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Monday, 04/30/2012, 01:54 pm

Jon Jones Has A Message For Hendo | "Let's Keep It Classy"

By Jamie McAllister
“As far as Dan Henderson, I’m excited about [him], he’s a great fighter. You know, I’ve gone through a lot with Rashad as far as all of the trash talking and I really hope Dan’s listening and I really hope that Dan keeps it classy throughout this fight. I respect him as an older man, I respect him as a warrior and I just hope he keeps it classy and not drag me through another trash-talking bout. Let’s stick to why we’re really here, let’s just fight.”

Jon Jones comments on ESPN MMA Live.

Jones comments on the respect he has for Henderson and hopes Hendo does not start a war of words.

Check out the video bellow.


124 Responses to “Jon Jones Has A Message For Hendo | "Let's Keep It Classy"”

  1. You sir are a moron.. says:

    What a dumbass.Hendo doesn’t talk shit with his mouth.he just shuts up the shit talkers with his h-bomb that homo Jones is gonna feel.

  2. TheThrashKing says:

    Hendo doesn’t trash talk, Bones showing once again why he has so much hate coming at him.

    • Khaos says:

      Very true. He’s a hell of a fighter, staggeringly skilled but he doesn’t seem to have quite figured himself out yet and that is causing him some serious popularity issues. Shame, he’s probably going to be one of the all-time greats, it would be better if he had picked up those personality skills early as well. Still, I love Hendo, he IS class in the mma game like Randy before him. It should be a brilliant fight, I think Hendo is the underdog but he’s the most game fighter in MMA right now, he’ll give the kid a good fight!

  3. Michael hamlin says:

    Go for it hendo!!!

  4. brock lesnar says:

    how fucking arrogant.

  5. T.Daddy says:

    Can’t wait for this shit!

    • MIKE says:

      ill tell u the results. Jones shoots and get a easy takedown and lands elbows and ground and pound. this happens for 2 rounds, at this point hendo its bloody and exuasted. Jones then either ends it with a TKO or submission. Its will be very similar to the shogun fight

  6. JoeL says:

    Hendo does his talking with his fist. Ask bisping.

    Jon Jones just needs to shut up and move to heavyweight! I hope Hendo lays this dude out with an H-bomb!

    I never thought that Greg Jackson could take such a great & exciting fighter who finishes and single-handedly turn him into just a “W” fighter.

    • Anthony says:

      Wait – he finished Bader, Rua, Rampage, and Machida all recently yet he is just a ‘W’ fighter.

      I get that you don’t like Greg Jackson, but don’t be ridiculous.

  7. Jordon says:

    Hendo called him fake that’s why he is sayin’ this. Lets not hate just to hate, guys.

  8. MMA Fan says:

    Why does Jones insist on continually starting things? I mean come on man. Hendo? Of all people to think would want to start something with you. I can’t wait to see a new champ who isn’t a waste of everyones time.

  9. the dude says:

    I think Jones talks just to hear himself talk.

  10. Joker says:

    Look at all the haters. Lol. Jones is t talking shit he’s just stating that he didn’t enjoy the way rashad talks shit. Jones is a classy fighter and is only gon a get better.

  11. EatShitBum says:

    Hmmm and having a champ who couldn’t beat Jake Shields who is garbage isn’t a waste of time?

  12. Mat says:

    I hope Hendo talks mad shit then lays him out with the first punch of the fight… The Mighty H BOMB!

  13. Hunter says:

    I agree. Jones is a classy fighter and hated what happened between him and rashad. Hend

    • Rollin Thundar says:

      Really Jones is classy? I didn’t know classy was dropping a passed out oppentent to the ground and just walking over him.

      All he is saying is he is mentally weak and trash talking messes with his head and game. All signs of a fragile mind. Guess Jackson doesn’t want to work on his mind.

  14. your daddy says:

    some people on here are seriously mentally challenged. Jones isn’t trying to start anything or talk trash, he wants to keep it clean and professional like how it should be. Sure it hypes up a fight, but trash talking just gets irritating and boring after a while. Jones wants to be above that and DO HIS JOB.

