . So to make an already violent sport even more violent with amped up fighters would kill the sport. Some states like New York don’t want it there and with the allowance of PEDs, it would most likely get kicked out of other states as well and the UFC and the rest of MMA would be back in the stone ages again. If a fighter can’t fight clean, then he/she shouldn’t be fighting at all.

  8. Rashad vs Machida II says:

    I never cared for Baroni…this guy sucked from his early UFC days to Pride to now. His physique was courtesy of steroids, and he will suffer the health consequences later in his life. But, if he wants to allow fighters to use, he can start his own fighting league and make his own rules. Easy answer, Baroni.

  9. Lol says:

    Im against roids but if these guys are willing to cut their nuts off just to take someones head off fuck it let them have it

  10. chris says:

    Ok Phil. We’ll do that…

  11. Jiu-Jitsu Is Life says:

    This guy is going to get knocked the fuck out by chris holland…

  12. papi frita says:

    phil baroni is a piece of shit. end of story

  13. Dick Diaz says:

    i’m against steroids for any combat sport outside of fencing lol, dudes hitting and colliding into each other while taking these things… it really is a difference between the ability to hit a baseball harder and hitting another man’s face… feel me?

    • Silvas scared says:

      Couldn’t agree more man. There are some out there that don’t think Roids make you hit harder but that’s horseshit it makes you stronger so think about how that helps an MMA fighter! In the clinch, on the ground, take downs haha punches!! It’s dangerous and just plain out fucking unfair. I think that of all the sports PEDS are used in it is MOST beneficial for a fighter!

  14. qtmma says:

    Only this juice head would make a statement that contradicts itself. To be the best but use a false strength isn’t being the best. You want to find out who the best fighter is in the world or who can take the most steroids without dying and still compete?!? Its called mixed martial arts. Even dating back to its roots it has always been a contest between 2 practiced warriors who spent most of their lives dedicated to a style. Let it remain that way.

    • bertram says:

      you do you know that there isnt ONE single case of death directly attributed to steroids? and that they do little to know harm when used properly….i bet you didnt. you probably also believe that vitamins can cauzse death too, but advil is healthy right lol

      • Silvas scared says:

        Key words ” used properly ” 14:1 or 16:1 is far from properly my dude.

        • bertram says:

          lmao my dude, well you realize thats epitestosterone ratio right. my dude? not any proof for steroid abuse

        • Silvas scared says:

          It’s a T & E ratio FAG. Testosterone to Epitestosterone .
          Read a book and move out of your mothers basement.

      • Eric says:

        Im afraid you are wasting your time. Most of the people here have no clue what steroids are and haven’t seen the impact first hand so they try and relate steroids to what they know, video games, and they think steroids are like super amazing clear the whole level power ups. Steroids are about RECOVERY, allowing your body to recover from the stress to your muscles. Get over it people and get informed.

        • Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face says:

          Agree. Why not take something that makes you better at your profession? Doctors, students, pilots take something to make them better at performing. And it’s only about recovery, why not help speed up recovery so they can get back to training. Just some food for thought.

      • Adam Hutchison says:

        Bertram, you are as big of a dumbass as Baroni. Are you a statistician on medical deaths or what? How the f*uck do know there have never been any deaths due to steroids use?

        • bertram says:

          i know because i study health in university my friend. its the same as vitamins, the pharma industry leads you to believe that you can OD on vitamins but there are no reported cases either. the only people who say steroids cause death, are those who have a financial interest in doing so.

      • toneloc24 says:

        The Center for Disease Control lists the number of deaths due to anabolic androgenic steroids at 3 per year…. Idiot

  15. Justen says:

    I agree with this.

  16. dave cowin says:

    That’s fine and dandy, but what about those fighters that care about their health? Is it fair to let some of these knuckle dragging roid monkeys take shit that would give them a competitive edge over a clean fighter? What about the example it sets? Baroni has never been known to be too intelligent, but this takes the cake…

  17. bertram says:

    you guys posting here are all so ignorant to the truth and facts about steroids. i dont use them, but dont look down on those who do. you act like taking an injection instantly means you have talent or muscle. you do realize that if a bodybuilder takes testosterone, he still has to do the work to gain the muscle? or if a fighter takes something, he still has to have talent and skill to do anything with that muscle gain, or faster recovery. you all act like steroids turn guys into super humans. it makes recovery better, or some make you gain weight, some make you lose it, some make you faster, or stronger. do your rsearch before you chirp and form an opinion on somebody using them. in my opinion, it isnt any more cheating than a protein powder, or creatine, or N02. its just more effective. stop hating, and stop talking about shit when clearly you dont actually have education on the subject. idiots

    • Silvas scared says:

      YOU are a fucking IDIOT. So your argument is Steroids are NOT performance enhancers?

