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Monday, 04/30/2012, 04:49 pm

Clay Guida Comments On Overeem Situation – Cuts "The Reem" Some Slack

By Jamie McAllister
“Yeah, Alistair not knowing that there is testosterone in his vitamins, is like me not knowing what kind of conditioner I’m putting in my hair. I’m not going to put the complete blame on him, I’m going to put it on his coaches, and, maybe not his team necessarily, but his trainer and this and that and whoever maybe slipped him a Mickey or whatever you want to call it. I’m a fan of the guy, don’t get me wrong, but, I think they had plans elsewhere or whatever it may be, but, it’s a bummer that the main event in one of the biggest cards of the year is going to be kind of tampered with, just because you know, they got careless and maybe they didn’t have all the belief in themselves, so. I just stick with my regular stuff. The fruits and vegetables, fish oils, glucose and stuff like that you know? I’ve never been big on supplements on stuff like that you know? I just take natural stuff.”

Clay Guida comments to MMAweekly.

Guida comments on the Overeem situation and does not entirely blame Overeem for what happened with his testosterone levels. He then goes on to explain how he try’s to stay away from supplements and prefers to stick with natural products.


22 Responses to “Clay Guida Comments On Overeem Situation – Cuts "The Reem" Some Slack”

  1. drew says:

    team jackson blazes in pro pot state of new mexico

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Guida knows most of guys he trains with and competes against are prob doping so its best to just not rock the boat. UFC is prob worse than WWE these days cause at least WWE has random testing now. This coming from a guy who hasn’t watched WWE since late 80’s when my son was into it and i took him to see an event live. Now we go watch UFC’s live together.

  3. TrigenicKin says:

    Why the fuck do WWE guys take steroids? All the fights are choreographed, seriously I don’t fuckin’ get it.

    • Yeah Right says:

      They are staged but it still takes a lot of strength and athleticism to pull a lot of that shit off.

    • Will says:

      There’s plenty of people in many walks of life that take steroids for reasons which have nothing to do with athletics. With the WWE, it’s as much as cosmetic thing as anything “physical”.

    • David says:

      WWE guys are on the road 200plus days a year. Where a crowd goes wild for looks…UFC bases on talent. Like supermodelin….bitches get hookd on diet pills and cocain

    • Paul Harris says:

      True. I’m wondering why the test them? Who cares if they juice, it’s choreographed! Haha

      • UNO MOMENTOOOO says:

        They don’t test in WWE – that’s just not true, they would have no company left, what a ludicrous statement to make, Tyson Kidd is now 3 times the size he was 3 weeks ago ( wasn’t done with a straw up his asse ), palhares ( the ankle snapper from UFC ) admitted he juiced up a year b4 going to UFC bcos there was nothing they could do about it, he’ve not touched it since joining so no rules broken ( only ankles ) there are soooo many ways around it you wouldn’t believe !!

  4. Ifukurmother says:

    They take steroids cause if makes them look big and tuff and thats what the fans wanna see. Would u rather watch to skinny guys fighting or to big juiced ripped guys fighting?

    • TrigenicKin says:

      No offense, but that’s pretty gay.

    • Will says:

      There’s plenty of people in many walks of life that take steroids for reasons which have nothing to do with athletics. With the WWE, it’s as much as cosmetic thing as anything “physical”.

    • ORGABACT4 says:

      Like porn. Who wants to see a limp tiny 3 inch penis banging a hot porn star. We want huge rock hard cocks being slammed into… Yeah that’s a little gay…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      No I would rather see guys like Sonnen and Rory mcdonald with worlds most disgusting BACKNE ever. Go back and compare Sonnen during Maia fight to Sonnen at A. Silva fight PURE STEROID ABUSE. If I hear one more idiot on this site say TRT isn’t steroids I will be convinced once and a for all what the experts are saying that (ALL) the younger generation of adults in America were RUINED by M T.V. era and there is no hope for theri futures. Sonnen is a JUICED UP piece of crap and teh UFC better get rid of his ROIDING ass before they lose their biggest sponser budweiser. Gee i wonder who Bud was talking about when they spoke of lack of morals in some fighters in UFC. noone in MMA is more of a low life scumbag felon (LOSER) than Sonnen. He is the exact opposite of what any father with any morals would want their kids to be like. GSP may be the second most boring fighter in MMA but at least he is a honest, decent human being who shows everyone nothing but respect and is perfect spokesman for MMA.

  5. Fcuk fitch says:

    He’s not into supplements? He’s sponsored by musclepharm I’ve seen him take supplements

  6. bizzle says:

    It does not sound like he is cutting him slack at all..

  7. Monkey juice says:

    Terrible title to this story.

  8. JBroce says:

    yeah this title doesnt match the article at all. Sounds like Guida is calling Overoids BS, not giving him the nbenefit of the doubt.

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