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Tuesday, 04/24/2012, 07:27 am

Dan Henderson Has The Impression Jon Jones Is Not 'Genuine' | UFC NEWS

“I think it all has to do with being genuine and the fans sense that: when you are and when you’re not. I’m pretty much who I am all the time and I don’t know if they get that impression from him. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t really say if it’s genuine or not. It’s just the impression that I think fans get.”

“Everybody has holes in their game.I just think he matches up style wise well with me. I think Rashad definitely could’ve taken him down. I don’t think he really had too solid of a takedown attempts. Maybe one decent attempt, but he didn’t set it up at all and Rashad usually does that pretty well. He did that real well against Phil Davis, but it’s a little bit harder for him. He fights a lot better moving forward and he was moving back most of the fight.”

“A lot of it is pressuring him, cutting him off. A lot of times it’s tough to do, tough to implement sometimes – to keep a guy always on the defence, keep pressuring him – but against someone like Jon that should be the game plan.”

Dan Henderson comments on Jon Jones in this weeks edition of the MMA Hour.

Henderson comments on Jones and is not sure he is being entirely genuine he also comments on Rashad’s performance and what he could have done better as well as discussing how to beat Jones.


22 Responses to “Dan Henderson Has The Impression Jon Jones Is Not 'Genuine' | UFC NEWS”

  1. Canilive says:

    Yea so genuine that you turn down fights you can win but want fights you’ll lose

    • Alex says:

      Henderson got the KO power to win against anyone and thats the only chance anyone should give him against Jones. Hendersons cardio isnt good enough for a decision.

      Waaar Henderson. KO Jones plz!

    • Lol says:

      You dumb fuck. Hes old and doesnt need any pointless fights unless its a title shot which he deserves. You dumb ass mma fans should be banned. Dan aint scared of anyone but also doesnt want to waste his short amount of time fighting when its not for the title he deserves. Slap yourself. Henderson for the counter punch ko win and retirement.

    • E716 says:

      Y would u take a fight when you have a title shot promised?

  2. says:

    dan is the man…people say frankie edger is the only guy to fight above his weight all the time,,,dan cut 0 weight to fight at 205 same as frankkie and he fukin fought at hw befor also…this guy dont get the p4p credit…i dont think he is p4p top but if u wanna call bitch edger p4p then u gotta call hendo the same…dan is going ko this cocky bitch

    • A.James says:

      You have a good point. He should do a couple more heavy weight fights though.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I wonder is that’s why he has a freak chin. How do you explain Rampage though, he has a freak chin too. He’s cutting from 250 or something like that. If Frankie drops to 145 he won’t be able to take the beatings he normally takes.

  3. jbeamazing says:

    always a punchers chance but if your a betting man don’t go for the more likeable guy lol he probably wont win

  4. Lol says:

    Jones has been exposed to counter punches and thats what dans great for. Dan wont let jones recover Once he lands that counter ko punch. Styles make fights and i will bet money on hendo. Trust me, this is the first time i bet against jones. I dont lose much bc i understand styles. Theres always thise anything can happen momments tho. Oh and i like jones as a fighter as well so no bias

  5. Brend0magic says:

    H-BOMB! ftw

  6. This freaking clown Dan does not stand a shot against Jones, Not only can Jones strike but he is great on the ground. Dan you be badly beaten or knocked out quickly. Many of these guy to not realize the ability of Jones until they are in the ring. he has a right to be cocky. keep on hating as he keep sitting records and winning. Dan will be washed up by Jones coun ton it

  7. Liam says:

    I got Hendo in this one would make his career even more of a legend story !

  8. drew says:

    anybody who thinks hendo was ducking fights to wait for jones or silva is an idiot. Here is a best way to put it, the same people who say that about hendo, would prais couture for waiting for rights and wouldn’t shoot insults at him for it, if hendo was with ufc as long as couture was nobody would have a problem with that hendo is just not getting much respect from all the fans which he should, hendo two time champion just like couture, but oh wait guess what hendo did it at the same time, give him some respect people hes 42 his time in the sun is about over soon so let him be people

  9. maurice says:

    dan and bj r one of a kind. you can put them in there with anyone and it will be a fight. if jones beats hendo worse or just as bad as anderson did, then dudes legit. ive been slowly becoming a jones fan since the machida fight. i finally got over they way he assaulted shogun and choked out rampage. u can technically say jones vs hendo is the best fight in jones career. imo i think at this very moment, hendo is a much more dangerous opponent then shogun, machida, page and shad. as of the last 2 yrs i think, dan has been viciously destroying ppl. dan has the greco background, and some dangerous hands. iron head and hands. the heart of a true warrior. and he might be small, but we all know hendo has fucking ridiculous strength. ppl act like hbomb is his only weapon. dans uppercuts and left hooks are brutal. especially his gnp in awkward positions. i think dan finds his hbomb early, real early. and will really see what jones is made of. i see this fight as hbomb finishing it early, before round 3. and if jones wins it will be a decision or submission. jones wins then he deserves all the recognition. if hendo wins then idk..guess that like finishes his 100 list of goals in his mma career..ha

  10. T.Daddy says:

    Hendo is the man.. he has fought the best but that said…. Bones will beat him

  11. maurice says:

    and hendo should of been the man fighting jones at ufc 145. i think the winner of the shogun and dan fight deserved the title fight more then the winner of fucking davis and rashad. if anyone watched that fight, it was clear that shad had no business fighting jones.

  12. KIDD433 says:

    Dan is right about JONES not being genuine.JONES doesnt belong in 205 either.Yes hes beaten top competition,reason being LHWT division is average 6-1″Ht, and 74″reach.JONES however is 6-4″ with a 84″reach.its a rediculous physical advantage.thats the only reason hes beating everyone.they’re not fair fights kind of like Nate diaz or ceronne at 155…Put on 30 or 40 pounds of muscle,and throw ass in HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION WHERE HE BELONGS.n lets see how he does against Cain,Dos Santos,or Ovareem.fights where his size is evened up a bit and lets see how he does.then will really see if hes GENUINE.while hes at still at 205,hes just gona ruin the record of the good fighters there n make them less marketable.which is dumb move on Danas part

  13. anthony says:

    I hope canilive gets h-bombed so he. Can stfu.
    You know nothing
    Dan deserves the tittle shot more than anyone and he has that chance of winning.stop rididng on one fighters dick and look at both sides yeah?

  14. Pijan says:

    I see this fight being awfully similar to Hendo vs. Silva. Only difference is Silva is more fluid with his movement than Jones is, and Anderson doesn’t so much as throw unique or off the wall strikes, but he puts his together well. Both though are unpredictable. I see Jones taking it Rd. 3 KO. I give Hendo a chance, but I see Jones getting beat on the ground before he’s beat standing up. Plus Hendo is much older and not as durable or as quick as he used to be (naturally) with this TRT shit, I don’t know, he’s probably better than he used to be.

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