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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 04:59 pm

Exclusive | Will Sonnen Pass TRT Screenings In Vegas? NSAC Director Weighs-In | UFC NEWS

Now that the hosting city and venue has been finalized for one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history, it looks like Chael Sonnen will finally get his second chance to challenge Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title. But while many problems have been overcome, these last few days may not be the final hurdles for Sonnen. One thing that has not been brought up is whether Chael will be able to get a therepeutic exemption for his TRT usage, something he’s stated he needs for a medical condition (hypogonadism) he was diagnosed with in 2008. BJPENN.COM was able to talk to the Executive Director of the NSAC, Keith Kizer, and when asked whether Sonnen would be able to get an exemption for TRT this summer, he stated, “That’s a different issue. Any athlete requesting a TUE would need to go through our process”.

The issue here is that Sonnen had perjured himself during a testimony to the CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) by stating that it was his understanding that he was approved for therapeutic exemption by the NSAC in 2008, and had even spoken directly to Kizer about his therapeutic exemption. Keith Kizer would later respond to these claims by stating he had “never talked to Chael Sonnen in his life”, refuting Sonnen’s story. Given Chael’s history with Keith Kizer and the NSAC, will his TUE process be the standard process for him, or does his case bear different circumstances? When BJPENN.COM specifically asked Keith Kizer, he simply stated “I don’t know”.

So will Chael Sonnen be able to use TRT for his return fight with Anderson Silva? It looks like he may have a few more hoops to jump through if hopes to get his exemption this July at UFC 148.


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    • GRT 3000 says:

      This is a battle b/w two warriors…? one man with his will to fight and his skills & the other with his will to fight, his skills, and a needle full of super-juice. hmmm…who’s the better man already?!

  1. Pijan says:

    So Sonnen is supposed to have this TRT exemption, yet, he’s only gotten caught with elevated levels once, in his title fight. I’m no expert, I don’t know that much about the whole TRT thing, but that seems a little fishy to me.

  2. James says:

    This is gonna be interesting…

  3. Chuck says:

    It shouldnt matter what the personal issues with him and Kizer are, if he has a medical reason for using TRT they should give him the exemtion…bringing personal issues into this would cause alot of problems for the NSAC.

    • jim says:

      Glad someone else was thinking the same thing! This is a non-issue

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Being JUICED up year round and only tapering off for fights should certanly be an issue and he should be tested every 2 weeks until July to make sure he’s using the TRT LEGAL like Dan Hendersen has always done. No we all know by Sonnens history that he is a lying scumbag CHEAT-FELON so its a no brainer the man is CHEATING.

        • mrtaylorsblues says:

          think he means it has nothing to do with any personal problems between Sonnen and Kizer and i hope so too. If he tests clean (or within allowable limits) then that is all that matters but if an issue is created because of something personal and beyond the nsac’s remit there will be a serious credibility issue created. I hope it all goes smoothly, I dont think I could take this getting cancelled or changed as well.

    • Xaninho says:

      Nothing to do with personal issues, Sonnen showed he’s unreliable. Don’t forget his levels were nowhere near normal.

      However, as long as Sonnen stays within the allowed 6:1 ratio he doesn’t need an exemption, cause it will be undetectable then. He got caught last time because he had a 16:1 ratio.

  4. Mat says:

    This would be so much bullshit if this created any problems with this fight going down.

    • baldy says:

      as long as phael doesnt abuse his trt “prescription” (like he did last time…then lied about it) he should be ok. nevada allows a 6:1 ratio…last time hew fought the champ he was at 16:1.

  5. toneloc24 says:

    Yea as long as Chael figured out how to cheat and not get caught I don’t see what the problem is… give me a break this clown should never be fighting for the title again. What a joke

  6. jpeech says:

    You are a joke

  7. mean170 says:

    Silva aught to get his T up to that 16:1 to match Sonnen. Maybe a lucky fan will catch his head a few rows back.

  8. A. Chung says:

    Fuck TRT, Sonnen should fight without it. If he needs TRT to fight then he should retired!