    • Tellurmomhi4me says:


    • andy says:

      Yeah keep it clean. Like flipping Rampage over your head after a bell, or dropping an unconscious Machida on his face after choking him out. Oh! Let’s not forget my favorite! Signing “Jon Jones champ 2011″ before winning the belt and then bitching about people with replica belts as being “disrespectful” to all his hard work while being completely disrespectful to the hard work Shogun did. Hypocrisy is awesome! So is Jon Jones! That super respectful, classy, professional guy!

  15. Silvas scared says:

    Hahaha what a fucking asshat! Hendo never talks shit, even with Bisping who he hated he didn’t say much. PS I hope Jon Jones brother is worth a shit GO PATS!!!

    • rattlecanran says:

      Fuck the pats and the whole jones family. bones jones need to go up in weight. Get em hendo……if jon would shut the fuck up and learn how to do an interview people would like him. His stupid assclown remarks shine brighter then his fight skills. He needs to learn what class is. ( hendo himself )

  16. Tellurmomhi4me says:

    All of you jones haters need to put a cork in it because you just wish you could be like that nigga. Everyone said rampage was gonna knock jones’ block off….but he didn’t land flush with a single shot. Do you really think jones is that much of an idiot, ‘fake’, or ‘dumbass’ to take out four former champions in a row? I have a feeling that H-bomb is gonna miss more than y’all think. Look for jones to frustrate Dan on the feet and a battle on the ground.

  17. Jj Thompson says:

    Do you thank Jones will play the same walk out song?The champ is here.

  18. Rob says:

    I’ve followed Hendo’ for the early pride days and this guy is amazing he’s fought the worlds best and beat the worlds best but the guy is getting older now and as much as I’d love to see him finally get the LHW gold I have to say Jone’s will win, obviously this is just taking in to account recent performances. You can never count a fighter out until the bell is rung but Hendo I think you have a tough challenge on your hands my friend.

  19. Tom says:

    Ok, Jones is once again proving to us all that he’s a cocky dip shit.. He started the trash talk with Rashad, and telling Hendo to keep it classy? This kids got a brass pair of balls that need to be kicked in. I hope Hedo does the same to him that he did to Bisbing. Hbomb and then a forearm across his lifeless body…

    • Tellurmomhi4me says:

      Rashad started all the trash talk you retard. Where do all of you Jones haters get your news? Seriously, every hateful Jones comment I read is a misinformed rant. You are showing your fandom and appreciation for Hendo, but look at all of you ‘classless’ fools that are bad mouthing a badass that has done nothing but work in that octagon.

  20. Jason says:

    Henderson has trouble with fighters who avoid the brawl. Jones can frustrate him with his reach and avoid the takedowns. This fight will play out similar to jones/jackson.

  21. Xaninho says:

    lol Jones just called Hendo an old fart.

  22. What H-Bomb???? says:

    Dan didn’t:

    1. Finish Silva. Tough talk before the fight and excuses after. No H-Bomb. Although I do remember Hendo doing his Michael Jordan impersonation with his tongue out in that choke…
    2. Finish Shields. Where was the H-Bomb then?
    3. Finish Shogun. Really? Great fight…but c’mon. The H-Bomb didn’t come out there either.
    4. Finish Rampage. Umm….H-Bomb?
    5. Decisioned Franklin. H-Bomb?

    Dan did:
    1. Beat a washed up Fedor in Strikeforce. Yes….washed up. I said it. But there was an H-bomb.
    2. Beat Cavalcante in Strikeforce. Wow…I’m underwhelmed. But H-Bomb.
    3. Beat Babalu. Okay, I’ll show him some respect here. H-Bomb.
    4. Beat Bisping: His ONLY UFC KO.

    So Dan, while not a sorry fighter (Far from that in fact) has managed in his last 10 fights:
    3 Losses.
    7 Wins.
    4 KO/TKO. 3 of them in Strikeforce.
    3 Decisions. All UFC.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that The H-Bomb will NOT be making an appreance against Jones in their fight.

    • Rod says:

      Back then Shields was on his run and had the toughest chin in that division.. Not only Dan, but nobody could KO shields until Ellenberger broke in his chin (Who is a legit hard hitter) Dan rocked the hell outta shields in the beginning of that fight, shields just survived and caught him in a submission on the ground. Same with Anderson, although there’s nothing shameful about losing to Silva. He did better than most other opponents did. Also, Dan never performed as well in his first UFC run as he does now. Not saying he will win, but I wouldn’t count him out. That Shogun fight was epic too.. I could care less about him not finishing him because he dominated for 4 outta 5 rounds and beat him down just as bad as Jones did.

