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Tuesday, 06/05/2012, 05:53 pm

Video | Chael Sonnen : I have a moral obligation to get rid of some of the trash in this business | UFC News

Chael Sonnen Q & A with Tapout Vids.

Chael Sonnen answers some questions about his MMA career, his life in West Linn, Oregon and about his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva.

Here is one highlight from the video.

“After I destroy Anderson Silva for the second time on July 7 at the MGM Grand and only on pay-per-view, no, I’m not gonna retire. There’s too many guys I need to beat up. I have a moral obligation to get rid of some of the trash in this business and specifically in the company the UFC. I’m gonna stick around until I fulfill my obligation to society.”


29 Responses to “Video | Chael Sonnen : I have a moral obligation to get rid of some of the trash in this business | UFC News”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    let the hate pour in lol

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Sonnen represents 99% of UFC trash himself. lets see STEROID CHEAT, FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON of FRAUD for STEALING 100K yeah I think that makes him the biggest pile trash in UFC and all MMA

      • jones says:

        your right,,,the guys a thief and a cheating steriod abusing convict..hos mouth i tiring..the one time i heard hi tell the truth was when he said he did not like anderson because he is jealous of him being the champ..and jealousy turned to rage…

  2. WrestlingRules says:

    You know Sonnen should run for office I’m sure there is alot of trash in Oregon

    • bxer says:

      He did,and end up with a felony on his record

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Sonnen can never work around money or any decsions that revolve around money. FEDERAL FELONY FRAUD limits Sonnen on what he can do after MMA.I predict one of the athletic commisions (NOT NEVADA because they are corrupt ie: Keith KIzer) will nail Sonnen again for steroid abuse. All any athletic commission would have to do is show up half way thru a training camp and we ALLKNOW damn well his testsoterone levels will be jacked up a mile just like he did in Silva fight. Sonnen has such a CHEATING/FRAUDULENT personality that he belives his little TRT exemption is a license to CHEAT. He just laughs about it and knows the UFC has his back no matter what he does and he knows Nevada won’t randomly test him and risk ruining or taking away millions from Las Vegas economy. Its just a big joke anymore now that they let Sonnen do and say whatever he wants. LOSER/CHEATS like Sonnen and Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt have destroyed so much of the UFC and all MMA’s credibility and set the sport back 10 years. If anyone else but Sonnen in the UFC committed the FEDERAL FRAUD felonies and CHEATED with steroids in a title fight would have been banned from the UFC for life. Dana white proved all he cares about is $$$$

  3. Nick says:

    Pretty lame interview. Bad questions. His book is pretty good though. I’m about halfway through it.

    • MAC says:

      I have read his book twice and its great. i enjoyed it so much. I’m surprised I could fit that book in my bag since it was full of focus mitts for some odd reason.

  4. bxer says:

    I think,when he talks about the trash he is talking in the mirror, used to think he was fun but,he is over himself,the most disrespectful guy in MMA, and he calls himself American? we don’t take shit from anybody! But never disrespect an entire country.

  5. jake says:

    And new ufc middlweight champion of the world Chael P Sonnen thats P for perfection.

  6. bovice warren says:

    And c for cocksucking

  7. Dan Jenkins says:

    He dedicates his first title fight with Anderson to his father (R I P) and how does he honor his dad he takes steroids well done fuckwit

  8. Roy G Biv says:

    yeah sonnen already gave silva everything he had and couldn’t do nothing with it. I just find it funny there actually giving him a chance, the only way he is going to win is by decision other than that it’s going to be a knockout or another submission win for silva.

  9. Mike says:

    Every interview is the same you can tell he’s tired if acting If he got the belt I think he would start acting all respectful right away

  10. Clay says:

    If chael gets beat I’m done with his bullshit. I mean come on how are u gonna dis anderson after all he’s accomplished

  11. Xaninho says:

    Well then Eunuchael Sonnen, easiest way to get rid of the biggest bag of trash is packing your bags and be on your way to the WWE fucking asshole!

  12. CombatRusse says:

    I’m tired of Sonnen
    Last time Anderson had a low guard (probably to protect his injured ribs) which allowed that mother fucker to close the distance and drop the champ
    This time , Anderson will show him the difference between the science of striking for MMA and brawling
    Second Round KO
    Then Sonnen will be smashed again by Hector Lombard before leaving this sport

  13. T.Daddy says:

    sonnen is gonna smash the spider…. again

  14. Jp says:


    You are a fucking idiot lol Oregon kicks ass compared to what ever faggy state you live in

  15. Xaninho says:

    I don’t think Sonnen can even spell the word moral.

  16. chael sonnen says:

    im going to smash anderson again for five rounds because im the best ever at never finishing any of my opponents. i know i just had my first UFC win inside the octagon against stann but im really looking forward to doing some more TRT…purchased from the money i laundered awhile back and give it another go against silva. upon my loss i will see if the WWE needs any new talent.

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