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Monday, 04/23/2012, 01:07 pm

Frankie Edgar | "I think" 145 pounds "is inevitable"

“We’ll see what the future holds, but I think it’s inevitable that I’ll eventually get down there,”

“I was set on getting this belt back,” he said. “We don’t know what the future holds, but I didn’t want to go down on those terms.”

“I’m all about fighting big fights, and fighting the best guys, and Jose Aldo’s one of them,” he said. “We’ll see where it’s at, whether it’s at 145 or 155.”

“He (Dana) stressed that he thinks for the longevity of my career, 145 would be better,” Edgar said. “I told him I could see what points he was talking about, but right now I wanted the rematch, so he granted it.”

Frankie Edgar comments on dropping to 145 at a recent press event in Atlanta.

Frankie seems to have folded after years of putting off a move to the Featherweight division. Now the question of when remains to be answered.

Edgar is set for a rematch against Ben Henderson this year and if he loses it may be his last outing in the Lightweight division.

How do you think Edgar would do in the Featherweight division, would he be able to bring Aldo‘s reign to an end ?


58 Responses to “Frankie Edgar | "I think" 145 pounds "is inevitable"”

  1. Liam says:

    Frankie would beat Aldo in my opinion

  2. mean170 says:

    Jose would beat Frankie back to 155. All that movement will slow by round 2 after a handful of leg kicks. From then on it is just Aldo hitting a slowed down Frankie with whatever he wants. 3 Round TKO for Aldo.

    • ma mama said mma says:

      what do you mean hell slow by round 2 hes famous for having the same quick movement in the first as he does in the fifth i think frankies solid wrestling base and the fact that he can man handle bigger people than jose really poses the chance of jose getting taken down and controlled i think theres a big possibility edgar could win but it all depends on how frankie would wanna fight him

      • Bill says:

        You’re a fool if you didn’t understand what mean170 said. Did you happen to see Faber fight Aldo? Aldo unleashed leg kicks from hell and mangled Faber’s legs. He would do the same to Edgar and after two or more rounds of eating Aldo’s leg kicks Edgar would be unable to move as quickly as he does normally. Solid wrestling base? Wasn’t that the same argument people made about Faber and Mendes giving Aldo problems? We saw how that turned out. Now lets say Edgar could get him down; Aldo is a world champion at BJJ. A legit world champion. Faber and Mendes failed miserably at controlling him and with Aldo’s devastating leg kicks, Frankie’s main strength (His quickness and Cardio) are irrelevant if he can’t check kicks. And I haven’t seen anyone, experienced in Striking or otherwise, be able to check Aldo’s leg kicks consistently. Besides, Aldo is bigger than Frankie. Aldo walks around 160-165, some say even 170. Frankie by admission says he walks around at 155. So the idea of controlling a larger, more experienced BJJ practitioner for very long just seems foolish.

        • Zetoe R10 says:

          what if “some even say” he walks around at 290? does that make it true?

        • Bill says:

          No you simpleton. After Aldo’s neck surgery and subsequent long layoff from training he claimed in an interview the cut to 145 had be very difficult. He went on to state at the beginning of the cut he was as heavy as 170. Point being; HE IS BIGGER THAN EDGAR. Aldo is listed at 5’7 with a 70 inch reach, Edgar at 5’6 with a 68 inch reach. People like you cause me to lose faith in the intelligence of humanity.

  3. T.Daddy says:

    Aldo wud destroy frankie the trackstar… Knee to the face

  4. maurice says:

    frankie doesnt want aldo. aldo faster, wayyy more dangerous strikers, and has serious takedown defense. the dude uses knees more then sprawl attempts to stop the takedowns. lol. edgar has been hit by flying knees by bendo and gray, fucking hooks, uppercuts, upkicks, almost any strike u can think of. aldo is way better striker then either man and way more athletic and fluid. i got aldo by knee first or second round. aldo will chop lil edgars legs down. and we all know it takes about 3 to 4 leg kicks from aldo to slow ANY opponent down. still dont understand why ppl think edgar can beat aldo..he has a better chance at beating benson imo.

    • TrigenicKin says:

      Frankie is still smaller than Aldo, in truth; Frankie is a 135 lb. fighter. Frankie’s wrestling is so good that he’ll definitely be able to take Aldo down, but not consistently. Stand up, they’re both very explosive, but the kicks go to Aldo. Frankie’s got better hands though. And it’s really easy to get caught with shit when your opponents are just so much ridiculously larger than you.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Yes frankie is a track star and is afraid to go toe to toe with anyone. his flash takedowns are overrated bigtime and all he does is poke and run. frankie said himself he walks around at 165 lbs and he is not smaller than aldo. aldo would spend first round crushing edgars legs with kicks taking away his wheels which would be the beginning of the end as aldo would start picking edgar apart just like he did a faster faber. frankie knows his speed that has won him all his fights at 155 would not help him against aldo who is faster, stronger, better bjj and 5 times more power and 10 times better striking and mauy tai

