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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 02:02 pm

Frankie Edgar Proclaims Henderson Woke Up A Sleeping Giant

UFC 144 Feb. 26 2012 Franky Edgar former UFC Lightweight champion lost his title to new Champ Ben Henderson.  This fight was so close it sparked an immediate rematch between the two fighters.  Though the UFC has not yet set a date for this fight, we already hear a buzz.

Edgar is no stranger to rematches he’s had to give rematch fights to two of his title defense opponents – the first to BJ Penn when the first fight ended in controversy.  The second fight ended with his hand raised. Next was Gray Maynard, Gray had already beat Edgar back in 2008 via unanimous decision.  The second fight went to a draw and the third fight an immediate rematch fight ended with Edgar winning by KO.

Now Franky Edgar gets his turn in a rematch fight for the UFC lightweight Belt with Ben “Smooth” Henderson.  In a recent interview with MMAweekly Franky says, “My coaches are pretty crazy so we’re game planning already, nothing to crazy.  Obviously the fight hasn’t even been announced but you can never be to prepared.”

 After watching the fight what do you see good and bad?


 “Yea, there’s definitely things I can do to make the fight go more my way.”

The interview continues with the interviewer asking what do you do differently when preparing for these rematches because of the success he’s had.


“It has to do with not only myself but my team they get to look at the previous fight, they have a kind of a guide to look by and see what thing we can improve on and I execute well.

When asked about taking Ben Henderson’s best shot, Edgar says the up kick was possibly the hardest he’s ever been hit. He goes on to say that Ben has awaken a sleeping giant!


56 Responses to “Frankie Edgar Proclaims Henderson Woke Up A Sleeping Giant”

  1. Doc Santos says:

    A sleeping giant? Man you’re a featherweight lol.

  2. Rondo says:

    Sleeping little giant, that’s motivated,this second fight is gonna be sik!

  3. Tom says:

    I’ve been using this site to find MMA news for a few months now, and while I typically love the speed at which these articles come out and the style with which they’re written, I’ve noticed that many of the new articles have been very poorly written. The last thing anyone wants to see is a online journalist getting their “there’s” and “they’res” mixed up, or calling a fighter both “Frankie” and Franky,” or making the many other grammar errors I’ve seen in recent articles that would take far too long to explain. Please BJPenn . com, have your articles reviewed before they’re posted, and be more careful in hiring writers for your site. Very unprofessional.

    • Bd says:

      Anal fag…. Vete a la verga!

    • Love not Hate says:

      Haterism is alive and smelly! Go hate on another MMA site fag boy!

      • Tom says:

        So it’s “haterism” to ask that they do their job and write shit properly or question their writing skills? If you’re going to call anything that questions these writers “haterism” and write it off rather than actually thinking for yourself, what keeps them from twisting the news stories for more views?
        Also, saying “love not hate” and calling someone a “fag” doesn’t really make sense. You homophobic bitch?

    • AV981 says:

      These writers are the worst form of journalism. If this is a profession for somebody or even a hobby they should get it right. It is part of the job. You don’t see firefighters using a shovel when the job calls for an axe. Both tools with long handles and a steel blade, but different tools for different things.

      It is part of the job to use the right tool, regardless if it is grammar for a “journalist” or an axe for a firefighter, or a drill for a dentist. It is their job to get it right.

      As for people who are not writers I don’t see messing up their words to be a problem. It is not something that matters to them and it is not so much their “job” to get it right. Usually only jerks who try to act smarter than people are the ones who are correcting them and making it a big deal. But they are the ones who are getting mad not the actuall grammar fail 😛

    • Shut the fuck up cunt… Who gives a flying fuck about different spelling.. Stupid fuck..

    • jonesy says:

      tom u have a good point..i get u spelling is bad…if u dont like it why dont u go back to the gay site u came from 3 months ago asshole..,,,most people on here are smart so they know frankie an franky are th same guy..there are not many writers here and they try hard to keep us up on alll the news…so go back u fukin serdog or wherever u came from u cry baby…

    • jared says:

      Tom please take your ass else where then, no 1 likes an anal retentive dick:)

  4. Love not Hate says:

    You really need to see a Doctor for OCD! hahaha!!! Do I smell a hater?

