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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 07:16 am

Jon Jones On Henderson Bout | "I'm sure the haters are going to come right away" | UFC NEWS

“I feel great that I already have a mission. I’m going to work extremely hard to better myself. I did things that I could have done better and Dan Henderson is an awesome opponent. He’s a winner. He has a huge fan base and I’m sure the haters are going to come right away, which I’m okay with. There’s just going to be a lot of things to conquer in this fight. He has extreme knockout power. I don’t know who hits harder between him and Rampage but he has extreme knockout power and I’m excited to conquer it.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones commented at the UFC 145 post fight press conference.

Fresh off defending his title against former teammate Rashad Evans, Jones Jones next faces Dan Henderson. Jones is aware of Henderson’s large fan base and expects the haters to come out fast he also talks about Henderson’s knockout power and is exited to attempt to conquer it.

Henderson in his last bout defeated Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in possibly the best fight in the history of the sport.

Will Henderson be able to overcome Jones huge reach and land a trademark right hand ? Or will Jones go on to conquer Henderson and the Light Heavyweight division ?


12 Responses to “Jon Jones On Henderson Bout | "I'm sure the haters are going to come right away" | UFC NEWS”

  1. MARV3L0US says:

    Good fight, good luck to both fighters in training and fighting they both are great competitors.

  2. slacker says:

    Why would people dislike him if he was a good guy? End of round 3 against Rashad shows more of his true colours.

    • Xaninho says:

      Yeah that was unsportsmanlike. Not necessary to do that at all. He’s a douche.

      • slacker says:

        Yeah, I didn’t like that.

        To me, the turning point in that match, was Jones doing the hand to hand measuring. That should have been Rashad’s tip off that he was close enough to go for take – downs. I am still baffled why he neglected his bread and butter – wrestling and gnp. I am glad to see in the post fight presser that Evans realizes he blew some opportunities and he still believes he can beat him.

    • Rashad vs Machida II says:

      Why is it that haters think they can translate an action of Jones, like what he did at the end of round three, and turn it into a full and accurate assessment of how he is as a person? Rashad threw a head kick as the buzzer sounded. Was Jones supposed to NOT react? Or is it that haters are so sensitive and so full of hate for Jones that they don’t want to look at any other reason for an action other than hate for Jones?

      I guess strutting in the Octagon as Rashad did in the 2nd round was perfectly fine and sportsmanlike because ALL the top fighters do that. Too bad he got those elbows to the face later that round that changed his whole demeanor and actually made him look afraid to continue. But that’s just my interpretation.

    • Silvas scared says:

      What happened at the end of round 3? I didn’t buy it because I hate Jones.

  3. Cheese says:

    As much as I like Hendo, I do not see him winning this, I also probably won’t buy anymore ppvs with jones as the main event just because we already know what’s gonnna happen

  4. Train the trainer says:

    Jon Jones has only done on one thing that should really upset you punk ass fans, WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was beat all your favorites including mine and has done with reletive ease. You dont like Jon because you think he’s fake, give me a brake. You complain that he got a little nasty with Rashad, whatever. He’s proven to be the most accomplished MMA fighter in the world based on what he has accomplished in a 15 months. All your favorite legends cant even come close to comparing. If the UFC was like it was when it first started Jones would beat all your favorites in one night and you would still say he sucks or is cocky. WAR JONES!!!

    • Jader says:

      He won’t be so great looking the next time he fights any of the former champs he’s beaten so far. I think rematches are going to be the biggest trial for jones now that all these guys have experienced him.

      • Rashad vs Machida II says:

        But couldn’t you say Jones had experienced them also? The former champs Jones has beaten are all approaching their mid 30s (exception is Shogun who is in his early 30s). JONES IS IN HIS MID TWENTIES ! He hasn’t reached his full potential yet. That’s what’s scary about Jones.

        I am so glad Jones was given the loss to Hamill. I think that “loss” has put things into perspective for Jones in indicating that he is not invincible. But when his career is over and if that loss is his only loss, he would be looked at as being truly invincible.

        But, anything can happen between now and then. Look at what happened to Tiger Woods in a span of two years.

  5. Clay says:

    Bones is the best. I’ve been watchin him since his first fight. People hate him cuz they ain’t him

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