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Wednesday, 08/15/2012, 10:32 am

BJPenn.Com Exclusive: Chris Weidman Believes He Has What it Takes to Finish Anderson Silva

UFC Middleweight Chris Weidman has been a busy man these days. Coming off a dominating win over fellow top contender Mark Munoz, Weidman is gunning for a shot at UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. The Silva camp seems to think that Weidman isn’t a big enough name yet, but fortunately for the Baldwin, NY native, the UFC is behind him and they are doing all they can to help build him into their next big star.

“The UFC has me doing more press than ever,” Weidman told BJPenn.Com. “I was on CNN, ESPN and Fox the week after the fight with Munoz. I’ve been training more than I thought I would be, sometimes twice a day. I want to try and stay in shape because you never know what may come up. I did a Q & A this past weekend in Denver, it was a lot of fun and I certainly had a good time. I was relaxed and didn’t get too nervous, it was a cool experience getting to talk with the fans.”

Going back to the win over Munoz, his dominating performance was a little overshadowed by referee Josh Rosenthal’s poor judgment and late stoppage which caused Munoz to take a lot of unnecessary punishment.

“I didn’t realize how bad the stoppage was while we were still fighting,” admitted Weidman. “After watching it on the replays I knew it was bad. I felt bad; I definitely hit him way too many times and really hard. I know I have to do what I have to do, but it was still rough watching it. I guess the ref didn’t see the elbow connect and may have thought Mark slipped so he gave him the benefit of the doubt. I think it should’ve been stopped after I hit him with the elbow.”

Weidman is certainly enjoying the added exposure along with all of the added responsibilities the UFC has heaped upon him. He knew when he got into the sport that once he started making a name for himself he would be thrust into the spotlight.

“I like it, I came into the sport to be the best and that’s one of the things that comes along with being successful,” offered the Long Island native. “The higher up in the division you go more people are going to begin noticing you and they will give you more credit for your work. I like getting credit for working hard so I don’t mind the added exposure. It’s really cool to do an interview with Newsday (Long Island Paper) and News 12 (Long Island New Network) and get the support of your home town.”

UFC 148 was billed as the biggest rematch in UFC history and while Weidman was busy concentrating and training for his fight with Munoz just a few days after the historic event that didn’t stop him from being an interested observer.

“I thought it was exciting especially when Sonnen took him down in the first round,” Weidman said. “I just think he may have used too much energy in the first round. Maybe he wasn’t breathing enough and not taking his time. I think he gassed out by putting too much pressure on himself. Maybe he could’ve reserved some of his energy by pacing himself a little better.”

Despite the outcome of Sonnen’s second failed attempt at capturing the UFC Middleweight title many people believe he wrote the blueprint on how to defeat “The Spider”, Weidman is one of those believers, but also knows he has a better skill set to finish off the long time champion.

“Without a doubt, I think most of the people who have faced Silva would want to get the takedown,” assessed Weidman. “It’s something I would want to do, but I would change some things up when I got on top of him. I would try and hit him with some submissions; if I was able to achieve the mount I have full confidence that I could finish him. I’m longer, taller and younger than Sonnen and I don’t think Silva has ever seen a guy like me.”

Silva has come out and told the UFC he doesn’t plan on fighting again in 2012. Weidman doesn’t understand the reasoning behind that considering Ed Soares told the media that Silva sustained no injuries in the fight with Sonnen. He also understands it‘s out of his control and will keep doing what go him this far in the first place.

“I’m not exactly sure what I want to do if he does sit out the rest of the year,” Weidman stated. “I want to talk to the UFC myself and see what’s really going on and what they want me to do. It’s all crazy because after the fight with Sonnen, Silva’s manager said he wasn’t injured and wanted to fight right away. After I beat Munoz and called Silva out, now all of the sudden he doesn’t want to fight until next year. It’s frustrating, but either way I am going to keep working hard, hope for the best and do what the UFC tells me to do.”

There are two big middleweight bouts on the horizon. Brian Stann will face Michael Bisping at UFC 152 in September and Vitor Belfort will take on Alan Belcher at UFC 153 in October. Both bouts could produce another contender to Silva’s throne. Weidman gave his opinion on how he sees these fights going down.

“Guys like Bisping, Stann, Belcher and Belfort are all guys who are up there in the rankings,’ said Weidman. “I think in the Belcher-Belfort fight Belcher has the advantage, but he has to be prepared for a tough first round because Belfort is so explosive and dangerous. As long as he can get out of the first round I think Belcher will beat him. With Stann-Bisping, I can see Stann knocking him out or Bisping winning a decision by using his takedowns and staying away with his jabs and crosses. It could go either way.”