  5. Pijan says:

    I don’t know about Frankie beating Aldo. I think he has a better shot at defeating Bendo. Aldo would give him another concussion.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah I agree Aldo will for sure give Edgar his what 8-10th concussion in 3 years. Edgar has been concussed more than any other UFC fighter in the last 3 years and i think someday (before he is 40) he will regret getting tagged so many times and IMO the refs are to blame for half of his concussions as both maynard 2, and 3 should have been stopped. yes i know edgar came back to win the 3rd fight but he took a beating and I have seen more fights than i can count stopped for alot less damage than Edgar took in both those fights in round 1. come on 5 knockdowns with 4 oz gloves in 2 minutes with back to back to back concussions is just crazy and edgar will have to explain to his kids someday why he can’t talk or remember things anymore. edgars heart -EGO will ultimately lead to his demise and a very short career. very sad he’s a very likeable kid who has taken way way too much damage in a shocking short amount of time

  6. Yogurt slinger says:

    I think Edgar beats Bendo in the rematch and gets his belt back, then a couple things could happen…Aldo up to 55 for an immediate title shot or Edgar down to 45. Either way it’s a fight I’d love to see. I personally think Edgar could win that fight but it’s no easy task.

    • KIDD433 says:

      i think 145 could use edgar and would probably be a good move for for beating aldo thats another story.maybe even a coin toss.Aldo is a fierce monster,but i cant seem to count Edgar out anymore.Hes the fu ck in ROCKY of 2012

      • KIDD433 says:

        i do think aldo would be a more fair fight for him than Bendo.Bendo just seemed way too big 4 him n their fight.appeared to be a good 15 lbs bigger when they showed in their exchanges too

  7. m says:

    He’s gonna get to 145 and realize he should drop to 135

  8. Nick says:

    I think Bendo is gonna finish off Frankie in this fight. Kind of sucks that Ben has to fight Frankie again. He clearly dominated him. Frankie has to bitch and complain about what’s fair. It’s not fair. You had to give two rematches because those were close fights. This was domination at its best.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Well if Bendo did it he first time he can do it a second time unless Frankie’s performance that night was a fluke. Bendo is confident enough to give him a rematch it’s really an easy title defense if he dominated him so bad. But I wouldn’t count Frankie out. I smell another trilogy.

  9. James says:

    Aldo would win this fight by way of murder.

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    See what Bendo did to Frankie’s face…. Now multiply that by 10 and that’s what Aldo would do to Frankie.

  11. Xaninho says:

    Edgar is going to get KTFO by Bendo first. Then he will drop down to 145. he will work his way up to a title shot and get KTFO by Aldo.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      DUHHHH!!! Hello Dana already promised Edgar an immediate title shot against Aldo. Edgar knows he can’t beat Aldo and has been waiting for Aldo to move up to 155. Yep Edgar already has turned downa figt with Aldo so its obviosu he wants nothing to do with him. Do you blame him? Aldo by KO round 3

      • Xaninho says:

        He would get the immediate shot if he moved down right away. Edgar didn’t take the opportunity, but chose to demand a rematch instead. So after he will get KTFO by Bendo he has to work himself up in the 145. After two losses he doesn’t deserve an immediate titleshot right?

  12. Rondo says:

    If little scrawny Mark Hominick could hold Aldo down all of the fifth,Aldo better practicing working off his back, would be a very close fight but in the end I think Frankie could do it!

  13. pussies says:

    Frankie knocked out may gaynard. He could proly do the same to most of the 145 division. He could proly even do it to aldo.

  14. Bright Future says:

    They say cutting weight is bad. Now they say frankie should move down in weight. Frankie was a start of a new era, where fighters no longer had to cut weight. Fighters careers lasted longer, better fights, and happier fighters. Because cutting weight is not exactly fun. But we are not there yet…hopefully soon.

  15. Mark says:

    I think Edgar will win the rematch

  16. Sick Brah says:

    Don’t like Frankies chances against Aldo…. Hope you people aren’t forgetting how good Aldo is.. the Kenflo match was bad, but against Mendes, he looked like WEC era… which is fucking scary

  17. A. Chung says:

    I think Frankie has been hit in the head hard too many time and clock is ticking away; whether it is in 155 or 145. Even though he won his last fight with Maynard, I think Maynard damaged him too much in those two fight. That was a contributing factor to why he lost to Bento. Frankie is not quite the same fighter he was before. He has lost a step due to those pounding.

  18. Mike McMack says:

    For Frankie’s long term health I hope he does move down. The only reason Frankie isn’t so eager is because of how good Aldo is and the fact that Jose is probably a tougher opponent then anyone he’s faced thus far.

