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Saturday, 05/12/2012, 12:58 pm

Aldo Comes Out As Heavy Favorite Over Koch

Current featherweight champion, Jose Aldo (21-1), is the heavy favorite in his upcoming bout with Erik Koch (13-1) at odds of around 4 to 1. The two will face off this summer on July 21st at the Scotiabank Saddledome for UFC 148 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This comes as no shock to most fans as Koch has received a lot of indirect criticism from fans arguing that he isn’t the true number one contender. Koch is currently riding a four fight win streak since his last last to Chad Mendes in the WEC and is unbeaten in the Octagon with a Knockout of the Night performance in his debut.

His last bout with TUF alumni, Jonathan Brookins was a one-sided affair that didn’t exactly highlight Koch’s talents. Not to take anything away from the 23-year old, but for someone to defeat Jose Aldo, they need to be an all around powerhouse who is never vulnerable no matter where the fight ends up. Hopefully this is what we get from Koch as watching a champion truly get tested never gets old. We will see come July if Koch can silence the critics, and the odds.

For Jose, he will look to silence another rising star as he comes off of his first round knockout win over Chad Mendes in his native Brazil. MMA fans remember the show Aldo put on after the fight, leaping into the crowd and being devoured by a sea of his countrymen in a truly unforgettable moment in UFC history.
Aldo is on a tear, going 3-0 in the UFC and going without a loss since 2005, signifying his first and only loss to date. Aldo is a flashy striker with skills on the ground and resembles a lighter Anderson Silva with his unorthodox striking and aura of invincibility which nowadays is carried by so few fighters.
This fight will be another spectacular Canadian main event, one that will mark a pivotal moment in the careers of a champion and a young contender.


47 Responses to “Aldo Comes Out As Heavy Favorite Over Koch”

  1. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Koch is good but lets be real! Look at the competition he’s faced and the last guy to beat him aldo just k.o, he has good striking and the only real threat he imposes is his kicks

    • Canilive says:

      That fight would’ve have ended differently if Jose didnt hold the fence and practically go horizontal

    • jim says:

      Cant believe this site has nothing on Nick diaz no show last night…

      • Mwill says:

        Fuck all you Nick Diaz fans! Go ahead and try to explain why he no showed an event he was supposed to donate his purse to charity! I’ve said it a million times already, Fuck Nick Diaz but now I’m telling you, fuck all you Nick Diaz fans!!!! I hate to say i told you so, no wait, fuck you, im glad to tell you i told you so!!!! Go ahead and stand by his side like he’s your bro or something. The real truth is he does not give a fuck about you or the fans! The fact that anyone can still try to stick up for him means they are just as fucking delusional as Nick is! I can see a pile of shit a mile away, why can’t you?

        • Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

          Mwill the biggest pile of shit to ever walk the earth. damn I thought you may have taken some good advice and went buy some rope and do society a favor. Nick Diaz is 1000 times more exciitng of a fighter than your boy GSP so no matter what he does or says he will always be a fan favorite. Diaz boys are REAL FIGHTERS who always come to fight and not bore everyone to death. You are a typical idiot that spouts off before anyone knows the facts. My guess is the promoters pulled some shady crap at the last minute and Nick told him to f’ off. Besides the FACT Estimo came in 10 pounds over weight.

        • Mwill says:

          Do you ever listen to yourself? For real. You just said he “always comes to fight” and this whole conversation is because he did NOT come to fight! Other readers think the same about you Fitch. Deal with with it!

  2. the original steve says:

    shoking who would’ve thought aldo would be the favorite

  3. Fuck You says:

    It’s not a shock that Aldo is the favorite but anything can happen, that’s what makes this sport so amazing! I hate when people count others out!

  4. andy says:

    No way! I thought for SURE Koch would be favored!

  5. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    You guys do know Dana had orginally tried to make this fight be Aldo vs Edgar but Edgar cried and whined and begged his way out of it. Dana offered Edgar an immediate title shot with Aldo and he didn’t want anything to do with Aldo. I’m so tired of all the Edgar nuthuggers who are blinded by being fanboys that they cry every single day about their boy Edgar who says he is 165lbs that he is too small and has to fight bigger guys and thats why he is the best. Well why then won’t he fight Aldo when in FACT Aldo isn’t any bigger than Edgar. FACT Edgar said it himself that he wouldlose his speed advantage against Aldo and he presents alot of other problems. lets see like Aldo is 10 times better striker, 10 times better jits, 10 times more power do I need to keep going. So quit whining about Edagr being too small when he won’t even fight Aldo after dana offered him the moon $$$$$$$$$ andf more cash than he has made in his entire career combibed. Edgar is scared to death of Aldo

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      Agreed 100% Edgar is a scared queefer punkassbitch he just wants the excuse that he’s smaller than his opponents just incase he loses so fanboys will still gobble his infant nuts.

      And back to the subject, Koch is damn good but I feel like this is just Anderson vs Okami all over again. The champ has wiped his division so clean that the good featherweight fighters are either dropping weight or viable lightweights are refusing to come down to 145 out of fear so with that being said good competition within the division is growing scarce. Insert Koch. He’s like the last fucking guy they can think to put in front of Aldo and sad but true, he’s just not ready similar to how Okami was just unprepared for what Silva had to offer. Aldo is the 145lbs version of Anderson with much better wrestling defense and a BJJ phenom on top of his devastating one hitter quitter mauy thai. He’s gona sit on top of that mountain for a long time.