      • bertram says:

        lmao again, my dude, you’re an idiot. my argument is that at all, my argument is that you and every other moron on here knows dick all about steroids or supplements and shouldnt talk until you do. sorry to burst your bubble my dude

        • Silvas scared says:

          It IS that or it ISN’T that? Which? Listen up FAG. Saying that you still need to train is fucking stupid when the drugs you take allow you to train 10 times harder and longer isn’t it?

        • bertram says:

          lol easy tough guy, im afraid now. but no, it isnt stupid. its the same arguement as barry bonds has against him. people say roids made barry bonds. but thats wring, hand eye coordination, timing, and years of practice made barry have his wing. roids just made him stronger and able to recover better as he got older. you could take roids all you want, but if you couldnt hit a barn door with a punch, then that good recovery time and big tricep isnt gonna do much good is it?

      • bertram says:

        i dont think anywhere in my statement i said they arent performance enhancers, you somehow drew that conslusion though. which is really a testament to your IQ, or lack there of…

        • Silvas scared says:

          Do me a favor just admit to me that you are borderline retarded because your mother and father are actually brother and sister. Then I can understand why you are the way you are.

        • bertram says:

          and no my mother and father arent brother and sister lol. i applaud the originality of your chirp though 😉

          and im not retarded haha, i doubt id be able to be in university if i was! well maybe actually, some ‘retarded’ people are actually clinically genius, so maybe i am retarded? do you feel like a big man now that i admitted i might be retarded? if it will make you feel better about your sad pathetic life, then yes, i am retarded lol.

        • bertram says:

          just noticed the “read a book” and “move out of your mothers basement” comments you left me lol. haha again, very original. do you need to talk? i realize you likely had a tough upbringing, which is why you feel the need to try and abuse and prove your worth through your keyboard, but im here to tell you that that isnt the best way to take our your anger. have you tried going to a gym? getting secondary education? playing sports? getting laid? or do you simply find that being an internet tough guy is the best way lol.

        • i agree with bert says:

          bertram is right bro, there are 40 types of roids I am aware of and the one most fighters under heavyweight use is stana. It is not what is commonly sold by ur gym drug dealer (deca) and it isnt something you have to grab off the black market or in japan (furazabol?). Stana is probably used by every fighter and there would be sufficient choice in masking agents to stop it showing on a piss test. Also, he is right about steroids are only for repair and recovery, they dont make you train harder, thats what ephedrin, clenbuterol, caffiene are for. I also love it how ppl talk shit about roids on here not knowing ANYTHING lol.

        • bertram TOOK STEROIDS!! CHEATER! says:

          ROID RAGE! Lol

    • rattlecanran says:

      Well put. Dana white knew overeem was using.. Look at the fucking guy lol. Steroids cant teach you how to fight

    • JBomb says:

      Tell that to AO. He sucked dick and had a shit record in pride, then all of a sudden he is a 265 pound beast that is so much better.. GTFO

    • Jon says:

      But you forget that it is illegal for a reason! Misusing this shit is dangerous for the user and their opponent. And although it does make you stronger, faster and recover quicker it is also killing you on the inside. Just use protein, get a good diet, get good rest, train your technique. Sure the fighter will have to work twice as hard but at least he’ll have pride and still have his balls hang low and his head high instead of pussying out and taking steroids.

    • Jon says:

      You still forget that they are illegal! Misusing this shit is dangerous for the opponent and the user. Sure it helps you get stronger faster and recover quicker but it also kills you on the inside. Just train, eat under a good diet and get good rest. The fighter may have to work twice as hard but he’ll be healthy and have some dignity and have his balls hang low while he holds his head high.