  23. true mma says:

    Jones has no class. The dude is a good fighter maybe even the best but he is still trash. You can put jewelry and a suit on trash but its still trash.

  24. joe mama says:

    I respect him as a older man? thats back handed shit talking.. we know your fake jones.. we know Greg tries to keep you inline to market you.

  25. Donnybrook says:

    Looks like the ass lickin ball sniffin Hendo train is at full steam ahead!… you guys don’t seem to realize Hendo has already thrown the first jab saying “I’ve got the impression Jon Jones isn’t genuine”. Fact of the matter is Jon is going to destroy Hendo and all the wishing and hoping isn’t going to change that… just don’t go chewing on some lead or put your head in a noose when it happens.

  26. dante040 says:

    If Hendo is know for one thing. Its his penchant for trash talk.

  27. Fett says:

    Not sure if Jones took to many shots to the brain pan but Hendo doesn’t trash talk. He lets his hands do the talking. Jones must not watch much TV.

  28. Undathasun32 says:

    So after Jonny Bones beats the dog sh!t outta Hendo all of y’all can eats your words! Hahahaha! Get ’em Bones!

  29. Zack Palmer says:

    SOOOO many Bones haters…keep lining em up and he’ll keep smashing em!!!

  30. fuckyomudda says:

    Hendo has it as long as his stamina goes to 5 rounds. I know its harder the older you get, but he has to do it

  31. Funny how once again all the Jones haters take a respectable honest comment and completely flip it and make it something it’s not. Evans bashed and made fun of Jones daily on twitter, facebook, and in interviews. Jones never said Hendo was a trash talker. All he basically said was let’s make sure it doesn’t go that route. I’m sure he remembers the drama between him and Bisping. Jones even said he respects Hendo as a warrior. He wants to keep it drama free. You Jones haters are the ones that don’t want to be classy. Even when Evans trash talked Jones everyone would say “yeah man Evans is humble unlike Jones” even though Jones wasn’t talking shit. As soon as Jones would stand up for himself or say that he is going to win you guys would say “there he goes again being cocky”. I love mma but the fans are the worst fans out of any sport. Once the fighter becomes popular or wins the belt you all turn against them, you start with your excuses, and you start to twist everything. MMA is awesome. You fans make me embarrass the sport in a major way. Get some class.

    • @James

      I agree with everything you said…except one thing. You said “… but the fans are the worst fans out of any sport”. I would argue that it is the naive, lowest common denominator fans that are a problem. Sadly, this lowest common denominator happens to be a LOT of american fans since the sport is still relatively new to our states.

      Unfortunate but seems to be the case.

      • To all the idiots bashing Jones. I CAN POST THE VIDEO IF YOU WANT. Hendo said in an interview that he questions if Jones is genuine and then he bashed the way he fought Evans on LIVE radio. That is why Jones said lets keep it classy and not trash talk. That was the reason but once again you champ haters choose to ignore that and twist Jones’s comments because that helps give you a reason to twist his words. No class from you fake fans.

      • I agree with you but I see it in boxing also which isn’t new. Now Mayweather being considered a trash talker….I get that but once someone is at the top and holds it everyone turns against them. That’s why so many hate Tom Brady in the NFL. I’m not a patriots fan by the way… I don’t bash a man for being at the top of his game. It’s trashy. Not you but the guys that do that are.

        • Joel says:

          You know who’s made it to the top and has remained classy throughout? Manny Pacquiao! That guy is as humble and as classy as it gets.

      • Mike says:

        All sports have idiotic fans, and mma has been in the states for a while, over 20 years. UFC started before pride. Just a lil info there.

  32. Bonez says:

    Bones bout to smash Hendo. Y’all hating on jons, hit me up. I got $500 on Jones, and you can ALL take the bet…if you got the balls to bet. Not that any of you fake bitches would pay anyway. Hendo started running his mouth so Jones is telling him to keep it classy or go to the hospital after the fight.

    • Notice how mma fans always hate on the champ? Jones will smash him. I bet once that happens everyone will start with their excuses again. Even if Jones knocks Hendo out the haters will say that he played it safe. If it goes the distance they’ll say he didn’t try. I bet everyone of these haters has a mullet.