  9. Joe Bidden says:

    If he can show a legitimate medical need, regardless of what went down in Cali, for the use of TRT and complies with the NSAC on requesting the exemption and following whatever guidelines needed for the use of TRT, then I won’t hate the guy for it.

    Do I think he needs TRT? I think he has a legitimate need for TRT. However, his 17:1 bullshit is still inexcusable. I don’t care if the guy uses it if he stays in a normal range.

  10. Zack says:

    So if my testosterone is 1:1 and I took trt and elevated my levels to 6:1 you wouldn’t think I had an advantage? What legit medical need could I possibly have to need a higher testosterone level than everyone else? And that’s not even technically cheating to the nsac. Chael tested 16:1. What’s his legit medical reason? Oh yeah he doesn’t have one. If you are taking trt you are cheating. If your body naturally slows the production of testosterone, why should someone “need” unnatural. Trt is cheating no matter what excuse you have

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      TRT is cheating any way you slice it and i believe its only a matter of time before this INSANE loophole is closed and ILLEGAL as in all otehr sports

      • riDICKulous says:

        You Americans are well-known for fighting unfairly. From Vietnam to Iraq to Afghan and even now in the UFC.

        Chael needs TRT cause he has no balls of his own to produc testosterone. How stupid can you guys get thinking that its ok. Unbelievably dumb!

  11. jake says:

    Hypogonadism doesn’t even sound like a real medical condition (I know it is) but it seriously sounds like someone just made it up on the spot

    • K2 says:

      It’s small balls syndrome. Usually caused by juicing so much that your balls forget they need to produce testosterone themselves. Face it Chael, you have a big mouth, but small balls.

  12. Semtex says:

    The whole TRT thing with Sonnen is a scam. He was never given TUE in 2008 and he was never diagnosed with whatever. The paper work he presented to the NSAC was all done AFTER he got caught. This is why he was suspended! Cause his story didn’t check. Otherwise they would have let him off. He just cheated (like he has cheated in life before and proven by court) and after he got caught he used the TRT excuse, because that was something his good buddy Henderson was using and he knew it was legal (it is still not legal to be 17:1 T to E ratio!!!, you can use testosterone to up your levels to normal or 6:1 as allowed by the commission). We had never even heard of TRT before the Chael case. Think about it, the guys was on TV every freaking day talking smack after that fight. It was announced he is caught and he VANISHED! For a few months! Do you actually remember this? We never heard of him, not a word. Now if you are a legal TRT patient and you got blamed you cheated and you are in front of the media every day anyway, wouldn’t you use that to clear your name? Wouldn’t you just say it right away? And what are the circumstances that would force you to disappear for a few months? he got together with doctors, lawyers and came up with the best defense possible. That is all it is.

    Anyway, my point is he is not on TRT right now and will not test positive, neither will need to receive any TUE, nor will he apply for. He will just not juice and look like he did in the Bisping fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Semtex good read finally someone who isn’t a Sonnen nuthuuger distorting the facts. Sonnen has proven all his life he is a cheat. He even cheated in college wrestling by trying to use a heel hook on Mark Munuz and he still lost. No Sonnen will always be a ROIDED out freak who has to cheat at everything in life and only good thing is he will always be a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON with no morals.

  13. pat says:

    Dana white……..have good replacement ready. Sonnen will cheat!! Give it to hendo. That is the better rematch.

  14. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:


  15. A. Chung says:

    The fact remains that most Athletes that requires TRT is because they were PED abusers to begin with and now their body has problem producing testosterone naturally. Let us assume that the TRT users in MMA are not TRY to go over the normal biological level (although we all know that most of them are going over the legal limit); the fact remain that they need the TRT because at the very least they cheated earlier in their career and benefited from it. Now they are paying the price of their cheat; why should they be helped out? Fuck them. TRT should be banded from sports period! If you need TRT you are not longer a qualified athlete.

  16. Kingsforge says:

    I’d quite like Silva to kick Sonnens head so hard his neck snaps. Then we’d never have to hear about his TRT abuse or ridiculous ‘smack talk’ ever again.

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