Friday, 05/11/2012, 07:17 am

PHOTO | King Mo With Bellator and TNA Executives

It was announced yesterday that former Strikeforce champion “King Mo” inked a dual promotional deal with Bellator Fighting Championship and TNA wrestling. The new partnership is the first of its kind and Mo made an appearance on Spike TV last night with his two new bosses.


11 Responses to “PHOTO | King Mo With Bellator and TNA Executives”

  1. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    tna wrestling, so hes now allowed to juice and bellator will turn a blind eye?

  2. ,., says:

    This guy is a fucking loser who gives a shit about him

  3. Grade-A says:

    RIP King Mo’s career…

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    King Mo is smart in this instance because he’s going to be making money while he is suspended in TNA. TNA blows really hard compared to WWE. When I watch TNA, I feel like my brain is melting and my IQ drops 50 points but he’s making money. Not Brock money… But money.

  5. Dave says:

    King Mo is a decent MMA fighter he will never hack it there will probably not fight in the UFC but could really make a name for himself in WRASSLIN

  6. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    I think Mo got screwed by the nevada athletic commision. Sonnen set a world record for having the most steroids ion one human being that has ever been tested and tehy fined him a $1000 but fined MO 40k. what gives total bullshit. nate “THE CHEAT” marquardt tested positive for an ILLEGAL steroid DECA/Nadrolone and was fined like $500. These asshole politicians in Nevada either need to start being fair and give same fines across the board or fine someone that will. All these guys are politicians looking for higher office. How many of you know that Lorenzo fertita was on one of these boards that turned down the (original owners of the UFC) for getting sanctioned in Nevada and for T.V. which sealed their fate then wouldn’t you know it Fertita has dana go to owner and offer him pennies on dollar for the UFC then Fertita uses his connections gets that decsion he hlp make to turn down the original owners UFC and next thing you know they are on T.V. Fertita is as muc of a crook as any mobster out ther. in FACT most his money he and his brotehr INHERITED from their father was reported to be MOB MONEY. Don Frye was right about dana all he ever did was use the fertitas money and taht is why the UFC was able to make it. Ye i’m justa s glad as the next guy as an MMA fan but I just think peopel need to know taht NO BANK would have financed the UFC and incurred 100 million in losses before they made one dollar. dana is not the genious he likes to tell everyone he is. They pulled strings made payoffs and rest is history. Mo is right about UFC they are paying most of their fighters less than 3k per fight. yes we all know 5% of UFC fighters make 95 % plus of the 5% of the profit the UFC shares with its fighters. Anyone who thinks the UFC is some kind of profit sharing type business needs to pull their heads out of you know where. Dana and feritatas are pocketing 95% profits. I think ista discrace that UFC up until about 6 montsh ago was still only paying Dominic cruz 10k per title fight. thank god for sponsers. What a slap in face Dana pays a fattt out of shape 40 year old former boxer 400k to take a flop against randy couture just so dana would have something to laugh about and throw insults at Bob Arum and don king. What kind of owner of a company pays one of his own champs 10k but then pays fatt man 400k. Dana couldn’t careless what anyone thinks and that is why he shows up in blue jeans and tells everyone to f’ off and all the otehr trailor trash talk that comes out of his mouth.

  7. Bjj BB says:

    Who gives a fuck!! Im shocked he even has fans!!

  8. Calvin says:

    that explains his gay king act

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