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Wednesday, 04/18/2012, 07:09 pm

Jon Jones | The past, the present, the future

By Lewis Mckeever:
It all started with YouTube. A young, ambitious adolescent learning how to punch and kick in his bedroom through studying instructional videos on the internet to becoming one of the most influential figures in Mixed Martial Arts today. One thing is certain; Jon “Bones” Jones is no ordinary athlete, Jon Jones is no ordinary human being.

Before Jon’s MMA career had ignited, there was wrestling. During his teens, Jon had succeeded to capture two wrestling titles, managing to conquer a high school state wrestling championship and emerging victorious in the national JUCO finals. His stand out junior wrestling accomplishments have aided to mold and mesh Jon into the wrestling powerhouse we applaud in the octagon today. From the ruthless Greco roman suplexes and slams to the unconventional Judo trips and throws, Jon is one of the very few former wrestlers who have managed to translate standout junior wrestling accolades into something entirely dazzling and unique in the MMA universe. The flamboyance of Jon’s wrestling moves are only touching the tip of the iceberg…

After collating an unblemished record of 6-0 in some of the more underground MMA organizations, Jon was able to demonstrate his natural talent and flair on the main stage in the UFC. The world was watching Jon Jones.

Dana White and co certainly didn’t hesitate to throw Jon Jones in at the deep end. Just one fight into the premier organization and Jones was heading into battle against “The American Psycho”, long time UFC veteran Stephan Bonnar. While the majority of the MMA fan base were expecting Bonnar to break Jon’s “bones”, it seemed as though Jon had other intentions. The Greg Jackson product demonstrated a highlight reel of spinning elbows, spinning back fists, flying knees and a hefty array of thunderous slams and power throws, brutalizing Bonnar for a span of three rounds. This was the one fight that really cemented Jon’s presence in the light heavyweight division and catapulted him into somewhat of an overnight superstar amongst the hard-core MMA enthusiasts.

Jones continued to work his magic in upcoming bouts, eliminating an impressive list of opponents in emphatic fashion. Vera, Matyushenko, Bader amongst others all fell prey to the rising young megastar, earning him a well deserved title shot against former Pride berserker, Maurcio “Shogun” Rua. The stage was set and the stars were aligned.

Title fight nerves didn’t seem to hinder the youngster, as Jones greeted Rua with a venomous flying knee in the opening seconds of the bout. That welcoming knee really set the tone for the rest of the contest, as Jon unloaded a barrage elbows, kicks, and back fists to a bloodied up Rua. The Pride fighting legend eventually succumbed to grounded knee strikes midway through round three, passing guard to a new UFC champion, the youngest in the organizations history.

“You’re not a true champion until you defend the belt”. A common phrase echoed throughout combat sports. Jones had captured UFC gold, but was he ready to defend it?

Jones has progressed to successfully defend his title against fan favorite; power slamming Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and the real life karate kid; Lyoto Machida. The more notable of the two fights being Jones choking Machida unconscious in the second round, as a result of Lyoto honorably refusing to tap out and surrender.

Jones is certainly proving to be more than just a wrestler with a few flashy strikes. He is now the only man to ever choke out or submit Mr Jackson in UFC competition and comfortably locked up a standing guillotine against a Brazilian BJJ black belt in Lyoto Machida.

Fast forward to present day. Jones certainly has his work cut out for him in his upcoming third title defense against former champion and arch nemesis Rashad Evans. Evans poses a very real and interesting threat to Jones, possessing some of the best wrestling in mixed martial arts, combined with hand speed, solid boxing fundamentals and quick footwork. This is more than just a physical test for Jon. All of the drama generated through the mounting rivalry of the two fighters and former friends is going to test Jon’s strength of will and mental capacity.

Looking towards the future, if Jones is capable of neutralizing Rashad’s A-game, where does he go from there? Jon has already stated that he envisions himself bulking up to the heavyweight division, which only seems inevitable given his current frame, size and age. Let’s not forget that he has also flirted with the idea of rising up to the occasion and facing Junior Dos Santos. Could Jones be one of three men to hold two titles at two different weight classes? Could we see Jones rule both the light heavyweight and the heavyweight divisions consecutively? If there is one thing we have learned throughout Jones’ career, it’s that the sky really is the limit for his potential. Perhaps we are on the verge of witnessing a truly extraordinary talent unlike anything we have ever seen before in this sport. Fasten your seat belts and buckle up, because the next couple of years of Jones’ career are going to be one hell of a ride.