      • Donnybrook says:

        You’re right about the excuses, they’ll also be crying about how he’s too big and he’s beating up smaller old men and shit… it’s getting pathetic really. Funny thing is I’ve never seen or heard about anyone bitching about Alexander Gus when he’s an inch taller and he’s been also been running through people. The way I see it is if they can make weight then that’s their weight class… quit crying and deal with it bitches!

        • well said my friend well said.

        • Not You says:

          AGus doesn’t have a minimum reach advantage if 6.5 inches on everyone else in the division. Good argument though. But Jones’ frame could support all the way up to 265 while remaining athletic with ease. As evidence by his two football playing brothers.

    • Jon Jones …. did u make a account?

    • Axe says:

      Here we go again, a 6’4″ fighting an 5’11” Hendo. Fight someone your own size like JDS. Pussy!

  33. feenom says:

    Dan Hendo is one of the greatest. For his age he has incredible power and speed. Jon Bones hasn’t even hit his peak yet. He’s going to get even stronger & faster than he is now which is above most fighters. Not to say that if Hendo caught him with his H-Bomb he would definitely lay out Jones giving him his first real loss plus losing the belt. Any man can get caught, but i dont see Jones letting that happen. This would be a great opportunity for Hendo. Either way, i think we all will be happy to pay to watch this fight

  34. JBroce says:

    yeah classy. Like trying to front kick all his opponents directly to their knee to cause serious injuries, not just damage. Yep, classy.

    • G says:

      Someone trying to physically hurt someone … in a fight!? My god, this is horrible news! What a disgrace! Doesn’t Jones know this is a fight and not a … wait … it’s a fucking fight. You’re a fucking woman, aren’t you? Jennifer Broce…

    • That’s called fighting! Did you say that when Cro Cop leveled people out cold with head and face kicks? Bet ya didn’t actually I guarantee you didn’t. Jones kicks from the side and Shogun is known for straight ahead kicks. Silva beat vitor belfort with a face kick. It’s not to injure. It’s a fight. Stop fishing for reasons man. Seriously everyone that does that becomes “that guy”. You are a pathetic person. Go watch tennis oh holy injury finding fisher for reasons to hate. Grow up.

    • baw says:

      Awwww U SAD BRO?

  35. Shawn says:

    Why would Jones even bring that up about Henderson. If he really respected him, he wouldn’t question his integrity. Hendo has NEVER EVER disrespected his opponents. He’s never played the trash taking card. He’s all about the fight and competition. Why would Jones worry about Hendo pulling that crap, unless Jones is too much into himself. The ‘hate’ isn’t on Jones the fighter, the disappointment is in Jones the person. He needs to get back to his humble roots that he came into the UFC with. Not that fake ass shit that he’s learned to show off after his rise to stardom.

    • Hendo said in a LIVE radio interview which I can post that he questions whether Jones is genuine then he bashed the fight between him and Evans and how Jones finished it. That’s why Jones said “let’s keep it classy and not trash talk”. Do not choose to ignore that because it helps fuel your reason to hate. Hendo did bash Jones. I’m a Hendo fan but I might leave his fan base for saying that. You are wrong.

  36. tony says:

    He should be more worried about the H BOMB…..

  37. Oscar says:

    How is jones fake again??

    • Angry Bird says:

      He’s fighting another 5’11”.

      • dumbass says:

        since that jones fault isnt it. maybe he should just request to fight unranked unproven tall guys who arnt even in title contention.. moron, jones doesnt get to pick who is next in line

        • KIDD433 says:

          Being tall isnt really a big deal.Its the rediculous reach advantage over everyone in the division.He never even should’ve started fighting at 205.Oh by the way,on top of the reach advantage,come fight day he still walks in the octagon a fucken HEAVYWEIGHT.which is bullshit and chicken shit

        • James says:

          Heavyweight is anything between 206 and 265. So technically all the LHW fighters come in at HW.

  38. Notive how Shawn isn’t commenting since I destroyed his “Hendo never disrespected Jones” theory. I love killing people with the facts. Somehow the people that fish for reasons to hate fail to produce solid facts that I can’t debunk. Jones is a good dude and the best 205er ever. Get over it.

    • Shawn says:

      Oh stop it, James. You act as if you’re all alone in life and all you have is this website to verbalize your thoughts. Chill out. Jones is a big boy. Even he isn’t offended as much as you are by all this negative talk.