    • Ben Nusbaum says:

      Alright… “my dude.” First of all, what makes you any more educated or worthy of giving an opinion than anyone else? Second, I agree that supplements and similar in that they can help change your body and give you that edge to work harder, etc. The bottom line is that supplements aren’t banned substances and PED’s are.

      It doesn’t matter what you say, what I say, what Phil Baroni says, or even what Dana White says. They aren’t in charge of how the system works. At this juncture in the sport, PED’s are not allowed, period.

  18. lance says:

    It is a very dangerous sport as it is. Why add more strength and power to it? People can die…

  19. Michael hamlin says:

    What a trash can!!!

  20. Bc says:

    Baroni’s success or lack of us a pretty clear example of skills making the fighter not juice

  21. Mat says:

    Well of course Baroni says this, he’s been busted before. Thing is, steriods aren’t actually bad for you. All a steroid is is a hormone that your body produces anyway, it’s just more of it. All that shit about your nuts getting smaller, bullshit if you use them correctly. What happens is when you pump yourself up with an absurd amount of male hormones, which are the ones that build muscle, your body compensates by producing estrogen. No big deal, guys don’t want to hear it but estrogen is a much more prevalent hormone is every human than testosterone. You ingest way more estrogen from your diet, and from plastics leaching into our water then your body should build to compensate. (look this shit up if you don’t believe me, numerous animal species are experiencing massive declines in the number of males born due to our pollution – plastic waste is a synthetic estrogen) the issue stems from people injecting too many male hormones, to the point where there body overproduces estrogen and ceases to produce male hormones. The scary thing is that in some documented cases your body will never begin to produce the male hormones on it’s own again. Overeem and other MMA fighters are not using this level of steroids. It wouldn’t be effective to use this many steroids. Can you imagine a guy who looked like Ronnie Coleman fighting in the UFC? Of course not, that guy may weigh 300 lbs and be able to rip Overeem’s head off if he got to him, but Overeem would be way to quick to get caught in a choke by anyone looking like that. I think it’s obvious that allowing athletes in sports like football to take steroids is a mistake, guys running full speed into each other do not need unnatural ways to make their bodies even more powerful – oh wait, steroids already are a rampant problem in football. In MMA though guys are more controlled, and the hits are nothing like a real hard tackle in football. Regulated and researched, and prescribed by doctors who know what they’re doing, steroids would not be a danger to MMA athletes. Steroids help, but using them to the point of danger to one’s health would actually detract from a high level mixed martial artist.

    I am not saying Overeem should be allowed to fight on May 26th. I’m just as bummed as everyone else that the fight is cancelled, but Overeem is cheating and should be punished. I know something about the topic though and have long thought that people are refusing to look at this from every angle. As long as we consider steroids cheating this problem will never go away, so we may as well investigate if there is a safe way to use them. It could be that my limited knowledge of the topic is wrong, but someone needs to prove that. I personally think it’s much more dangerous to the athletes abusing the steroids and their clean opponents to be operating under the current system where we pretend guys aren’t doing this. We should have the best doctors helping these athletes use the safest types and amounts of steroids, instead of some dumb athlete doing it himself and fighting a guy who isn’t on these drugs.

    Sorry for the novel, and I’m sure many of you disagree, but this issue isn’t going anywhere and we need to provide the safest way for these athletes to compete. This needs to be based in reality also, not some dream land where we can administer the perfect test to every athlete and eliminate PED usage, or where we can trust people to really not use these drugs when they say they aren’t. Just something to think about.

  22. Ruben says:

    So he says its not a safe sport so he wants to make it even more un safe? By letting fighters take stuff that will badly damage their bodies and giving them extra power to lay down even harder beatings….Baroni is a dumbass

  23. I think baroni should nick name himself the new york dumbass after reading this shit.he probably takes roids himself, should stick to under wear modeling I say cuz we all know he can’t fight for shit

  24. tank says:

    Well either way baroni is still dumb and even if there is an argument for steroids his sucked. And with AO I think junior would have tor him apart anyways.

  25. Ted says:

    if there were no rules on drugging in mma what would stop a fighter from smoking some PCP before a fight.

  26. f$%ktardsRus says:

    Just one thing to say. Watch the documentary film, “Bigger, Faster, Stronger*”.

