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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 05:34 am

Sonnen Calls Out Silva | I insulted your family and you didn't do a damn thing!

“I don’t’ know man, this guy says the craziest things, he is surrounded by such yes men and it’s unbelievable that he actually thinks like that. He talks about his legacy, he is so close to the trees that he can’t see the forest. Come to America and ask people what they think of him. I mean this guy is the real deal, wow, he became the number one contender when he beat up the great Chris Leben, he then defended his belt against the great Patrick Cote and the amazing Thales Leites, what a star this guy is. What about the fact that I called him out for six years, ‘He disrespected my family.’ Yes, I did and what did you do about it? You didn’t do a damn thing and you’re not going to do anything on July 7th. Get your excuses ready now Anderson. I told everybody the first time I fought him that our skills are not even close, I will destroy him and I am going to tell you again now, our skills are not even close. So, go to your Ed Soares school of excuse making and get them handy because you are going to need them on July 7th.”

During yesterday’s pre-fight press conference Chael Sonnen didn’t back down from his stance on Silva. Even in front of his hometown crowd while answering questions for the Brazilian Media.



84 Responses to “Sonnen Calls Out Silva | I insulted your family and you didn't do a damn thing!”

  1. Thom says:

    bla bla bla i hope anderson puts him in the hospital.

  2. Xaninho says:

    What did he do about it? How about choking the fuck out of him? Silva will settle this inside the octagon once again.

    And Silva did beat Jeremy Horn, Forrest Griffin and Damian Maia. That’s 4 of Sonnen’s losses, bitchass tap out losses to be exact.

    Notice how he leaves out certain information like this to make his statements look genuine. Classic fraudulent behaviour, so fitting for a cheating fraud.

    He’s right about the skills not being close though, he has always been a can with a mediocre record and Silva is the P4P fighter.

    • jacob lee says:

      Silva choked him for 7 seconds and it was the armbar that made him tap dummy!

      Styles make fights…..Chael could lose to every guy anderson has beat, but that doesn’t mean chael would lose to anderson. If chael loses to Anderson its because his skills didn’t beat Anderson’s.

      And the fight should not have been stopped cuz chael did like a half of a tap and then went right back to work. you should have to tap at least three times, showing that yes you are giving up. I bet if the fight would not have been stopped Chael would not have tapped anymore and he would have found a way out!

      • Xaninho says:


        What I was saying, Sonnen is throwing names out to prove Silva hasn’t beaten good fighters. He conveniently leaves out the names of fighters who kicked Sonnen’s sorry ass, but got beaten by Silva.

        He did tap out. Nothing controversial about that tap. He tried to cheat ( what else is new) and say he didn’t, but he did.

        The eunuch is going to get beat up badly, lose AGAIN and I’m going to enjoy it.

      • chris says:

        Chael admitted he was asleep. It was a good stoppage.

      • Ronnin says:

        Wow! you really need to get Sonnen’s dick off your ass… He didn’t tap? This is the reason why Sonnen is always talking stupid shit, theres always people who will believe him no matter how stupid he sounds…

        • b_lum says:

          Pretty suresure you haveto it backwards…Chael talks all this shit, because he knows dumb fucks like you rage over it

        • keyboardkungfu says:

          pretty sure your statement doesn’t address this guys comment at all… he was discrediting sonnen not silva you idiot….

      • G-moneymaker says:

        Jacob lee, are you a f*cking idiot. Half a tap…he clearly tapped! Watch the replay dummy

      • Joel says:

        Sonnen has been known to use the “I-didn’t-tap!” BS. He clearly and intentionally tries to make his taps questionable so he can use as an excuse.

      • M says:

        Classic fanboy.

        Chael admitted he was asleep.
        He did a half tap because he was choked the fuck out. So yes, it was the choke.

      • Dee says:

        I really doubt that. That triangle choke was pretty tight, and other fighters beat him with the exact same technique, Forrest Griffin included. Maybe he’s learned it by now, but he did not know how to get out of the triangle then.

