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Tuesday, 02/05/2013, 10:29 am

EXCLUSIVE: TUF 17 Fighter Adam Cella Blogs For BJPENN.COM (PART 1) | UFC News


This is my first time writing a blog so please bear with me. I’m looking forward to giving everyone a recap of each week’s episode. This week’s episode starts off with a recap of the team picks and the first fight that was chosen.

Jon Jones had the choice for the first fight and he chose Gilbert “Jamal” Smith to take on Team Sonnen number one pick, Luke “Big Slow” Barnett. Most of the guys on Team Jones really didn’t want Gil fighting Luke first, not because we think Luke was better, but because we had a plan, and most people stick to a plan… but not Gil.

We will get to the fight in a bit, but there were some issues we need to address first. It was clear to me that Gil was having a hard time mentally in just the first week. Whether it was missing his family, people questioning his cardio, or just the fact he was in the middle of the biggest opportunity of his life, I’m not sure, but when you’re in the back yard crying, something isn’t right!

I was in the backyard talking to him, and I was trying to see what was going on. From what I gathered from that talk, Gil was feeling like our team didn’t believe in him. Anyone that knows Gil knows that he needs to be told that he is going to win, he needs positivity around him. And he just wasn’t getting it. This is when the “ambush” issue came up… Our team saw him being emotional, and collectively we came to the conclusion that we didn’t want him to fight. But we couldn’t change Coach Jones’ mind, he decided to stick with Gil and move forward in our quest to dominate this season.

So the fight was finalized and Luke and Gil stepped on the scale and squared off. At this point the size difference is clear, but we all gather behind Gil and start putting our faith in him. Now it’s finally fight time – the fight was actually much closer than I remember. The first round, Gil went for takedowns and Luke defended most of them. And that really was the entire first round. Second round starts and again, more of the same, but then it must have clicked with Gil, “hey, I can punch this tall goofy guy in the face!” as soon as Gil threw a few punches and they landed, it was clear that he could win this fight with a knock out! But then, Luke timed a knee and out he went. After watching the fight a few times, I have to say Gil was taking that fight over. Congratulations to Luke, but Gil also put up a hell of a fight.

Now Team Sonnen gains control of the fight pick and chooses Uriah Hall, to take on myself. This is actually a fight that I wanted. I will break down next week’s episode next time, and you don’t want to miss what Dana calls, “the most brutal knock out in TUF history!” See you guys next week.

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10 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: TUF 17 Fighter Adam Cella Blogs For BJPENN.COM (PART 1) | UFC News”

  1. Ainokea says:

    Wow! What a way to spoil it for us.

  2. Bleeder says:

    Not sure why they’d let this fly and I don’t know too many guys who’d get knocked out, then go on a public forum to blog about it in this manner. I know if I was on the receiving end of a brutal KO, I sure as heck wouldn’t write about it… so one’s gotta ask.

  3. Bryan Levick says:

    Dana White said in last weeks episode that we’d see one of the sickest knockouts in fighting history. They even showed an ambulance. Adam will blog every week about what he remembers during the course of the week on the show. Hus next blog will be about last Tuesday until tonight. Everything he writes has to be approved by the UFC.

  4. Sean says:

    Adam. get off its a terrible website for intelligent reporting. you would get alot more views and feedback doing this n reddit like jimmy Q is.

  5. Obama says:

    I enjoyed the blog. Who cares thee will never be a shortage of haters >:)

  6. Ganjaman says:

    So Urijah hall was a fight you wanted?

    Well in retrospective we could say:” Be careful what you wish for”

  7. moe says:

    From the show, it looked like team JBJ was a bunch of bitches who were not supporting their team mate. Gil didnt pick the fight, and all your team did was demoralize him instead of trying to encourage him. If the team acted this way to you, I bet you would not have liked it either. Seems like everyone on that show even Uriah has doubts fighting people on that level, but the difference is that Uriah got support and not discouragement from others.

    anyhow I hope you are ok adam, you seem like a cool dude. Best of luck with the rest of the show and in your mma career.

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