      • jbeamazing says:

        kill yourself what does that guy got to do save the world or something he beat bj twice his last 2 fight with gray i think he one and that last one we all know he won by knock out you must be a pissed British fan that only has ross and bisping to cheer for lol

    • riDICKulous says:

      haven’t u all realized yet? Americans are all naturally like that! scared shit of a REAL challenge. either that or they will still fight but expect lots of $$$ in return. lol

      • lol says:

        Yeah I’ve noticed that as well. Jon Jones, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin (among many others) are all very scared of a real challenge lol. I love MMA so much but it makes it hard to keep coming back on these websites when you have to read ridiculous comments over and over again. Oh and I’m Australian lol.

        • jbeamazing says:

          jon jones just beat anybody that is anybody at lhw I don’t like him but it’s fact and who has dan or chuck ever dodged google mma fights watch them on ppv or watch them on the internet and your opinion will change

        • jbeamazing says:

          my bad that was sarcasm lol

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Does that include Canadians and South Americans or are you just talking about the USA? Because Jon Jones blows your theory out of the water…. Dan Henderson, BJ Penn and Nick Diaz blow your theory out the water.

      • D-yan says:

        we weren’t scared in world war 2 faggot!

    • k says:

      lol you’re a moron

    • jbeamazing says:

      your a idiot frankie has a name because he earned it if you don’t know watch his last 5 fights your ignorance is a embarrassment

    • Ko_King says:

      Get rid of Fitch (forever)
      U r a dick head!

    • You cunts are dumb says:

      Edgar gave up rematches himself and deserved a rematch, he said soon he will drop down to featherweight but he didn’t want to go out in that sort of fashion. Seriously everyone commenting on this website have no idea about MMA, I would school everyone of you tools. It’s embarissing.

  6. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Wow! Koch has 4-1 odds so if I bet 100 bucks on him winning I will get… nothing!!!

  7. My thoughts... says:

    Koch is a talented fighter that seems to get overlooked far to often. I hope that Aldo takes him as lightly as some of the previous commenters have, it’ll be a short night with Aldo getting ko’d!

  8. Fortyb4five says:

    uhhh no shit?!

  9. Lol says:

    Everyday I come on here to read about mma news and almost everytime there will be a ridiculous post by get rid of Fitch forever. Sometimes your viewpoints are interesting and other times they are just plain crazy. You call Frankie Edgar a scared queefer while sitting behind a computer. The guy has fought and beat bj penn twice, right after he penn destroyed Diego and Kenny. The amount of heart he showed in those fights against Maynard was unbelievable. Now Frankie isn’t even my favourite fighter but I think you should show him some more respect. He beat the GOAT LW twice and gave Maynard his first ever loss. Why shouldn’t he stay at lightweight. You are talking up Aldo like he is Anderson when he is not even close to accomplishing what Anderson has. I remember hominick going the distance with Aldo, two judges scoring it 48-46 and 48-45 and Aldo getting beat up in that last round. Hominick got knocked out in 7 seconds by chan Jung sung and then lost to Eddie yagin. I think if Aldo moves to lightweight which he has suggested he might as his weight cuts are getting to hard, that there would be alot of fighters who would give him trouble.

    • jbeamazing says:

      snap I agree with everything you said brah

    • Xaninho says:

      I agree with the beatings Edgar is willing to take he can’t be called a pussy, but he does know he can’t beat Aldo so that’s why he is holding on to the 155 division.

      Aldo was in bad shape in the Hominick fight, so I don’t think that fight should be used as a reference, put Hominick in there now and he will smash him in the first round.

  10. the original steve says: hire me. if i was working the diaz not showing up story would be up by now

    • jbeamazing says:

      I had a lot of love for nick but he need dr. phill or something next person that claims he is gangster should be slapped he is emo more then anything nate has a worse record but fights better fighters and when he doesn’t win he doesn’t throw a baby fit and quit fighting

  11. jbeamazing says:

    no shit he is the favorite

    Bj do you need some people that care about mma to write shit holla

  12. 1 says:

    Diaz was a no for his super bjj fight!! Apparently the promoters weren’t going to donate the money to charity.

  13. The natural says:

    Aldos the one thats scared too move up a weight class. made kenflo move to fw wouldn’t fight him at lw back out,and
    Aldo looked bad against florian it showed on a scale how good he is kinda is like the pettis vs Stephens fight showed how great pettis wasn’t.
    Aldo is bigger then frankie did u see the pick of them together Aldo tower over Frankie
    Edgar fights usually have him taking some of the worst beating I’ve seen in numerous occasions against a bigger stronger more decorated fighters then Aldo but yeah he’s scared to fight Aldo wright but had no problem fighting bj back then you guys are crazy for saying he scared too fight anyone but Aldo good and all but say Edgar goes dwn for superfight with Aldo for paycheck win or loose it leaves u with no one to fight in fw div who cares Aldo shld really move up already but I don’t c him calling out any of the bigger guys in the lw division guess he only wants fight with Edgar think about who’s really scared.

  14. The natural says:

    Were Edgar wants to stay and fight in the bigger division wears there more talented fighters are and wen that divisions clears and they figure out who’s best in lw division I agree wit him too that’s not how u shld loose a championship let alone a fight I could see a reason for closure. But anyways Aldo good luck hope u win that fight and keep that persona that your untouchable soo we can have super fight one day still Stay safe

  15. maurice says:

    whoever is really bitchin at aldo fence grab need to shut the fuck up already. he grabbed it , got warned. done. yes, mendes would had a descent slam, followed by aldo hoping instantly back up and backing to the cage. from the very start at that fight it was obvious mendes inexperienced ass had no business locked in a cage with aldo.

  16. D-yan says:

    aldo is fuckin dominent!

  17. Noah Plata says:

    bet your fuckin house on this fight

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