  3. T.Daddy says:

    Sonnen is gonna smash silva again but he won’t get subbed this time…. And the newww…lol

  4. maurice says:

    i luv how ppl just ignore the fact that anderson was injured and chael cheated during that fight. since then anderson has looked even more deadlier, didnt know that was even possible. and chael has looked even worse..without his elevated testosterone.

    • andy says:

      I love how people actually think Anderson was actually injured! Look, I’m no Chael Sonnen fan, but I’m also not am Anderson Silva fan, but let’s face it: Anderson wasn’t injured. If his ribs got hurt, it was because Sonnen did it. I think it’s stupid he said that and we know he only did it to save face because Sonnen did what he said he would and put the P4P king on his ass and beat him up. But that doesn’t matter becausd Silva still won. That’s why I think it’s dumb he did the whole “oh I came in with a rib injury” no he didn’t. Sonnen did it to him but it shouldn’t matter because he won anyway.

  5. Mach00man says:

    Ok so now that the fight is not in Brazil anymore he’s gonna start the trash talk back up and start calling Silva out again? Thanks a lot D.W.

  6. haha says:

    It’s funny how he mentions all the bums that Silva’s defended his belt against except for demian maia… I wonder why….
    Oh wait! I remember now… :)

  7. I Never Asked For This... says:

    Sonnen is fucking pissing me off now. I know it’s all promotion. And I don’t give a shit anymore, he’s fucking annoying and I hope he faces a 100% Anderson – We’ll probably see a repeat of Maia again, 5 rounds of Anderson treating Eunuchael like his bitch.

  8. thephrozenone says:

    chael just trying to sell tickets let him do him we all know silva gonna kick him in the throat chael is a strong wrestler probably one of the best but if he bring the bisping fight sonnen to a silva fight its gonna be a early night flat the fuck out.

  9. josh edwards says:

    dana looks like hes happy to see somebody get anderson ready to go atleast chael knows how to bring the best out of his opponents i mean who wouldnt come to fight after taking a verbal beatdown like that

  10. matt says:

    Sonnen clearly shows who is the better martial arts master just by his comments. The guy has no discipline and he thinks he can beat Silva? Comments like those are the reason why Sonnen displays he lacks the discipline to be an rite fighter. Martial arts isn’t all about skill but a mindset! This guy clearly doesn’t get it! Sonnen needs his jaw broke and then maybe he won’t talk shit anymore.

    • matt says:

      Elite fighter not rite fighter, my bad.

    • riDICKulous says:

      Martial arts? You f*ing kidding me? Martial artist will nv fight for money. For all your P4P fighters in the Ultimate Fake Championships, there are real martial artists out there who could finish your Anderson Silva, your Jon Jones, your Jose Aldo in just seconds. And dun even be so stupid to ask why they aren’t fighting. That’s cause like you said – martial arts is a way of life. Not for showcase and especially to make easy money. You guys are incredibly retarded. Yes you may have brains but definitely you can’t think for nuts!

  11. Jon-Michael Lentz says:

    Dana’s so excited when these two stare each other down lol

  12. Pijan says:

    I guess no one here watched the pre-fight Anderson Silva documentary ‘Like Water’ where he stated he wanted to tap Chael, NOT KO (as Ed had recommended), but submit him. He wanted to beat him at his own game, which he did. Chael is talking a lot of shit for someone who was put to sleep last time. I respect Anderson’s game, he doesn’t have to say shit, he put you to sleep. This is fighting, not Jerry Springer. We don’t do our fighting on stage, it’s done in the cage. You got your ass chocked out in the cage Sonnen. I guess like Mir said, everyone has short memory. Ya’ll forget what Silva has done before, he has some of the best standup in UFC. Whether his ribs were broke last time or not (I don’t think so I just don’t think Anderson was expecting it to take 5 rounds to submit him) but I do think Anderson let Chael take him down on purpose. This fight won’t be like that. Silva won’t be coming to submit Chael, he’ll be coming to knock his ass out. This fight won’t go 5 rounds, it’ll go 2. And hey, I could be wrong, I don’t think I am but we’ll see.

  13. Edgar Valdez says:

    Chael is a one trick pony with a big ass mouth the best thing about him is his interview skills he can definatley hype up a fight. This time when Anderson gets his neck he is going to sleep.