  19. The natural says:

    I think Edgar would dominate florian at any weight that being said Aldo and florian was a close fight Edgar win rematch but losses belt eventually drops to 145 and beats Aldo with a game plan but @135 the dance off who covers more grnds funny man made my night

  20. Sean says:

    LOL at people saying one would destroy the other? if you think either of these guys would beat the shit out of the other one. anyone with a brain knows it would be a close match. they are both elite of the elite

  21. Dick Diaz says:

    jose aldo will beat frankie
    1) aldo has great takedown defense, which he has proven against wrestlers more decorated than Frankie (i say this because i think chad mendes is definitely the better wrestler between the two)

    2) aldo has better bjj as Aldo is a world champion blackbelt in bjj while Frankie only has his brown

    3) and while they both employ a muay thai style toward striking, aldo is far more devastating more frequently than edgar.

    4) edgar’s speed will be nullified when he moves down to 145

    does anyone else here agree with these points? if not, why not?

    • Adam Varley says:

      1) Frankie doesn’t have ‘good’ takedowns, he has amazing takedowns. Able to takedown Maynard, BJ and whenever he grappling Hendo got the better of it and they’re all significantly bigger than he was, Aldo won’t have the same advantage (all the talk of Aldo being 170 was after his surgery, he has since dropped weight to make the cut easier). Plus, Edgar can actually threaten on the feet, Mendes can not.
      2) Do belts really mean anything in MMA anymore? I think to a certain degree yes, buts its not the same as a straight out BJJ tournament, look up Matt Hughes.
      3) Agree but it’s the mixing it up, not pure striking that I think gives Edgar the chance.
      4) How will his speed be nullified? He used to wrestle and is a pro, he knows how to cut weight, Aldo is fast and cuts weight, so does Demetrious Johnson? I don’t know about this point???
      Not saying Edgar is a sure win, but neither is Aldo, Hominick and Florian showed positional dominance is key for standing a chance agaisnt Aldo and I think Edgar can do it better than either of them. Would be a close, awesome fight I’d love to see.

  22. High times says:

    Edgar all day!

  23. Jeremy says:

    A couple of leg kicks and frankies movemeny is gone, then wat ?

  24. drew says:

    I dont think edgar will be beat benson hence why im writing this. Personally frankie walks around at probably 165 and most mma fighters even in the elite usually cut around 15-20 pounds for the fight give or take depending on their dedication to staying around their weight class…so in the end the cut will probably annoying for him but he can do it…and i think it would bring the absolute best out of aldo like an aldo we have never seen b4 in the first round he will realize how sporadic edgar’s movements are and how quick he is with his hands for the most part and his wrestling is really good sooo it can definitely pose a threat to aldo but aldo is the champion for a reason and hasnt been beaten in a while so id still put my money on aldo this will be a war tho

  25. The natural says:

    Edgars a better wrestler then any guy at 155 proven he’s too strong for Aldo frankies a boxer with muay tie training Aldo just has fast kicks but Edgar way better then faber who couldn’t even compete at 155 Tyson griffin wrecked him at 145 stop comparing apples to oranges You have to look at in in a real light as that aldos too scared to move up and fight anybody but Frankie at 155 that just is a plain pussy too me there’s nobody with better chin wrestling or boxing or strength in any div 135 145 or 155 then Frankie let’s put Aldo against Nate Diaz then or Melvin gullard or halve div coming guys ur talking bout a guy who wouldn’t fight kenflo at 155 and made him move dwn to 145 for his fight who the real pussy here

  26. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    franky would be great in this class. aldo is a fkining monster though

  27. AV981 says:

    Aldo would eat Frankies strikes and laugh. Frankie would eat Aldos strikes and get koed. Frankie is not going to hang on the ground with a legit BJJ black belt either. Frankie has got nothing for Aldo. He might run around for a couple rounds but he will get tagged by leg kicks and slow down by the third. And most likley get knocked out so hard he’ll want to move down to 135.

  28. The natural says:

    Edgars a better wrestler then any guy at 155 proven he’s too strong for Aldo he just got done manhandling bendo frankies a boxer with muay tie training Aldo just has fast kicks but Edgar way better then faber who couldn’t even compete at 155 Tyson griffin wrecked him at 145 stop comparing apples to oranges You have to look at in in a real light as that aldos too scared to move up and fight anybody but Frankie at 155 that just is a plain pussy too me there’s nobody with better chin wrestling or boxing or strength in any div 135 145 or 155 then Frankie let’s put Aldo against Nate Diaz then or Melvin gullard or halve div com on guys ur talking bout a guy who wouldn’t fight kenflo at 155 and made him move dwn to 145 for his fight who the real pussy here

    • KIDD433 says:

      why the hell would aldo have moved up for the florian fight?HES THE 145 CHAMP.Florian didnt hold the 155 belt either.Dana just wanted more popular big names at 145 division.if Edgar wants it hes gotta drop down

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