Speaking of Bisping, the English born fighter believes he will get the next crack at the title should he defeat Stann in impressive fashion. That is not something Weidman agrees with at all.

“I don’t agree he should get the next title shot if he beats Stann,” said the 28-year old Weidman. “I don’t think winning one fight after a loss should be enough to get him a shot. He’s trying to talk himself into a title shot which I understand, it’s a smart thing for him to do, but I don’t think he deserves it. Especially considering Stann got dominated by Sonnen who then got beat by Silva. Then they are going to put Bisping in there like he’s a world beater? I don’t get it, but maybe that’s just me.”


20 Responses to “BJPenn.Com Exclusive: Chris Weidman Believes He Has What it Takes to Finish Anderson Silva”

  1. SinCe 2004 says:

    Weidman is really milking beating a nobody in Munoz. Between the both of them the biggest name defeated is Chris leben!! GTFOH!!!

  2. Dagnag says:

    5 fights in the UFC against 3 nobody’s, a boring Damian Mia (who lost to the current champ), and an out of shape Munoz and he wants a title shot? Fight Belfort or Sonnen or maybe even boring ass Jake Shields first. Beat at least 2 of them and then throw your name in the hat for a shot at the title.

  3. Tapitout21 says:

    Agreed thinking he has what it takes to be silva is one thing and he should have his head examined for thinking that. He brings nothing to threaten silva even though he doesn’t deserve it at this point I almost want him to get it so he can get shut up the old fashioned way. The MW title will stay put until the GOAT walks away.

  4. Rob says:

    Shut up weidman you urself tryn to talk ur way in to a tittle shot

  5. Xaninho says:

    He’s getting annoying. First win at least one fight against a real contender instead of DUCKING Belfort. Munoz wasn’t enough to take over the #1 spot.

  6. Zack says:

    Vitor, chael, Irvin, leban, okami, Franklin, hendo, Griffen all thought they had what it takes to finish Anderson too

  7. Lino says:

    Anyone else tired of this fucker!

    • Dee says:

      The guy is annoying. As soon as somebody beats him, we wont hear from him again. He’s all over ESPN making outrageous commments. I wish these guys would just fight and let their performances to do the talking.

  8. 123 says:

    Hes Got A Point Tho, I Can See Him Submitting Silva.

  9. Rob says:

    How do u see that? If u goin beat silva u better be perfect cause all he needs is the littlest mistake and he will ko or sum u. Ex chael

  10. 123 says:

    Coz In My Opinion Chris Weidman Is The Best On The Ground In The Division & Hes Always Going For Submissions, & That Is The Best Way To Beat Anderson Silva.

  11. ballsackface says:

    does anyone find this contradictory?

    ““I don’t agree he should get the next title shot if he beats Stann,” said the 28-year old Weidman. “I don’t think winning one fight after a loss should be enough to get him a shot. He’s trying to talk himself into a title shot which I understand, it’s a smart thing for him to do, but I don’t think he deserves it. Especially considering Stann got dominated by Sonnen who then got beat by Silva.”

    well by my maths, stan got dominated by chael who won only by split decision in a controversial fight with bisping who in turn lost to anderson (as everyone does)

    imo it was 50 50 with who won the fight between chael and bisping. i thought chael won it but half the media thought bisping did and the fight was that close that i wouldnt have been pissed if bisping go it.
    this puts him in much higher stead that weidman who has lost to a munoz who has been shit for time and pretty much a reckless fighter that has dynamite in his hands.

    weidman is not wiseman (you see what i did there) hurdur

  12. Shawn says:

    Says the guy who doesn’t want to fight Belfort. Lol Some advice to the youngin’ if you want to make a mark in MMA and the UFC, slow it down. Don’t be such in a hurry to get your ass kicked. Build your career. You took the first step beating Munoz. Now fight the next guy. If this were a video game, you just beat the level 1 boss. Silva is the level 10 boss.

  13. 123 says:

    any1 can be beat, if anderson silva went up to fight jon jones he would lose, if jon jones went up to fight junior dos santos he would lose. thats why they stay where they are safe & can dominante.

  14. Chris says:

    Not a chance!! The other guy that beat bronzon…watch out for him ..he take it from him but …would they fight each other…?? OOOO DANA

  15. 11thhour says:

    Oh well if shit Weidman ever gets a shot at anderson at least we all get to see him get knocked out in epic fashion… what’s with everyone starting to try and trash talk their way to title shots? fuckin lame.

    • Hahaha says:

      Dude he isn’t even trash talking? He’s just saying that he wants to fight Anderson and to be honest I think he has a shot at winning because he’s actually a pretty good fighter!

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