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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 01:49 pm

Dana White | Rampage Could Have Been So Much Better If He Applied Himself

By Jose Garcia:
Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is arguably one of the most famous and controversial UFC champions in the history of the organization. His charisma and overall attributes have yet to be dubbed in the UFC. His rock solid chin, knockout power, and very good wrestling all have contributed to a long and successful career with not only the UFC but also with a thriving stint in PRIDE.

But if you ask UFC President Dana White about reminiscing on the career of his once light-heavyweight champion, he believes Rampage is among the very few he puts in the category of: Wasted Talent.

“I think he could have been so much better if he applied himself. He had all the tools, incredible knockout power in both hands, incredible charisma and personality.”

Jackson and White have not always seen eye to eye but you could definitely say they have always had a mutual respect for each other. The comments come as a bit of a shock to some with Jackson on the verge of parting ways with the company soon. His contract expires after his next fight and Jackson has made known of his desire to leave the company when it does expire. There has been recent news of Rampage turning down certain opponents in the attempt to fight someone who will stand and trade with him. Like him or not, Quinton Jackson was born to fight and Dana White tends to agree.

“Tell me Rampage Jackson wasn’t born to fight. Not only in his power, but his attributes, his wrestling, his chin, the list goes on and on.” mentioned White Tuesday.

Dana would not come straight out and say why the comments were prompted but he has been outspoken about Jackson’s Hollywood career in the past. He would not come out and say exactly that his acting career was an unwelcomed detour and he has even praised Jackson’s acting jobs.

“If you look at the only movie he ever acted in, “The A-Team”, he did a great job in that movie. If you look at all the guys who have tried to cross over into acting, Rampage is the only one who has ever done a good job at it. He’s actually a really good actor.” White said.

Rampage has never been the subtle type or one to bite his tongue. He has sent multiple tweets following loses and made known his disappointment when he does lose. He has even said in the ring after a tough battle against Lyoto Machida that he thought he had lost the fight and the war gods must have been looking over him. Nonetheless you can not discount Quinton’s skill and his desire to be successful in and out of the ring.

Again, White commenting on what is next for Jackson states we will just have to wait and see, “He’s crazy,” said White. “Rampage takes losses really hard, and, I don’t know, we’ll just see what happens, see how this thing plays out. His potential could have been so much more. This is a crazy business, you always have these guys who think they’re getting screwed and this and that and everything else that’s happening. Rampage wants to fight one more fight on his contract, and his last fight, and he’ll never make that money ever again for the rest of his life. A lot of those guys in the UFC don’t realize that until its too late.”


10 Responses to “Dana White | Rampage Could Have Been So Much Better If He Applied Himself”

  1. KIDD433 says:

    RAMPAGE ruined his career by acting.Since he did A Team,hes looked very tenative in the octagon.He just doesnt bring the fight anymore,JUST NOT HUNGRY

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I guarantee you that once he gets his knees fixed and beats Shogun he’s staying in the UFC and going back for the belt.

    • Nuitari X says:

      That would be cool, I’ve always liked rampage and in his prime he could have given anyone a run for their money, even jon jones. Love him or hate him, you gotta respect his fighting career and he has a great personality. The bottom line is he is successful in life and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.

    • KIDD433 says:

      NINJA u must of just smoked sherm if you think Rampage will beat Shogun.Shogun sotomized him once already and will do it again.Especially in Rampage’s state right now.Hes not fight-hungry,and was fat as shit in the Bader fight,and couldn’t make weight by 6ibs

  3. rampage wont get the belt back because the top 5 is full of fighters who can get the fight to the ground where he cant do anything plus jones exposed him kick the knees wear him out and submit him all rampage can do is punch and in the ufc in this day and age he wont make it! Name one current UFC fighter thats one dimensional! and he doesnt like the pay he acts like losing gets u paid more NO you’re getting paid less because your losing. And lets remember who he lost to last Ryan Bader! the guy who couldnt put tito down sorry rampage 1 last apperance for u!

  4. Jb says:

    You will never see Rampage with the belt again

  5. I wan ma bel back says:

    Probably the most unintelligent fighter in UFC history. Terrible decision making skills, awful critical thinking. He is the poster boy for American meat heads. Hes has a 10 year old’s brain inside a death machine’s body. Too bad he’s sofakingdumb….

  6. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Never will he beat Shogun!!

  7. Zach says:

    Rampage vs thiago silva anyone?

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