  14. bogart says:

    You guys crack me up! You believe this is anything more than marketing and entertainment? The ‘mean streets of West Linn, OR’ that he speaks of is nothing more than the second most affluent Portland suburb . (besides bordering Lake Oswego)

    He’s selling and marketing the fight … and doing a good job of it!

  15. Vassilis says:

    Exactly. Their skills are not even close. Silva’s are light years better! July 7 cannot come sooner!

  16. Justen says:

    I’m an American n I think Silva is the best fighter in mma. I also think if given the opportunity he would be the first to beat Jones n hold both titles simultaneously. Chael you are an idiot n I can’t wait for u to retire.

    • Ronnin says:

      Silva has said that he would never fight Jones. I think that Silvas has the experience, technique and skills, but Jones is a young, freak, cutting weight athlete that would destroy Silva on the ground. Silva knows this and he would be really stupid to get in against Jones

  17. jack says:

    I hope Silva humiliates him, and then hurts him

  18. brawler says:

    Damn Jacob is on a cheaters nuts. hahaha

  19. OZLO says:

    In all honesty, Sonnen will smash this guy. He really is overrated, beating guys like Okami, Maia, Leites, Cote, the great chris leben, Forrest, James Irvin lol, Rich, and the punching bag Vitor Belfort makes him the greatest of all time???
    Jones and GSP are fighting the best fighters in the world. The MW division has nothign to offer. I’m glad they brought in Hector Lombard. And actually another underrated fighter who should squash Silva is Paul Harriss.

  20. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    Call me a Silva fan boy if you must but, the one thing that bothers me is when people want to critique his opponents. Anderson didn’t choose his fights for one and for two he has always been given guys tooled to beat him so to speak. Not to go too far off track but Rampage was just in the media bitching about facing wrestlers all the time which is true cause these were guys with the skill set to beat him and there’s a purpose for that. Anderson is on another level of stand up then everyone else, his liquidity and flowing almost automatic striking makes matching him up against another striker a pointless match up. So when someone comes out and tries to say he never had top opposition it’s just ignorant. They were all top guys, just at what they do and what they did was ground work. You also can’t control someone else’s success rate after you fight them. Look at Mark Homminick for example. That guy was toted as being big shit an fight Aldo then Jose beats him and now everyone is fucking his face up. You could go back and say well he wasn’t a quality opponent that Jose defended the belt against but at the time he very much was……does any of the ramblings of a stoned man on the shitter make any sense to you?

  21. Brooks says:

    I am getting a kick out of all these ignorant people who think Sonnan is serious. He is playing up to the media, making himself big and the fight bigger. Ali did this and no one thought anything of it then. Now of course Ali could back it up. Time to see if Sonnan can.

  22. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen’s fanboys must enjoy his empty nutsack on their chin.

  23. jacob says:

    I would like to see vitor fight sonnen ,and I also think that bisping won his fight against sonnen

  24. spades says:

    Is everyone forgetting that Sonnen hit Silva 220 time in 5 rounds and couldn’t even daze him a little.

    Sonnen doesn’t have the power to stop Silva and there is no way he is going to submit him.

  25. Wilkov says:

    Sonnen is hands down THE best shit talker to ever grace the sport of MMA… Hell of a fighter too.

    That said, I’m not sure he can beat Anderson. Anderson is legitimately the best in my honest opinion. Chael is the one man in the division with a real shot I think, but ultimately Silva is probably too good. I’m really, really looking forward to the fight though.

    And also, my god is Chael gonna be interesting afterwards, win or lose… I don’t think he believes 90% of what he says, he’s just the best fight-hyper on the planet. And one of it’s best wrestlers to boot.

    • BRobs365 says:

      Agreed. The Chael you see when the cameras are on is a completely different entity. He hams it up and runs his mouth because he knows it’s going to hype his fight and get people talking about it. He comes off as the cockiest douchebag to grace the octagon, but he’s a good guy when the stage is gone. Not many fighters take a fan and his son backstage to meet other fighters after the fight.

