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Monday, 04/30/2012, 12:22 pm

Thiago Tavares On Dennis Hallman "We’re Fighting At UFC 150, A Historical Event. It Will Be Wonderful”

By Jamie McAllister

Thiago Tavares in an interview with TATAME.

Tavares comments on having previously trained with Dennis Hallman and complements his opponents skills and record.

The bout is expected to take place at UFC 150 on August 11th.

“One time I had a training camp at Team Quest. I spent a couple of months training with Dennis. We know each other, but he used to fight on a heavier division, so he was a little heavier than me. Now he’s dropped and we’ll have those kind of secret trainings. We’re fighting at UFC 150, a historical event. It will be wonderful”

“Me and Dennis both know what the other has to offer. We trained together and I know his Greco skills are better than mine, but he was heavier then we trained together. We know what can happen during the fight. I believe I evolved his striking, but he knows much more Wrestling than I do. He has a lot of experience, with 51 wins and 14 losses. He has defeated guys like Matt Hughes, so… He’s amazing, he knows how to fight. It’s going to be a big fight. I don’t see a different outcome than two guys using their fists. I can’t imagine this fight ending, and I can’t imagine Dennis Hallman finishing me.”

How do you see this one playing out ?


5 Responses to “Thiago Tavares On Dennis Hallman "We’re Fighting At UFC 150, A Historical Event. It Will Be Wonderful””

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    should be a decent scrap.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Dennis Hallman needs to put down the needle for this fight. 200mg of testosterone a week is an insane amount to be shooting up (which he did right on camera)

  3. Monkey juice says:

    Really, this isn’t the Olympics. Why are all these mma fans like fucking IOC members? This is entertainment. Let these meat heads juice!! They fight better, they get nastier, isn’t that what everyone wants to see??!! #roids

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah when it comes right down to it i think you’re right Monkey juice. I remember thinking that exact same thing when i was watching Lesnar vs Overeem cause no matter what anyone says no doubt whatsoever IMO Lesnar was just as JUICED as Overeem in that fight. Fair is fair

      However regardless of the JUICING i would sure like to see next day weigh ins to level the playing field. Too many fights are decided by who is the best weight cutters. No way any of the fighters from around the world can compete against american wrestlers when it comes to weight cutting. next day weigh ins would fix this with very little added expense. Dana crys about how much steroid testing would cost so what would his excuse be on next day weigh ins

  4. Flex juice monkey says:

    I bet the fighters would prefer that too. Cutting must suck shit. Weigh them day of the fight.

    Give them a steroid goodie bag to make them fuckin crazy strong, fast, aggressive and have great cardio. Test them fight night, make sure they took the stuff. If they didn’t, they don’t fight and get suspended/fined. This way we won’t have to watch boring fucking Fitch fights…them apples.

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