  5. nanjah boa says:

    WHAT a FAG!!! “there’s” and “they’res” mixed up, or calling a fighter both “Frankie” and Franky,” Are you serious Mr. Grammar police! LOL man I smell “Bitchassness” in the air….

    • CCLN says:

      theres a fine line between being unable to spell/write properly and being unable to report the news properly. if no one says anything, next thing you know they’ll be twisting their stories for more views. like av981 said, its part of their job. make them do it right.

  6. Xaninho says:

    That fight wasn’t anywhere near close! He got the rematch cause he wouldn’t stop crying for a rematch.

    • AV981 says:

      Thats how I feel. But Benson will get his chance to finish him. If this is a close decision that goes to Frankie then Benson should get a rematch too. Fair is fair right?

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah you’re right, if Edgar wins there should be a so-called rubbermatch to decide for once and for all.

        I expect a beatdown by Henderson though.

        • andy says:

          Beatdown… understatement of the year my friend. Bendo is gonne wreck Edgar’s ass like no other. He’s gonna beat Frankie so bad Gray Maynard is gonna feel it by association lol.

  7. Alan Bambi says:

    I think Benson is going to finish Franky or Frankie on this rematch! What do you guys and gals fags and dikes think?

    • Mark says:

      He cannot even finish Guida and Miller

      • andy says:

        Cause Miller gets finished all the time right? Oh wait, he’s never been finished! Clay Guida has been finished twice in the last 5 years. Two guys that just get finished if you look at them too hard! Bendo handled Miller, he tossdd Guida around, he threw Edgar a severe beating and finish or not Henderson is gonna beat Frankie’s ass again.

  8. Nick says:

    Close fight my ass. He had to cry for a rematch, he lost 4 rounds easily. And since when is 5’7″ a giant?

  9. Nick says:

    Maybe if the giant wasn’t sleeping he’d have helf onto the belt…

  10. seewithoutseeing says:

    Idk…man cuz dude choked out a tiger!!! and then made it it’s pet!!!

  11. Mark says:

    Benson for Unanimous Decision

  12. Bosh3 says:

    Benson is sick! Awesome dude- great fighter! He will do it again. He will beat up giant mouse again!

  13. Ruben says:

    If by his sleeping giant comment he means he will come out and actually FIGHT and not just win a points match then he could be in deep trouble, cuz his chin can’t handle what Henderson brings. He better play it safe and hop around on the outside and hope he doesn’t get clipped too badly

  14. Mike says:

    Ben manhandled his ass for 4 rounds. Why is he getting a rematch?

  15. Bjj BB says:

    @TOM!! The point is read between the lines, u know whats going on dont you? Try having to do this, where u have to write and post alot, your bound to mess up, only some dumbass would come on here and say what you wrote, no matter how good or great any1 is, your bound to mess up!! But wait, tom is perfect right? Fyi your the BITCH!!

  16. evol one says:

    Shut the fuck up, Frankie. Nobody wants your point fighting ass as champion anymore. Mister “I thought I had more takedowns” when he loses. If you shoot for takedowns at the end of each round to try to secure it with points, may you die in a fire.

  17. KIDD433 says:

    Shouldnt get a title shot.that fight was too one sided.BENDO looked way to big for him,by 15 lbs really showed in the exchanges.He was offered a shot at Aldo,he should’ve jumped on it.A better match up for him145 division could really use him.

  18. Tyler says:

    Well hopefully bendo will put you and the giant to sleep this time.

  19. JPizzle says:

    It’s “too,” not “to.” If you’re going to write, do it proper

  20. Scotty says:

    Frankie isnt going to change anything.. He hasnt changed his game plans in any of his fights and isnt improving.. I see the same guy, that fought BJ twice, same guy that fought Maynard 3x and the same when he fought Henderson.. I dont see him doing anything differently in the rematch while Henderson is going to just improve, change his plan, be more aggressive and finish Edgar!

  21. lex walker says:

    Ben is going to whoop his ass again but finish him this time

  22. High times says:

    Most of you are as dumb as a’s a figure of speech! He never said Ben woke a sleeping giant lol, he was implying that not having the belt anymore has woke him up and he knows he has to train harder in order to get his belt back. And even if he did say that who cares! because he 5 whatever? You guys are dumb

  23. Yogurt slinger says:

    Edgar is going to win this fight again, thought he had the first one, def taking the second one In a thriller

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