23 Responses to “Jon Jones | The past, the present, the future”

  1. Larry says:

    Funny that the one thing they don’t put on his is you know his DQ lose against Matt Hamil. For not knowing its illegal to throw a 12-to-6 elbow. Because it looks like Greg Jackson clearly don’t teach what is illegal and how to be a dirty fighter.

    This kid needs a serious reality check and quit thinking he is God’s gift to the world. Because he isn’t I wonder what will happen if he does lose. I bet the backlash would be like when Tebow first lost a game.

    • Bisping is the man says:

      Jones dingleberry cleaner ^^^^^

      I bet they taste amazing to ya bra!

      Larry is entitled to his opinion like me and everyone who realizes that Jones is a fake bitch

      • Shane rambo says:

        How is he fake? He’s beaten the best in his division. You fags never stop hating. You said he wont beat shogun… He did you said he wont beat machida… He did now you say he wont beat rashad? Well sorry but rashad is getting knocked the fuck out. And id love to see you talk shit to his face pussy. maybe fight him in the octagon i mean you say he is fake.

        • jc says:

          like or hate jon jones we must admit his a great fighter. the reason people hate him is that his persona is fake. he tries to act like someone his not

  2. sean says:

    uhhh there were so many commas in weird places and shit missing i couldnt take this article seriously or the subject it was about. hes still gonna win prob tho look at that guy hes a tree

  3. Mick says:

    bones jones was born to whoop ass. in my eyes hes undefeated, 12-6 elbows shouldnt be illegal

  4. Pancho says:

    Hes still pretty much undefeated, quit the hate. At least he finishes fights unlike boring ass talks all day but can’t back it up Rashad.

  5. dumb reporters says:

    “Jon is one of the very few former wrestlers who have managed to translate standout junior wrestling accolades into something entirely dazzling and unique in the MMA universe.”

    are you kidding me? wrestling could be considered the most effect foundation to lead into an MMA career and thats been known for years. koshcheck, gsp, stevenson, bader, valazquez, etc, etc. what the f**k is this idiot writer talking about. almost 50% of the top fighters in their weight divisions have wrestling pedigree. and the good wrestlers frequently out class opponents by controlling the fight via their wrestling.

    • John says:

      Maybe they were focusing on the junior part. I think all those other guys were college or otherwise for wrestling. But yeah wrestling is one of, if the not the best base to being very good in MMA

      • Joe Blow says:

        No, the writer was referring to the uniqueness of Jons wrestling moves, not the overall success of wrestlers in MMA. Koscheck, Fitch, Cain etc are all successful mma wrestlers, but how many of them can pull off the crazy throws and trips Jones can. His MMA wrestling is entirely unique compared to the rest.

  6. John says:

    Ok in response to the level of dumb on this chat session, first Jones isnt popular because he’s a Christian. Most people actually dont like him for his personality and beliefs. People like him because he’s dominant, same category as Anderson Silva. No one really likes him but he is so unbelievably good that you cant help but watch and admire his work. Second, Jones may have been DQed by elbows (most people which did not know where illegal, not giving him a pass on being ignorant though) but he BEAT Hamill. Hamill was done, broken/dislocated shoulder and all. Hamill lost that fight, Jones just didnt get the win because his finishing strikes were at the wrong angle. Again doesnt give him the pass, and he deserved the DQ loss but no one with any intelligence thinks Hamill beat him.

    Now for my comment. This may be stupid but I never see standing chokes and even rear naked chokes as BJJ. Yes it leads to a submission and yes there is a technique but especially the standing choke its just squeeze their neck till they quit or drop. Not saying it wasnt impressive or that Jones may actually have good BJJ but until he’s dropping down and doing D’arce or anaconda chokes or breaking out an armbar or 2 I’d be hesitant to reference his BJJ. Its the one x-factor in this fight this weekend. I dont think Rashad has fantastic BJJ either and I still call Jones by TKO/ (probably KO) by round 3, though probably round 2

  7. OJ says:

    The ref should have stopped the fight against Hammill. Hammill took so many undefended shots (dislocated shoulder couldn’t have helped). It got to the point where Jones was looking @ Mazzagati like “u forreal?”. But the idiot was ASKING Hammill if he was ok. Yeah, the deaf Mark Hammill. I can’t remember the amount but I read somewhere that there’s a certain amount of undefended strikes before the ref has to stop it (obviously they have to be substantial shots). Bones threw waaay over the amount and Mazzagatti looked on

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