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Friday, 04/20/2012, 08:42 am

Werdum on Overeem: "No One In MMA Was Surprised" At Failed Test | UFC NEWS

By Mark Carrillo:
UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum, recently shared his thoughts on fellow heavyweight Alistair Overeem’s elevated testosterone levels which were found after a random drug test conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Overeem’s testosterone levels were at an astonishing 14:1 at the time of the drug test, which is 14 times higher than normal.

Now, Overeem’s title shot with champion Junior Dos Santos is in jeopardy, and he must meet with the NSAC April 24 to see if he will be licensed to fight Dos Santos or not.

When asked his thoughts on Overeem, Werdum told in an interview, “no one in MMA was surprised”.

The two men have squared off against each other on two separate occasions in the past; once back in 2006 for Pride where Werdum won by kimura, and a second time in Strikeforce where Overeem won a much criticized fight by unanimous decision in 2011. In fact Werdum seemed more surprised that Overeem had made it this long without getting caught, he feels its “impossible to get that big naturally”, and the high levels of testosterone definitely gives an advantage to fighters.

Werdum feels the UFC should start conducting their own random drug tests on all their fighters, saying, “The extra fuel makes a difference when the race comes”.

Unfortunately the idea has already been shot down by Dana White claiming it would be impossible to conduct random drug tests with the amount of fighters the UFC has all over the world.

The UFC does test all its fighters before they sign their contracts, just not randomly throughout their careers. Werdum isn’t alone though, recently a few UFC fighters have come forward and said more testing should be done.

Fighters like Brian Stann, Kenny Florian, and Tito Ortiz who compete naturally, have come out and said PEDs and high testosterone are giving some fighters an unfair advantage in the octagon. For now we will just have to put our trust in the current system, where most drug tests are conducted by the athletic commissions.


15 Responses to “Werdum on Overeem: "No One In MMA Was Surprised" At Failed Test | UFC NEWS”

  1. DMAC says:

    Says the guy who pulled guard the entire fight. All these HWs talking shit are scared as fuck of reem, so obvious.

    • boyheadkick says:

      try getting caught in werdum’s guard and see if you dont get scared

    • BigMac says:

      Ur an idiot dude, guys that are natural have worked hard for their wins, and guys like reem work harder because of trt. get off his nuts forreal, he was decent in pride but nothing crazy and all his hype is on his mass, the dudes a cheater and even worse a bad liar…smfh

      • DMAC says:

        Guys that are natural lol there’s like 5 in MMA. BIG DUMMY!

        • MMARPG says:

          wow seriously yeah def. 5 people in all of mma!!!(jds,cain,mir,nelson,noguiera(BOTH),werdum these are just HW more at diffrent weight classes) like seriously check your facts before you start making excuses for alistart overroiding!! so many people are on his nuts and for what??? beating an over the hill out the door brock lesnar or his decision over werdum hmm?!? what facts do these nut huggers have?? he kept getting got knocked out at LHW then says i was too big for LHW(he looked like a stick btw check out liddell vs overeem) i need to be a HW now 4 years later he weighs 300 lbs like are you serious!! natural testosterone and body mass my a** wait till JDS ko’s his cheating a** out!!

        • mir blatenlty roids says:

          come on… look at how mir now compared to when he was younger. he has a typical steroid moonface. he looked roided for the jds fight. as chael said… everyone’s doing it… loads just aren’t getting caught.

          i’ve looked at all the people who have roided/used nandrolone etc and a few have had big injuries… (some have pulled out of previous fights for those injuries)
          examples – thiago silva, karo p. i’m sure not all the roiders are totally dishonest, but it just doesn’t seem right to me. ever since ben johnson got busted at the olympics when i was a kid… all steroid mention makes me disrespect any athelete. we know loads do do it though

    • Zetoe R10 says:

      so what if he pulled guard? overeem pulled “stand up”. why should werdum have to fight overeem’s fight.
      werdum won that fight regardless.

  2. Beaner says:

    Yeah Dana says it’s impossible to test every fighter. Which it isn’t at all! He just knows alot of fighters would test positive and lose him $. They have no problem getting alot of fighters to do events, press conferences , conventions etc….

  3. Kayce says:

    I like how you would twist Werdum’s words to make it sound like he said anything against overeem u low piece of shit.

    Werdum is Overeem’s good friend and he didn’t say it in the context that you’re implying he did.

    You’re giving two fighters a bad name to keep Ur job as a shitty writer. Find a real story.

  4. Scotty says:

    Dont get why people keep saying its impossible to get that big without anything.. Let me break this down for people.. In Overeem case, when he was fighting at LHW he was walking around at 225-230, that was his natural weight! It was hard for him to make the cut because of how his body is built.. So he jumps up to HW and fights his first HW bout at 240-245 no cut just naturally weighed in.. That was in 2007, that was 5 years ago! Putting on 20 pound of solid muscle can easily be done without PEDs/roids! Now am i saying that Overeem didnt use them? No.. What im saying is people gotta stop saying u can achieve that size naturally! They are acting like he put on this size overnight when he didnt.. No questioned Frank Mir size when he went from 245 to 265 after he lost to Lesnar? He even said he put on 15-20 pounds of muscle..

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    i wasn’t surprised that at least one ufc heavyweight out of 10 took a surprise drug test failed…

  6. Ben Nusbaum says:

    I still think that there should be testing before camp and before/after the fight. Is it “impossible?” No Dana. It costs money, which the UFC has. If the UFC wants to prove that it has a grasp on this then they should devote the resources.

    The random tests are good, but having mandatory tests would make it so that no one could get away with it. Dana White, among others, have said that it’s up the fighters to do what they’re going to do but it’s clear that this particular method isn’t quite working.

    I’m still a big Overeem fan, but I don’t see how you could possibly have your levels be that high.

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