  26. K2 says:

    It’s not their skills that aren’t even close, it’s their testosterone levels. Stupid Chael forgot what he wanted to say.

  27. K2 says:

    It’s not their skills that aren’t even close, it’s their testosterone levels. Stupid Chael forgot what he wanted to say. goddamn server problems probably gonna make this a repeat post…. well, it should be, cause Sonnen’s a cheater!

  28. CHAEL says:


  29. Tyler K says:

    Yea, cause Silva is gonna pull a Paul Daily (spelled wrong?) and lose his job cause Chael runs off at the mouth. This isn’t high school, Chael. No one worth their salt is gonna come punch you in the face just cause you say few jokes about his momma. Silva know’s he can handle him where it matters. I know the last fight kinda went “bad” for Silva, but I believe we’re all going to be surprised. And I think Chael will be most surprised when Herb Dean (or whoever) tells him he got kneed in the face while going for a take down and stiffened up like a nerd’s crank in gym class. Gonna be a damn good fight either way though. I’m looking forward to it.

  30. BRobs365 says:

    Sonnen has this business worked so hard it’s not even funny. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, people keep talking about him. The old saying in Hollywood goes “there is no such thing as bad publicity”. Sure he’s more famous for his mouth than his fights, but as long as he stays polarizing Dana will keep him in the spotlight, and Chael realizes this more than anyone.

    I see it going two ways; Chale wins in 5 by doing pretty much more of the same from the first fight, or Silva destroys him via Brutality-esque KO.

  31. Fran says:

    Sonnen it’s not an easy fighter ,he talks because he knows he can win and he knows he is good .and Anderson knows that.

  32. CHAEL MY HERO says:

    Silva disrespected his opponents in the ring and his opponents were scared of him.Finally a brave fighter that isn’t scared of silva and talks shit to that punk! CHAEL FTW!

  33. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    The spider will make an example out of SO-NONE! I think spider might be the only one capable of beating Mr. Bones. WAR BJ WAR!!!

  34. robert says:

    We will see how much he’s still talking when silva knocks his ass out

  35. Chael sonnen says:

    yes i forgot to mention how i enjoyed rubbing my face in andersons nuts before getting choked out. my best memory of my career.

  36. DBKlein69 says:

    i wonder if anderson is gonna say he had broken ribs when chael ragdolls him. again.

  37. Trey says:

    Anybody who thinks anderson is going to knock sonnen out your doling yourself theres only two ways this fight goes down one. Sonnen giving him another ass whippin but finishes him this time or he’s gonna pound a very clear decision outta him anderson silva is done and if anderson wins its going to be boring he’s going to run like condit ran from diaz

    • uncle chael says:

      I am a big sonnen fan, but anderson is a bad motherfucker! If chael fights like he fought Bisping, I see Silva ending it quick! The guy has some of the best stand up I have ever seen. I am not a fan of Anderson, but I respect his abilities. Cheal HAS to take him down and get him in side control or mount him real quick. If not, he runs the risk of getting knocked out or submitted again! He needs to stay out of his guard!! We don’t want him getting tapped again

  38. jimaayre614 says:

    Chapel is a jackass… this coming for a man who was finished 3 times by Jeremy horn….. loser…. he’s gonna get subbed again.. he has a really bad history of getting subbed… some people just can’t learn how to get of a nut trap…(trangle-chock)

  39. Rodrigo says:

    you guys need to get off the crack. if chael performs anything like he did against Bisping it will be a very short night for Anderson

  40. wayne wheatley says:

    you fucks are retarded. sonnen BARELY beat bisping and then lost to silva after laying on him for 4 rounds. and ohh yeah notice how silvas face wasnt even fucking bruised or anything after the fight. sonnen is a bitch and will just sit on silva the whole time. silva will knock him out plain and simple. Dana better have hector lombardi lined up for silva next cause sonnen aint doing shit fuck outta here

  41. Declan says:

    Sonnens a gobshite

  42. ste says:

    I really dont know how anyone can think sonnen has a chance. hes talked his way into this fight and i for one cant wait to see him get put out of action. i couldnt stomach seeing his spotty back again anyway

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