  39. Meant to say NOTICE not notive.

  40. Clay says:

    Haha Jon’s a beast. You guys are gonna be shitty for years to come cuz he’s not going down for awhile. I like Hendo and rashad and shogun and machida. But I’m not gonna cry about it just cuz bones is better than all them at only 24 years old. U baby bitches

    • Angry Bird says:

      Hahaha! Yeah! I’m going to stay here and fight 5’11” fighters! Yeah! I’m not going to fight JDS or guys my own size! Yeah I’m a woman now! -Jones

  41. Brend0magic says:

    Hendo’s not a trash talker, he speaks through H-bombs haha

  42. Sick Brah says:

    Don’t like Hendo’s chances, but he has ‘a punches chance’ and being Hendo… thats not that bad…

    Still gonna hate that lanky, retarded faggot Jones though…

    • Tellurmomhi4me says:

      @sick brah
      1. Your name is stupid. 2. Jon Jones isn’t a retard, obviously, because he wins. 3. Hate all day, that nigga makes more money than you will see in this lifetime and the next….hater

  43. pc says:

    jones is obviously a world class talent…but as far as this whole discussion goes i think the thing jones needs to learn along with many of you youngsters that dont see his arrogance is this: dont talk about respect, dont ask hendo to do this or that, dont say you ‘respect him as an older man’, just stfu and show us who u r thru your actions, not your words. if u respect an older fighter then just shut up. if he said this or that on a radio show then just shut up and rise above it, he had earned it with a life of fighting unlike you. talk is cheap, but we live in the age of obama, where talk is everything and action is nothing. jon has shown us he has the skills to be champ for a long time but if he wants to try and be this enlightened being that he is pretending to be then stop telling us how humble u r and just shut up. stop trying to be wise guru guy like your fact it is prob greg jackson that inspires a lot of his arrogance. im thinking he will fly too close to the sun and take a fall, and the h-bomb could be what fells him.

  44. joegun says:

    Hate chicken legs jones..he showed hesitation towards rashad,he should’ve finished him .. I hope hendo knocks his head in the third row.if he wins no need to fight AGUS move up to hw and fight struve, kongo or browne.

  45. joegun says:


  46. Angry Bird says:

    Why not Jones Challenge smoneone his own size like Travis Browne???

    • Donnybrook says:

      Why don’t you quit being a whiny little bitch and accept the fact the UFC puts fights together based on WEIGHT not HEIGHT!… smh, newb’s coming out of the woodworks on this one.

      • Not You says:

        You fucking idiot. He’s saying he should move up in weight. Can’t you pick up on these things. Or are you too much of a fucking autist that you can’t hold basic conversations.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Look you fucking retards JBJ is a LHW and has no problem making weight. All you hater’s keep crying foul play because he’s been genetically put together with a long and lanky frame… it’s not his fault for fuck sakes. Maybe Joe Silva should change the way he match makes just to appease a small group of crying whining little bitches… maybe he should match Mark Hunt (5’11” 265lb) vs Nate Diaz (6’0″ 155lb), BTW Jim Miller is 5’8″ and I don’t see anyone bitching about that, or Cole Miller (6’1″ 145lb) vs Cain Velasquez (6’1″ 240lb)… who’s the fucking idiot now!… you guy’s are just a bunch of hater’s so go ahead and keep making your pathetic excuses and keep wishing and hoping someone will beat JBJ… it’s not going to happen any time soon.


  47. JML says:

    Do people still watch this MMA stuff??? I thought it was over. Who cares??

    • Simoh says:

      And you’re posting on an MMA website because….? Funny how someone who “doesn’t care” is posting on a website dedicated to the very thing they “don’t care about” asking MMA fans who cares? Just… leave.

  48. Tko21 says:

    @pc lol we live on the age of obama where words mean more than action…
    Your tryna teach youngsters to not talk shit yet ur doing the same shit with someone similiar to jones that just came into office n immefiately he should work miracles follow your predictions and do exactly wat you said and shut tha fck up..

  49. Simoh says:

    Man, Jones looked like shit in this interview. He looked like he was either falling asleep or really, really stoned.

    I personally can’t wait for this fight. Hendo looks as good as he ever has, that guy is a machine. Jones’ chin still hasn’t been really tested, we’ll see if he can push through taking an H-bomb to the jaw.

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