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Thursday, 04/19/2012, 04:49 pm

Greg Jackson | Willing to Let Bygones Be Bygones with Rashad

Greg Jackson tells MMA weekly in a recent interview about UFC 145

“I’m certainly willing to let bygones be bygones. I’m never a guy that holds a grudge.  That will be up to him”

Greg Jackson goes as far as taking responsibility for his part in the escalating feud between Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and former Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans.

“I always try to take my responsibility in every situation, even if it doesn’t go well. There was a protocol thing that I’ve said before that I said was big, we should have had earlier on, and I think that’s directly and 100-percent my fault that we didn’t have a plan for when this stuff would happen,”

“I take responsibility on that end of it for sure. We weren’t ready for it. A lot of people had to pay prices for that.”

Sadness and regret fills Jackson’s heart due to extreme animosity both prize fighters share for each other.

“I’m going to make mistakes. I’m a human being. I’m not perfect at all.  It was just an oversight.  I didn’t wake up maliciously one morning like I’m going to do this stuff.  It was more like I should have done this and in hindsight I can see that. It just wasn’t a reality up until Jon and Rashad,” said Jackson.

“I feel like I could have done that much better. I don’t think Rashad had to react the way he did and things kind of escalated quickly because of that, but it was my fault that I didn’t have a plan for it.”

Jackson since has been proactive in ensuring a situation like Jones vs. Evans will not happen again in his camp.  The example for this newly created protocol will be none other than GSP vs Condit.

“We have protocols for that now and it’s exemplified by the fact that Carlos and GSP are fighting each other now and there’s no animosity. They don’t hate each other. There’s no huge deal or any drama, or anything like that. A lot of it is about the reaction of the person,” Jackson commented.

“Georges is still solidly on the team. Carlos is still solidly on the team. Everybody is still one unit, but we’re just going to have these situations where we’re going to have to fight each other now. That goes for any time two people are on the team; I don’t corner either of them. Those are the protocols. There’s others too, but that’s the one that’s important. If you are both members of the team, I’m not going to corner against you.”


19 Responses to “Greg Jackson | Willing to Let Bygones Be Bygones with Rashad”

  1. Crunk Bandicoot says:

    GSP is barely under greg’s training, he’s under firas zahabi. Condit only trains under jackson (i think), so why won’t he help his own fighter?

    because gsp pays him more.

    • Yeas says:

      I don’t think its important how much GSP actually trains there as it would be the psychological impact of seeing your cornerman in the other corner when you’re still affiliated with the team. It would feel like you’ve been counted out. But you are 100% correct, the lack of Jackson is a bigger deal for Condit than GSP.

  2. jbeamazing says:

    how nice of him

  3. DMAC says:

    Meanwhile I’ll still be in JBJs corner calling out things to do to finish you Rashad.

    • John says:

      That’s what I was just gonna say! It’s like, what the fuck? How is it OK now but not in the future? This guy really needs to practice what he preaches. I’ve no doubt he has a good heart, and means well, but hell, he’s being a hypocrite if he corners Jones.

  4. true mma says:

    I’m sick of Greg Jackson. Will he please shut the fuck up.

    • lolziez says:

      sick of him doing what? i dont understand your issue as to why you think he needs to “shut the fuck up” is there something he said that somehow determines the outlook on your future in someway? maybe lowered the bar on your self worth with his words?

  5. MMA fan says:

    “If you are both members of the team, I’m not going to corner against you.”
    – Greg Jackson

    Jones is a member of Jackson’s team. Rashad is a member of the Blackzilians. There is no issue as far as this fight is concerned: Jackson is cornering his fighter, Jones.

    As far as GSP is concerned, he said in an interview he is definitely a part of Jackson’s MMA gym. But the difference between the two fights (GSP/Condit and Bones/Evans) is that not only are GSP/Condit fine with fighting each other, they both are being professionals about it by not taking anything personally. Evans definitely took things personal and took his case to the media. Jones broke and began defending his team and himself and took the argument to a higher level. And that’s where we are today. Fight day can’t come soon enough.

  6. mike0414 says:

    Why did i know Jackson would weasel out of Condits corner? GSP rarely trains there but somehow Jackson makes it like he is there every day. If he was this real genuine man he wants us to believe the sneaky fuker would be in Condits corner. I guarantee ya that if GSP was there every day and Condit was there once ever six months he sure as hell would be in GSP corner.

  7. Curtis says:

    What a coach Greg is coaching condit to run away from diaz. Run Carlos Run!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BJ PEN vs GSP 3 says:

    I understand that he will be neutral GSP vs Condit …but i think he should be neutral as well EVENS vs Jones ,,, because Evens make Greg Jackson gym and he consider him a brother for so long…I thought that Rashad have this fight in beg when Jackson said that he wont corner JON …but i think Greg knowing Rashad as long as he know him going to make big adventig for JON……..This is personal if i am RASHAD i would hit Greg in head after fight regardless what would happen after…(for sure i would not shake hand or hug him)) i wish every fighter live greag school ….He doing unethical and he is not far at all….

  9. Bjj BB says:

    Hes doing now only cuz rashad is not part of there team anymore, hes

  10. Bjj BB says:

    With the blackzillions, b4 rashad went there he was not going to corner eather one, get u facts str8!!!

  11. A.James says:

    This is all hype to sell the fight. I don’t believe it’s as serious as these guys want us to believe.

  12. BJ PEN vs GSP 3 says:

    i really believe this is all fake shit ..i think they all 3 of them gona cry after fight and greg and jone gona welcome rashad beck home and of course rashad going to acept the deal….i think this is all HYPE to cash situation because both of them gonna cash in more then 5 milion dallars more then regular fight….if this be true i was big fun of rashad that would change 180 deegres…

  13. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Agree with you man. Evans and Rashad will meet in the middle of the Octagon, regardless of who wins, and the loser will raise the winner’s hand.

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