  27. fight fan333 says:

    Stupid meat head. Roids are for cheaters.

  28. MMA Knowitall says:

    Proper ethical use of anabolic steroids to help people recover strength after serious illness or accidents / injuries. The whole pro-steroids argument is hilarious to me. I’m sure no case of domestic violence brought against a pro athlete using roids could possible ever be attributed to use of said steroids. And the whole reason anabolic steroids are considered illegal to use outside of proper medical practice is because they have abso-FUCKING-lutely no detrimental effects on the on the psychological or physical health of the person using them. Go on and do your steroids, because your coach back in high school said it was safe and hey, who the fuck would know better than that guy? Some of us aren’t naturally as strong or athletic as other. Seriously, tone your childish fucking egos down or at least stop making ridiculous justifications for what you do. There are enough threats to the safety of other people without more neanderthals juicing themselves up and looking to snap at the first person who blinks at them.

  29. Unbelieveable tekkers says:

    Phil Baroni is obviously a fuckin retard! Imagine if Anderson Silva fought on gear? He would literally kill people. If that roid rage kicks in whilst some one is being ground and pounded I doubt a refs like Yamasaki or Mazzagati would be able to stop in time. If all fighters used PEDs I guarantee some one dies quickly!

  30. Donnybrook says:

    Baroni’s stock just dropped… not that he had much anyways.

  31. i agree with bert says:

    Pro’s talk about roids-> interview gets put on web-> fuckwit at desk decides to chip in about roids with no experience or knowledge-> makes entire web dumber for reading responses.

  32. Pijan says:

    Someone’s on steroids.

  33. MMA4life says:

    Phil “what a load of Baloni” Baroni

  34. Flex juice monkey says:

    Baroni is right. Fuck it. Don’t test. Just fight. It’s sports, these guys are just trying to not get caught. All successful athletes use. The dumb ones get caught. Let them use, let them entertain us. I’d rather see a ripped up wandy raging across the cage than the loser in there now! War pride, war roid rage!

  35. Nick says:

    This guy is an idiot “Getting choked and kicked in the head is really bad for you, worse that pot, trt, or steroids” getting choked does not do anything you pass out and wake up again and while getting kicked in the head may cause some neural damage they are not as long term detrimental to your health as steroids Besides fighters taking steroids is like going fishing with a stick of dynamite. Once everyone got huge there would be no need for the skill of the ground game everyone would just get knocked out. Stupid

  36. D says:

    Fuck steroids. Let the fighters do some speed or coke before the fight. That would more interesting.

  37. its called freedom of speech says:

    Why is everyone called baroni an idiot and this and that. The guy isn’t a scholar, he’s a fighter with the nick name new york bad ass, wears glasses and fluffy robes indoors, why is anyone even taking what he says seriously. He said what he wants and believes and that’s his right, might not agree with it but he’s intitled to his opinnion just like everyone else, no matter how dumb he sounds. People cheat in all walks of life, its really a personal choice and if you spend most of your life lifting, training, fighting and tearing down your body, then steriods, or trt, or pot, or whatever you put in your body is your call. People who decide to be clean and natural are making that choice, just like those who choose to not be clean, are making that choice. Let people make their own decisions and be done with it. Look at american freeways compared to the autobaun, way more deaths on the 101 and the 5 freeway per month then a whole year on the autobaun w people driving 200 miles and hour cuz now ones telling em what to do. Are guns unfair too now? You bring a bat to fight me and I bring a gun, sorry but that’s your choice and your fault, I’ve trained but never faught and did serve in the USMC, but if I’m getting locked into a cage with a trained mma fighter, then I’m probably gonna have roids squirting out of my eye balls. Sorry for the rant, don’t usually post, but this steroid stuff is getting annoying.

  38. its called freedom of speech says:

    We call these people warriors, or soliders and then expect them to be model citizens, ever been in a war? Not many rules in a war, so if they call himselves warriors and such then let them have at it. You people all act like juicers never loose. If as many people are doin it as we think then plenty of them are still getting their asses kicked so what’s the deal with all the bitching about it. Look at coleman and kerr, they fucked their bodies for a decade of fame overseas, their choice and they still got their asses handled to them by plenty of people.

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